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Financial Astrology - October 19, 2014

Another week of volatility ahead. The Solar eclipse on Oct 23rd is the most obvious but there are other critical dates for trading. Subscribers have these dates. Volatility should continue as should the Ebola pandemic. The Solar eclipse path is pointing to increased tensions between Russia and the USA and maybe their leaders. This may not be immediate but watch the news. This eclipse may also affect the British Royals.

Volatility in the markets should continue with a number of astrological events which should affect the markets. Beyond the eclipse there is a forming grand trine with Venus (including the eclipse point), Neptune and Hades a Uranian point. These are pointing to further disease problems although I had thought a water borne disease but is probably Ebola. The Uranus / Pluto waxing square is coming back in focus with Pluto moving forward while Uranus continues retrograde. The meaning of this important square has been covered in previous posts.

We are entering the 11th week of the nominal 18 week cycle  1 (nominal 18 week) which started on Aug 7th.

We may be seeing the start of a 1/2 Primary  1 At this point in the cycle, which started on Aug 7th, looks very left translated meaning this would be a very bearish 18 week cycle. Although it's too early to call for the end of the bull market, this type of cycle pattern is usually seen in bear markets. The high on Sept 19th will probably be the high for this 18 week nominal cycle and may be a high of significance which will be a high for some period of time.

Following is the SP500 and shows the area for the potential low for this 18 week cycle.
Red squares are Mercury turning retrograde and the blue squares are Mercury returning to direct motion. The recent dates are Oct 4 for Mercury turning retrograde and Oct 25 Mercury turning direct. The description of the Mercury inferior conjunction was in the subscribers market letter. These dates alone often mark trend changes. Friday Oct 24 is also 55 td's (trading days) from the Aug 7th low.

We'll take the focus off the market cycles and concentrate on the Astrological events in front of us this month. As predicted this has been a very volatile month in the markets and world events. Subscribers have the dates and potential trading approach. We can't show all forecast dates and events as some information is reserved for subscribers. I can say I was up more than $99 squared shortly after the Oct 8th Lunar eclipse.

Oct 23 is the date for the Solar eclipse. There are other dates coming up that should affect the markets as well. Very volatile conditions still apply. FED squawking probably will not help. Any news of continuing QE3 or it's equivalent would be bullish short term. If at any time price goes below the Oct 15th low be very careful. There is little support below this area. As I'll be short this would be good news.

We've been following the Uranus / Pluto waxing square for some time. Due to retrograde motion this has been a 7 pass with the last two exact squares coming up on Dec 15, 2014 and then March 17, 2015.

We had mentioned illness / epidemic in the Oct 4th post. The Solar eclipse takes place in the early degrees of Scorpio and is almost conjunct Venus. Scorpio is associated with birth, sex and death. In mundane astrology this includes larger survival and mortality issues that affect society. The Solar eclipse will emphasize Scorpio as there are 4 planets in Scorpio. An example is the early 80's when Saturn and Pluto traveled through Scorpio. There was an increased awareness of safe sex and the aids pandemic came into focus.

Scorpio also rules over other people's money, debt and those industries that control other people's money. This would include banks, central banks, large funds, life insurance and any companies in the financial service industries and the world's financial system itself.

In mundane astrology Neptune is associated with epidemics and diseases of all kinds. During this eclipse Neptune is in a grand trine with the Solar eclipse point (incl. Venus) and Hades. Hades 2 is a Uranian point and can be quite nasty. Although associated with antiquities it also rules ruins, waste and deprivation. It is decay, death and the process of breakdown that occurs when living organisms die and return back to the soil. The bright side, if there is one, is that life is reborn out of the ashes of prior life. Look for a possible increase in the current Ebola crisis, other possible water borne disease and any news of findings concerning antiquities.

The grand trine, mentioned above is all in water signs. These are the emotional signs. Trading and emotions don't mix well.

Space does not permit, but this eclipse may be associated with the British Royals. I'll bring this up in a future letter as this eclipse point gets hit by other transiting planets. Watch for news on the Royals next week.

These two eclipses (Lunar and Solar) should cause events that remind everyone the world's financial system is still unstable. We will get out of this but unfortunately not before we go through some tough times, or continued tough times for many. I'm looking past 2020 before we can say we are out of the financial mess. The Solar eclipse also can stir up geophysical problems and possibly violent weather where the eastern seaboard of the US may be hit.

The subscribers will have more details on these two powerful eclipses.

Mars will be in Sagittarius until October 26th. Expect volatility in many markets from this transit and the other major transits noted above. Mars is also "Out Of Bounds" by declination, also emphasizing volatility.

The Uranus and Pluto waxing square will be coming back into focus over the coming weeks.  It will be exact on Dec 15. This will be the 6th exact square in this series of 7 exact squares. The last square in this series is March 16, 2015. The period around both these dates, Dec 15, 2014 and March 16, 2015 could be troublesome on the world stage and the financial markets in particular.

Gold is in the 3rd week of it's Primary cycle   1  (nominal 18 week). I'm looking at this as the 3rd week of a new Primary 1 and this would be the first nominal 6 week cycle of the Primary. For those who have been reading these letters for awhile I look for a pull-back in the first 2-3 weeks of a New Primary  1  . We may see this early next week. It may have already started with the last two days lower.

I'm looking for Gold to hit the 50% retracement around 1265 for this first 6 week cycle. Currently price is above the 15 day sma and bounced off the 45 day sma, a bearish move.

The following weekly chart shows the heliocentric Jupiter price line. It has acted as support for Gold in the past as seen on the following chart.

Silver is in the 3rd or 21st week of it's Primary cycle cycle  1 . Like Gold, silver may have just put in a Primary low and the bounce could be the start of a new Primary..

The following chart shows the Venus (green) and Jupiter(blue) price lines on a daily chart for Silver. The trend often changes when these two price lines cross. Silver is currently running up the Jupiter price line. If it is a new Primary cycle I would expect Silver to rise away from the price line.

We are in either the first week of a new Primary 1 cycle or the 25th week of an older Primary 1 cycle in crude. The last cycle was left translated which is bearish. If this is a new cycle forming watch for it to be left translated as well. There is a lot of deflationary pressure on many commodities, precious metals included.

There are many reason, US and Saudi intentionally over producing to drive out high cost producers and hurt Russia, ISIS and Iran. This plan seems to be working but there are always unforeseen repercussions. Western governments collect a lot of tax revenue from the price at the pump. If it is down the government revenues are down. Crude may be reflecting the real world economy. When crude does bounce it will probably be to lower highs.

For crude I'm watching the 23.6% retracement level on the following daily chart.

I'm looking for a trigger for crude. Aspects to Jupiter or Neptune, the rulers of crude would be good candidates. Possible candidates are:

Oct 20 Sun parallel Neptune

Oct 27 Venus trine Neptune trine Hades (This may be disease central)

Oct 28 Sun trine Neptune. I like this one best but be on guard for any of the above.

On a longer term basis there is a 38-39 month cycle in crude, many commodities and the US$. The longer term cycles need a wider orb. This cycle could trough out from now to early November. It could also be this week. The following weekly chart (2 pages down) shows the 38/39 month cycle in crude.

Other items, more specifics on the SP500, Gold and crude also US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers. At $99.00 for a 6 month subscription, can you afford not to have it?


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