Monday, July 23, 2012

Financial Markets, Astrology July 23, 2012

The SP500 looks like it put in a primary cycle (nominal 18 week) low on June 4 and a major cycle (nominal 6 week) top on July 19, 2012. That being the case the SP500 index may get support around the 42 day simple moving average. Assuming we get support at that level the index should be going up later this week. We often see turns when the Sun trines the North Node, July 24. Then we have a favourable trine from Mercury to Uranus on July 25, Venus quintile Uranus on July 26 and the Moon on the point of the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse (November 13, 2012)  on July 27. Any of the above can signal a turn, assuming we are going down on those days.

I’m still looking at the time period around August 9th +- 3 tds where we have Venus conjunct Hades, Venus trine Neptune, Neptune trine Hades. August 8 is 89 td from the April 2nd top and August 7th is 55 td from the May 18 low. August 8th is also the day Mercury turns retrograde. This period should be a significant high or a low and I think a high and down for most of August. There may be some type of world event around this time involving water, gases, pollution.

So basically go long this week and get out late in the first week of August. Possibly go short at that point but we need further price action before being so bold.

As stated in my last post the US$ often turns around Uranus retrograde. Looks like it’s trying to.

July 26 is fib 233 td from the August 23, 2011 high.

It looks like crude put in a primary cycle bottom (nominal 18 week) on June 28. This puts us 4 weeks along and we may have just seen the Major cycle (nominal 6 week) crest on July 19. Crude is already close to the 16 td moving average.. Watch for support here, although it could fall further if it peaked on July 19th.

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