Thursday, July 3, 2014

Financial Astrology - July 5, 2014

I just started this post on July 3rd and won't finish it until July 5th but I wanted to get the first 4 paragraphs written and posted as they should mark the beginning of some dramatic events.

We have arrived at a time period where we should witness dramatic global events. This should start July 4th through July 22 and could extend a little further.

The events may include strong storms  (one is forming on the east coast of the USA as this is being written). There may be more around the world. Potential geophysical events, earthquakes and volcanoes and possible political unrest, geopolitical events and the markets which could be affected by any of the above. The markets may also be affected by some type of debt or other event. Perhaps the debt problems, that have not been fixed since the 2008-2009 crash will move front and center once again. Europe has large debt problems and that may be an issue around the July 21st dates.

There are a number of violent signatures, not the least of which is a perigee full Moon on July 12. This will almost be on the heliocentric North Node of Pluto, a power spot in the Zodiac. Watch the news over that weekend. This is only one of a number of dramatic events. When reading the following list, remember I'm giving the exact date of an aspect but any of these aspects need an orb of influence (+- a few days to +- a few weeks). The other particularly forceful period is around July 20-22.

Other dates - Summary
July 4              Sun opposition Pluto, the starts it's translation of the Uranus / Pluto square.
July 8              Sun square Uranus, the completion of the translation
July 11            Sun opposition Eris, strife, discord, violence
July 12            perigee Full Moon and almost on the heliocentric North Node of Pluto, a power spot in the Zodiac
July 13            Mars conjunct the North Node of the Moon
July 16            Jupiter enters Leo, may effect crude or problems in countries producing crude (Iraq, Libya??)
July 19            Sun square Mars
July 20            Saturn turns direct, Jupiter contra parallel Pluto
July 21            Uranus retrograde, Venus conjunct Hades, Sun contra Parallel Pluto, Mars shadow date
July 22                        Mercury opposition Pluto, Sun parallel Jupiter and entering Leo, may effect crude or problems in countries producing crude (Iraq, Libya??)
July 24                        North Node opposition Eris, Venus OOB (Out Of Bounds)

To summarize the above aspects. July 4-8. The Sun shines it's light on the Uranus / Pluto square early in July. This is the waxing square which has affected world events from 2012 through the first half of 2015. This square is about rebellion against the status quo. It stands for the collapse of the old order and out of the collapse, the construction of new ways of thinking and organizing ourselves (government, large organizations, banks). The current uprisings in Iraq, Ukraine and other places are not so much about religion and more about control or the power to control others. Those that seek power have no interest in changing their ways and are stuck in old patterns of the past. This is true in both the East and West. The Uranus / Pluto square is also about money as well. Pluto stands for big money and wealth. This includes taxes and how to extract more taxes from the people they control, to support their old ideas. The old order may be paranoid and conduct hidden, secret activities (cyber spying?) to try and control their populations and ensure maximum taxes are extorted. The power of Central Banks to control the economy and therefore the money of the masses is a good example of the Uranus / Pluto square.

That said there will be some positives. Uranus is all about technology and advancements. Looking back at the 1960's when these two planets were conjunct, to start this cycle, many of the technologies in use today were being developed / worked on and later became common place. Think of the internet and personal computers as examples. Also realize the 60's were a period of social uprisings and change. This is happening in many countries now. We await the U.S. although I think it's going to take an event of some magnitude to bring significant change to the western cultures. Such an event could occur this month or close to the following two dates; Dec 15, 2014 and March 17, 2015. These are the last two dates where the Uranus / Pluto square is exact.

July 11 The Sun in opposition to Eris is a signature of strife, discord and violence. This is a shorter term aspect which could set off conflict in one of the active regions of the world.

July 12 Is the perigee Full Moon which has a history of strong storms and geophysical events. Perigee means the Moon is at it's closest point to Earth for this orbit. The Full Moon is almost on the heliocentric North Node of Pluto, a power spot in the Zodiac making this an even more potent. Perigee Full and New Moons were nameed "Super Moons" by Astrologer, Richard Nolle.

July 13 Another fairly quick but powerful transit, Mars conjunct the North Node of the Moon could indicate violent actions against a group of people. Currently we have a lot too choose from as violence against groups of people seems to be a daily occurrence. Nevertheless, keep an eye open for something particularly nasty near this date.

July 16 Jupiter enters Leo, may effect crude or problems in countries producing crude (Iraq, Libya??). Many Astrologers would look at Jupiter in Leo as party time. The greater benefic, Jupiter, in the fun sign of creativity, children and entertainment. A look back at the stock market indices while Jupiter is in Leo does not appear to be positive, in any way.  A number of specific dates were given to subscribers re: issues with crude. I'll add here that the Sun rules Leo and the Sun rules Gold although I've found Pluto has a strong effect on Gold as well. The Sun will join Jupiter in Leo on July 22. It will parallel Jupiter and then conjunct Jupiter on July 24. This could be another troublesome day as the North Node (the people) opposes Eris, strife and discord.

July 19 Sun square Mars is only listed here due to the whole volatile time period around this date. This is the waning square, or the square that occurs between the opposition and the next conjunction.

July 20 Saturn turns direct, Jupiter contra parallel Pluto. This starts a period where world problems heat up although it may be beneficial for Gold. Please understand these longer term Astro transits and events may not occur exactly on the date listed but around the date. The amount of orb varies depending on the speed of the planets involved. Saturn turning direct, like any of the outer planets has a time window. In this case from July 8th, Sun trine Saturn to Aug 9, Sun square Saturn. The stress of debt, personal, business and government debt once again becomes a major issue. Jupiter Pluto contacts can either indicate sizable financial gain or great financial losses. Again for a period around this date.

July 21            Radical events starting July 8th, there's that date again, with Uranus retrograde on July 21 with a window that extends to August 8th where the Sun trines Uranus. Venus conjunct Hades can be unfavorable for the financial markets , and July 21 is a Mars shadow date, the date it returns to the location where it went retrograde.

Saturn turning direct and Uranus turning retrograde are also in a Quincunx aspect (150 degrees). Expect the unexpected.

July 22            Mercury opposition Pluto, Sun parallel Jupiter and entering Leo, may effect crude or problems in countries producing crude (Iraq, Libya, others??)

During the last half of July look for problems Iraq and Ukraine and also in Europe or Saudi Arabia or Turkey or Israel or Iran. It's a growing list. Let's not not forget China vs Japan and the USA's penchant to get involved in everything.

Market wise the SP500 is starting the 22nd week of the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week) with a range of 15-23 weeks. It's late in the cycle and due for a pullback. The FED continues with their support manipulation of the markets but this week starts earning announcements. I for one will be listening closely. A high this late in the cycle for the market indices is a very unusual event and I'm looking for a reversal.

We are moving closer to a buy date for precious metals. We may see a pullback in Gold and Silver this week. I don't expect it to be strong and it could be a non event. I continue to look for a resumption of a strong move higher. Subscribers have the dates.

We are currently in the 5th week for Gold and the 6th week for Silver of their respective Primary cycles (nominal 18 week) and therefore due for a Major cycle (nominal 6 week) trough.


The issues with crude oil production in Iraq and other places should continue. Subscribers have the potential dates. Crude is becoming a geopolitical commodity as world-wide events affect production in a number of producing countries. This is the 10th week of the Primary cycle and it appears crude is heading down into it's next Major Cycle trough. I'm looking for a short term low between 104 and 103 which are the 38.2% and 50% retracement of the move up from May 1, 2014 to June 13, 2014.

Currently North America should not be affected since they are not importing crude from the countries having their production cut. Nevertheless WTIC (West Texas Intermediate Crude)  has, until very recently been going up with Brent Crude. With the increase in the production of crude and NatGas from shale projects the U.S. has become a major producer. That combined with the oil sands deposits in western Canada makes North America a major supplier although the oil sands deposits are somewhat trapped until more pipelines are built. Either south to the US or East / West in Canada to supply the Far East, eastern Canada or Europe.


  1. on gold, is possible the trough is sideway consolidation?

  2. Yes, it possibly is a sideways consolidation or just a little on the down side. Nevertheless I'm expecting a good move higher. Watching closely.

  3. I am believe that gold and silver like hard down to october 2014,from october to january 2015 like up strong And $ going to hell.But probably not Always happen,,,
    My time beatiful probably a crash stocks is february 2015,around 20 february vix like level very very danguers?