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Financial Astrology - Sept. 1, 2014

We are entering the 4th week of the Primary cycle which started on Aug 7th. We often get a more minor pullback 2-3 weeks into a Primary cycle (trading cycle) but it has not appeared at this point. The SP500 basically went sideways last week.



The next period to watch is for the first Major cycle (nominal 6 weeks or 5-7 weeks) of the new Primary cycle.  This would mean a low in the weeks starting Sept 8 through Sept 22. This coincides with the 224 cd (calendar day) cycle which the subscribers have had for some time. This needs a range of +-1-2 weeks.

Look at that cycle closely and note some have been at highs. This is an example of inversion when a cycle ends time wise but ends at a high instead of an expected low.

As noted in a previous post the 224 cd (calendar day) cycle is equal to the orbit of the planet Venus. See the last letter for more details.

I bring this up now as the Trading cycle has been absent so far and the general market indices very bullish. This can mean we are looking at pattern 2, that is 2, 1/2 Primary cycles.

The fact that many analysts are calling the markets manipulated we must still work with what we are given.

The hard war aspects between Mars and Saturn have just passed but I would expect the fog of war to continue for some time. The Mars Saturn aspects in August will be replaced by a building stress between Pluto and Uranus that are an exact waxing square on Dec 15. This is a very long term aspects and I give it +- 1 month in orb. Descriptions for the Uranus / Pluto square were given last week.

The month of September has two very powerful aspects.

Late in the month there is Jupiter in waxing square to Uranus. This has a history of being the strongest aspect when it comes to trend changes in major US indexes.  This needs an orb of +- 2 weeks. Jupiter square Uranus can stand for good fortune, the desire for knowledge and a love of freedom. It can also stand for a tendency to miss the best chances or oppourtunities and getting involved with arguments specifically on questions of life-philosophy / religion. Oh Oh.

Late in August the Sun opposed Neptune, another very powerful aspect which needs +- 2 weeks, to affect the US indexes. It also has a history of showing up at changes in trend in precious metals. The Sun in opposition to Neptune can equate to weakness, sensitivity and people easily influenced by others and at times, a negative attitude towards like. Illusion and delusion may play a role.

Earlier in the month we have Jupiter quincunx Pluto, also a long term aspect and is more potent than usual as it is close to Pluto turning direct. Earlier in the month there is also another perigee Full Moon. I expect more violent weather, floods and an uptick in more powerful earthquakes and volcanic activity. Jupiter quincunx Pluto can stand for difficulties while striving for power.It can stand for the pursuit of fanatical aims and desires and can stand for the loss of social standing and loss of wealth.

The week of Aug Sept 22 has a number of Astrological aspects pointing to issues with the US$. Subscribers have the dates. Not the least of these is Pluto at 10 degrees 59 minutes in Capricorn. This is conjunct the heliocentric Jupiter nodes and is a powerful point in the Zodiac.

In summary we may see a Major cycle low in the weeks of Sept 15 and Sept 22. If we don't see a low in that time frame look to the week of Oct 6th where we may get a 1/2 Primary cycle low. This is the start of eclipse season with a powerful Lunar eclipse on Oct 8 and a partial Solar eclipse on Oct 23rd.

Following is a daily chart of the DJIA and recent lunar and solar eclipses. The blue squares are the Lunar eclipses and the red squares are the Solar eclipses. Notice that they are often near turns, not always, but enough to trade. I'll go into more detail on the upcoming eclipses in future posts.

Gold is in the 13th week of it's Primary cycle  It is close to 1280, the number I was looking at for support. We did peak below but not on strong volume.

Geocentric Mars is in the tail of Scorpio and moves to Sagittarius on Sept 13th.
Heliocentric Mercury transits through Sagittarius starting Sept 5th. This has a history of strong moves in PM's both up and down.

If it's going to move it had better start very soon. It did get support at the bottom of the symmetrical triangle (see blue lines on the following daily Gold chart). Will it test this area again or go up from here? Watch Gold closely. We may get an initial strong move close to Sept 5th which possibly fails.

Silver is in the 14th week of it's Primary cycle. If Gold does not look positive, Silver looks worse. We may be near a 1/2 Primary cycle so like Gold, watch Silver closely next week.

We are in the 18th week of the Primary cycle in crude. The current cycle appears to be very left translated which is bearish. There is much going on with crude and the US$. A stronger US$ is not good for crude, at least WTIC.

We may have just seen the Primary cycle low.. We may now see a rebound into 96.80-97.30

On a longer term basis, Crude could drop from 105 - 85.00/CL in the 4th quarter of 2014

Other items, More specifics on the SP500, Gold and crude also US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers.

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