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Financial Astrology - Sept 7, 2014

We are entering the 5th week of the Primary cycle which started on Aug 7th. There are potentially a number of longer term cycles due in the next couple of months. September has a number of intermediate cycles due. First up is the first Major cycle (nominal 6 week) with an average range of 5-7 weeks. If there is no pull back then we will look for a 1/2 Primary cycle (nominal 9 week). I've noted on the chart when we could expect the Major cycle to trough out, that is the weeks of  9/15/2014 to 9/26/2014.

A pullback to the Major cycle trough is often near the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement or the 1970 area. We are due for the index to start to reverse very soon (this week?)


And following is the DJIA which is currently similar to the SP500 waiting for the top of the first Major cycle of the Primary cycle which started August 7th.


Also note I've added the Lunar (blue squares) and Solar Eclipses (red squares) to the DJIA chart. These need a range of +- a few days and their effects can be much longer, particularly the Solar eclipse. In this case the Lunar eclipse is tied into the Sept 25th aspect. More on this in the subscribers letter.

The week of Sept 22nd looks very eventful. Before we get there we have another perigee Full Moon on the evening of September 8th. This is a Moon that is in it's closest path to Earth for this orbit. It is also known as a Super Moon per Richard Nolle. Give this +- 3 days and look for violent weather, floods, geophysical events and potentially strange or violent acts by us human beings. The Moon's position, being close to Earth affects it's gravitational pull. This can also result in quick price swings in many markets.

Coming up the Lunar Eclipse is on October 8th and the Solar Eclipse October 23rd.

I believe we are entering an exciting, eventful time period starting now through the end of October. In the short term heliocentric Mercury has just entered  the mutable, fire sign, Sagittarius and it will be followed by Mars entering Sagittarius on September 13th. Heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius can result in wild price swings, so this combined with the Super Moon we could see big prices swings in a number of markets, particularly this week. Martian energy (fight or flight) heats up Sagittarius starting September 13.

Sagittarius is about ideology, philosophy and cultural identity. Issues of nationalism and patriotism are highlighted. Peoples beliefs come to the fore be it religious, intellectual or cultural. Sagittarius tests the tolerance, understanding and acceptance towards other cultures practices, customs and beliefs. This sign also rules travel and immigration or issues involving immigration often occurs when the sign is transited.

Of immediate importance is Mars will be in waning square to Neptune soon after entering Sagittarius on Sept 21. This is a signature of exaggeration and false rumors that may be designed to incite hysteria. Remember Neptune is illusion and delusion. False flag events come to mind.

In the middle of the month we will have the FED meeting on Sept 16, 17 and the Scotland referendum on September 18th. Either could be market moving events.

Back to market cycles we have the 224 cd (calendar day) cycle which the subscribers have had for some time. This needs a range of +-1-2 weeks. The exact date is Sept 17th but better to look at this hitting in a 1-2 week around that date.

Look at that cycle closely and note some have been at highs. This is an example of inversion when a cycle ends time wise but ends at a high instead of an expected low.

As noted in a previous post the 224 cd (calendar day) cycle is equal to the orbit of the planet Venus. See the last letter for more details.

The fact that many analysts are calling the markets manipulated we must still work with what we are given.

I found the following post (zerohedge) interesting and would explain the large volume transactions occurring in the middle of the night. That's night for North America at least. We have subscribers from all over the world.
"Compare and contrast.
From the Chicago Mercantile Exchange 2012 10-K:
Customer Base

Our customer base includes professional traders, financial institutions, institutional and individual investors, major corporations, manufacturers, producers and governments.

from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange 2013 10-K:

Customer Base

Our customer base includes professional traders, financial institutions, institutional and individual investors, major corporations, manufacturers, producers, governments and central banks.

And there you have it, but in case anyone is still confused, here is some more:

At this point why even pretend there is a "market"? The "market", and by "market" we mean stocks - it has long been known that central banks actively trade bonds, FX and commodities - is whatever central banks say it is.
Finally, if central banks are going to be rigging the market as they now conclusively are on a daily basis, perhaps they can disclose ahead of the trading day start to everyone, and not just the primary dealers, what the closing S&P 500 price for any given day is."

The hard war aspects between Mars and Saturn have just passed but I would expect the fog of war to continue for some time. The Mars Saturn aspects in August will be replaced by a building stress between Pluto and Uranus that are an exact waxing square on Dec 15. This is a very long term aspects and I give it +- 1 month in orb. Pluto turns direct on Sept 22.

The month of September has two very powerful aspects. I'm going to mention one here as it demonstrates an Astrological principle, that is, all aspects between two planets are part of a cycle. The cycles always starts with a conjunction, then the faster moving planet starts to separate from the slower moving planet and start making other aspects.

Late in the month there is Jupiter in waxing trine to Uranus. A trine is a 120 degree aspect. The waxing trine is the first trine of a new cycle. There are three trines
(ex. 360 / 3 = 120). There is a waxing trine at 120 degrees and a waning trine at 240 degrees.

Following is a monthly chart showing the history of the Jupiter Uranus trine.

On this monthly chart of the SP500 the red circles are the dates of the Jupiter Uranus trine. Note, sometimes there are 3 aspects close together. This occurs when the planets involved are going retrograde. The one coming up is a 3 pass.

The more important thing to note is where I have typed waxing or waning. Note the waning trine typically does not do much other than short term up or down moves while the waxing trine always occurs close to a substantial turn down. In a 3 pass, like the one we are about to have, it could trigger the move down at any of the three near exact aspects. In the case we have now I'm expecting the move down to be early in the 3 pass sequence. The dates are on the subscribers letter.

In summary we are looking for a Major cycle crest then down to a trough ideally during the weeks of Sept 15 or Sept 26.

One more. Another cycle analyst, Eric Hadik, has quoted Bible cycles from time to time. Recently he mentioned 40 year cycle, as found in the Bible as "40 years of testing". Following is a monthly chart of the DJIA. The red vertical lines are the 40 year cycle. The next one is due in December 2014 however this would need a broad range, maybe +- a month. For those who have been around for a while you may remember the last 40 year low in 1974.

In Astrology 40 years is close to one half a Uranus cycle. The Uranus cycle is approx. 84 years therefore one-half is 42 years.

There may be a 42 year cycle when looking at the 42 year cycle below. Notice the better fits of lows. The next occurrence would be November 2016.

There are other very significant transits hitting in late September and October but they are reserved for subscribers. I've been asked why not include all crucial Astrological aspects on the blog. The answer is if I did, why would anyone pay for the service?

Gold is in the 14th week of it's Primary cycle  Gold broke through the bottom of the symmetrical triangle. This, by itself, is a bearish move as that line should now act as significant resistance when Gold tries to move up. I have sold most Gold holdings other than an ETF which holds physical. (CEF in the US and CEF.A on the TSX). I live in Canada, just outside of Toronto.

Notice the big down day on Sept 2. This is the trading day after the Sun opposition Neptune aspect which has a powerful influence on precious metal prices. The US$ index took off from the Sun opposition Neptune as well.

I'll be watching any attempt at Gold moving up through the the symmetrical triangle.

Silver is in the 15th week of it's Primary cycle.. We may be near a 1/2 Primary cycle so like Gold, watch Silver closely next week. For Silver we are also approaching a possible shortened Primary cycle trough. Good days for Silver for a change in trend or a big range day are Sept 10-11. These should be good for Gold as well.

We are in the 19th week of the Primary cycle in crude or just starting a new Primary cycle. If new it will be bullish for the next few weeks. If not a Primary it could go down further.. The current cycle was  very left translated which is bearish. There is much going on with crude and the US$. Much of the rumblings between the Ukraine ( backed by Europe, the US and NATO) and Russia have to do with gas, crude and the reserve currency status of the US buck. We may see more of this very shortly.

On a longer term basis, Crude could drop from 93.43 - 85.00/CL in the 4th quarter of 2014

Other items, More specifics on the SP500, Gold and crude also US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers.

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