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Financial Astrology - July 20, 2014

Well, we've had dramatic world events, two major typhoons and a couple of earthquakes but the latter were not that strong. All forecast in this blog and market letter over the last three weeks. The exact transits that would cause such events are centered in the July 20 -24th timeframe but sometimes, when a dramatic event occurs it takes the pressure off. Nevertheless be watchful of the news as there could be other events unfold or lies exposed. Let the propaganda wars begin, as if they ever end. When listening to the propaganda machines, ask your self the question cui bono, "Who benefits".

There could be more geophysical events and violent weather around July 20-23 and then July 28-31. I'm hoping there are no other events like the downing of flight MH17 but with the prevailing Astrological transits, there could be. Israel / Gaza or Iraq could resume center stage, however, that would not be surprising. There may be another surprise event. Watch for issues involving debt and banks.

This coming two weeks could see debt problems or banking issues surface once again. The Portuguese bank last week may be the tip of the iceberg. Violence should continue in the hot-spots of the world.

July 20 Saturn turns direct in Scorpio, then on July 21 Uranus turns retrograde (appears to be moving backward). Saturn turning direct could point to issues with debt, banks, stock markets and other peoples money. Uranus signatures usually equate to sudden, surprise events. This is emphasized since it is in Aries as is independence which is what most of the current fighting around the world is all about. That is the people in power want control and the people want independence.

During this period Saturn and Uranus are in a Quincunx aspect (150 degrees). This is generally viewed as a minor aspect but in this case there are two powerful slow moving planets involved. This could bring sudden changes or restrictions to banking or financial service, taxes etc. This aspect is telling us we need to make changes. This seems to be pointing to the things mentioned above, debt, banks, stock markets and other peoples money This aspect is in force for a couple of months around the exact date but could be triggered now due to the direct and retrograde motion of Saturn and Uranus.

On July 15 the leaders of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries and South Africa met in Brazil to sign an agreement to create their own development bank. The new bank is seen as a strong push by the BRICs against the World Bank and possibly the beginnings of a challenge to the US dollar being the reserve currency of the world.

I didn't see this photograph in the main stream media.

We have been expecting a pullback in the markets. So far it has been very small. We were looking for a trough in the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week) with a range of 15-23 weeks. Currently we are 24 weeks along the Primary cycle. This is now over due. The following daily chart of the SP500 shows it has been going sideways since July 3rd.
For a Primary cycle trough we ideally would like to see price go below the 45 sma (simple moving average). This is currently around the $1942 area. Beyond the aspects mentioned above there has been a number of planets changing signs which often results in a change in peoples attitude. These planets may affect crude issues. Subscribers have the dates.

There are a number of smaller market cycles hitting this week as well.

To follow a chart we've shown a number of times the following daily chart of the SP500 shows the Pluto price line (blue) and the North Node price line (red). Looking back they have both been resistance, then resistance turned to support. The North Node currently appears to be support. Any break through the 1956 area on good volume could start a pullback. Technically there should be resistance in the 1945 area as well.

We had added the chart of the Russell 2000 (RUT) a couple of weeks ago as it is felt an index of 2000 stocks is less open to manipulation than the major U.S. index's (SP500, Nasdaq 100 and DJIA).

The Russell 2000 appears to have put in a Primary cycle low on May 15th which means it is entering the 9th week of the Primary cycle and may have just put in a Major cycle trough which was a little late. Normally this would be a buy signal, but with other world events, I'm watching for now. Notice it bounced off the 61.8% retracement level of the move up from the low on May 15th to the high on July 1st.

In general the Russell 2000 is behaving the way we are used to seeing in the market and it's cycles. Presumably without the influence of the FED's manipulation.

We have been waiting for a big move in precious metals. We got the pullback we were looking for in Gold and Silver. In Gold the move down to the 1290 area was almost too perfect. Gold is currently in the 7th week of it's Primary cycle. It made a quick move down this week and may retest the 1290 area this week. The Sun rules Gold and the Sun rules Leo. By Tuesday, July 22nd we will have the Sun and Jupiter (the greater benefic) in Leo. One would think positive for Gold but there is another much bigger Astrological event coming up for precious metals. Again the subscribers have the forecast dates. July 21 - 25th may be quite volatile. I'm buying the dips.

Any move below $1280,on strong volume and I will be out.

Silver is in the 8th week of it's Primary cycle. Like Gold we got the pullback we were looking for. Nevertheless I bought. We could still get a pullback. I'm looking for Silver to take out previous highs, first, on Feb 24, 2014 then Oct 30, 2013. Like Gold I'll buy any declines from here. Any move below the May 30 low and I will be out. Remember the only metals that has been manipulated more than Gold is Silver.

Two specific dates for Silver were given to subscribers this week.

Seasonally this is a weak period for crude, however, with the disruption of crude production in Iraq, Libya etc. price has shot up and now moved down, at least in the US. (WTIC).

Seasonally week, yes, but Jupiter is moving into degrees in the Zodiac which have been very important for the price of crude and decisions related to crude and the regions boundaries in the mid-East.

From last weeks post:
"Will borders be changed? Will Israel be receiving more oil from the Kurds? Will the US, Britain or France stick their respective noses into this situation. I'll wait and see. There is big trouble in the making. Watch closely."

Big trouble in the making in deed. With the news flow from the Israel / Gaza conflict the Iraq situation is on the back burner. I'm sure it will be on the hot front burner soon. I'm expecting the issue to be the control of crude production and export.

Also from last week:
"On another note, Jupiter is the "King's planet". This may signal changes in the head's of state or other organization in any of the mid-Eastern countries. Any country with a stake in crude production in the mid-East. I would add Turkey to the mix. I'm watching Saudi Arabia as well."

What I'm saying here is many people are watching Gold and other PM's. Watch crude as well. Subscribers, use the dates I supplied two weeks ago.

There are some other issues regarding crude. There has been a dramatic increase in small earthquakes in the states of Kansas and Oklahoma. Some are pointing to waste water pumped into the ground after drilling shale projects as the problem. This situation needs to be monitored closely.

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