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Financial Astrology - December 8, 2013

This blog will change as of January 1, 2014. As we are selling the forecast dates for the general U.S market indexes, DJIA, SP500 and the Nasdaq they will not be forecasting them on this blog (see -> ).

Instead we will include a general astrological forecast for the coming week / month and will continue market forecasts for gold and crude.
The coming weeks in December and early January are potentially momentous. On Dec. 17th the FOMC meeting takes place while Uranus turns stationary direct and Venus turns stationary retrograde on Dec. 21st while in close trine to Admetos and the Sun changes signs into Capricorn. Sudden surprises and change to finances and something of a financial nature are strongly indicated. If it is the long awaited tapering announcement there may be a negative response in the markets. This, however, would hardly be a surprise. When everyone is expecting something it seldom moves the markets. No tapering announcement may give precious metals a reason to move up. I'm waiting to be surprised. If the markets go through a correction here I'm not expecting a major crash. It is a future event. The madness of the FED interference in the markets will be difficult to stop. It may be some unforeseen event that brings the market to it's senses.

The second half of December leading into early January look explosive. This covers many areas not just financial ones. This could cover severe storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity, terrorism, nuclear event or significant social unrest or shift in power I emphasize "may". Astrological prediction identifies approximate time periods and possible events. Forewarned is forearmed. This could be anywhere in the world.

Mars then the Sun will be translating the Uranus / Pluto waxing square starting the xMas week into Jan 2014.  Then on January 1st, 2014 there is a perigee new Moon (perigee meaning it's closest point to earth). This was coined a Supermoon some time ago by Astrologer Richard Nolle. This new Moon is also conjunct Pluto and both are almost conjunct the heliocentric South Node of Jupiter while being square to Mars. Mars is in Libra where it is in it's detriment, where it acts with the least power. All this is hitting planets in the formation charts of a number of countries. The U.S. and France come to mind but going through each countries chart is a formidable task which I won't be doing.

The heliocentric nodes are often not considered in astrological analysis. The South Node can be considered the negative pole where disintegration or loss take place. In Mundane Astrology Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, covers higher religion, the beliefs of the people which include submission to authority, the public faith, the court system, big business, higher education, banks, the banking system, inflation, wealthy people and foreign countries. 

This could be a very explosive situation. I don't get tied up to one day too often. There could be an event somewhere in the last 2 weeks of December or first week in January. The fact the fast moving Moon is involved and it's in perigee, could place the event close to Jan 1.

If no event is evident look for the start of something. I'll be watching news from the banking system, money and inflation. Think globally.

The following weekly chart of the SP500 is an updated chart showing the 27 / 54 week cycle. The red double arrow shows the Venus opposition to Jupiter which occurred on the heliocentric North Node of Pluto.

Other repeat charts for the SP500 showing resistance at the fib extension and another showing a Gann Fan with the 45 degree showing resistance. I'll be surprised if the SP500 breaks above the 45 degree line as shown.

The following is an updated chart for the US$. To repeat the blue arrow pointed right is the Uranus stationary direct date on Dec 17th. This often marks an intermediate top or bottom within a few td's in the US buck. It appears to be weakening.

Gold is now in the 8th week of it's primary cycle and overdue for a trough. As mentioned in previous posts we are looking for a low on Dec 20/23 or closer to Dec 30. These dates are all +- a few days. Watch for a spike low. Watch for a daily low below the June 28 low and then rise above it. Also watch the 1250 area on the upside. It looks like firm resistance.

We could also see a spike close to Dec 13th.

Crude did move up sharply and we bought in. We may be in the 2nd week of a new primary cycle and could get a brief pull back. I look at this as another buying opportunity. The following weekly chart for crude shows the 16 and 24 week cycle meeting in early Jan 2014. I'm looking for a high early to mid Jan 2014

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