Friday, December 13, 2013

Update - Financial Astrology - December 13, 2013

A note for new readers. The next few weeks could be momentous. There are many Astrological configurations pointing to a strong market move. Since a strong up move is hard to believe I'm looking down. The FED could surprise everyone in which case precious metals would be a place to be. We wait until the Dec 18th announcement.

One of many Astrological indicators is Uranus is turning direct in Aries, a Fire sign.

Uranus turned direct in Sagittarius, a Fire sign on Sept 1, 1987, just before the crash.

For you Fibonacci fans it has moved approx. 62% through the 360 degrees in that time.

I'm not predicting a crash on Dec 17. This is just another warning to be very careful. As written in a number of previous posts the rest of Dec and first week in January could be very volatile. I'm looking for a move down and I am now short the SP500.

Good luck.

“The ultimate test of all formulae must lie in prediction”
-- Dr. D Justin Schove

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