Saturday, October 11, 2014

Financial Astrology - Oct 11, 2014

The last two calls have turned out right on the day, Sept 25th and Oct. 8th. I usually give a time window of +-2  or 3 td's (trading days). Keep that in mind. All calls are a minimum of +- 2 td's unless otherwise noted. Thanks again for the kind words and encouragement.

Comments from Previous posts:

From the Oct 4, 2014 blog post.
"We have a powerful Lunar eclipse on Oct 8th that looks ominous after the Sept 25th move down. Watch for big moves near this date and quite possibly on it."

"The Lunar eclipse of Oct 8th forms a T-square with the forming Uranus / Pluto waxing square creating a T-square with Pluto as the focal planet. The focal planet will express the energy of the T-square. Pluto is in Capricorn and still very close to the heliocentric Jupiter nodes, a power point in the Zodiac."

" Volatility in the markets should continue with the likelihood of extreme volatility."

From the Sept 27, 2014 blog post
"On Sept 25th the Moon was on the spot where the Sun will be during the lunar eclipse, opposite Uranus. It invoked fear in the markets and a sharp down move. We may get a repeat performance close to the Lunar eclipse date."

From the Sept 21, 2014 Market letter:

"In addition on Sept 25 the Moon passes over the point, where the Sun will be during the Oct 8th Lunar Eclipse. The Moon will also be opposing Uranus on Sept 25th. Putting this together there appears to be some surprise and may have something to do with the US$ or some other currencies. I'm looking at this as an event or a secret comes out that effects the US$ or other currencies. This may be just the start. This period around Sept 25th should turn out to be significant."

On a 30 minute chart. The last 2 red arrows are those two calls on Sept. 25th and Oct 8th. The two green arrows are from our published forecast dates.

This blog post will be short as I'm a little late writing the subscribers letter. Back to normal next week. Be careful the markets should be very volatile. We have a Solar eclipse coming up and other important dates that will effect the markets.

To give you one possibility for the coming week the following weekly Gold chart shows the Jupiter price lines (blue). Looking back it has acted as support for many years. Watch this to see if Gold can break up. Subscribers have some specific dates to watch.

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