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Financial Astrology - January 11, 2015


For the SP500, Cycle-wise we are in the 13th week of a Primary  1  cycle (aka, the nominal 18 week with a range of 15 to 21 weeks) starting at the Oct 15th low.

The long discussed 6th instance of the Uranus / Pluto waxing square was exact on Monday, Dec 15th and will be in orb until the 7th and last square in this series is March 16, 2015. The two planets will be very close for the next 3 months. Although we have made this point before it is worth repeating. The Uranus/Pluto square is the defining planetary aspect for this period of history, from approximately 2011 through 2015.

Last week we said:

"This coming month, January, will witness a number of astrological aspects which could be explosive both for the markets and world events in general."

"This period of time, that the Uranus Pluto square has been active, has put a spotlight on ideological extremism."

And for the markets

"We won't have long to wait as the Sun will translate the Uranus / Pluto square on January 3, 2015+- a couple of TD's (trading days). This time period may generate some world event as there is another astrological event on the weekend as well."

The coming 2 weeks have a number of long term potent aspects. I'm expecting this period to be very volatile with a strong possibility of a more significant move down in the markets and the possibility of more events triggered by ideological extremism. Two of the aspects are longer term transits which I would normally give an orb of +- a month. The fact that there are two and other shorter term aspects often creates an environment where the longer term cycles hit earlier than usual. This may start early in the week but I've given it a 2 week window. Dates are reserved for subscribers. I'm short for Monday morning.

When the slower moving large planets get aspected like this they can result in geophysical stress. Watch for an increase in earthquakes greater then 5.5.

In addition to the planets there is a perigee New Moon (aka a Super Moon per Ritchard Nolle) on Jan 20th. This is a New Moon when the Moon is passing the closest point to the Earth during the current orbit. Again watch for geophysical activity and possible bad storms.

There are also two aspects in this 2 week window that point to either infection, disease and also poisons, gas and sudden death. Doesn't sound altogether too pleasant. More than one of these aspects are pointing to some type of disease / epidemic and are also suggesting something to do with poison gas. I've been looking for a pick up in war rhetoric and this period may see this beginning. Watch the world news. Other words which described these aspects are rejection, denial and destruction.

There are a number of longer term market cycles that could hit in 2015. Two we've discussed before are the 4 year cycle and the 6 year cycle. There are a number of longer term cycles as well which are covered in the market letter.

Turn on your speakers.


Heliocentric Jupiter / Uranus trine VIDEO
(from two weeks ago but important)

DJIA - mid-point
(to view the slower moving planets mi-points on a weekly chart of the DJIA))
Note how the average acts as support / resistance. Also note it is sitting on one of the main price lines (dark blue). A break down through here and the DJIA could get to 16350 quickly perhaps testing the mid-Oct 2014 low.

Market cycles. VIDEO
(from two weeks ago)

Gold put in a trough on Nov 7th. This would put us in the 10th week of it's Primary cycle   1  (nominal 18 week) during this coming week.

During last week Gold did start moving up but not with the conviction I was looking for.
The positives are Gold moved above the trend line and price is now above both the 15 and 45 day sma's.

Gold needs to move above the Dec 9 high's or the 50% retracement around 1238. If Gold has not broken above this area by the week of Jan 19th I'll be looking to get out of my Gold holdings and watch for awhile. This is also true for Silver.

The following daily Gold chart shows the heliocentric Venus (green) and Jupiter (blue) price lines. Gold is currently sitting on the main Jupiter (dark blue) price line. A break through here would be very positive.

Silver also appears to be in the 10th week of it's Primary cycle cycle  1 on
Nov 7th. looks like the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week cycle) trough. Like Gold, Silver needs to move up with some conviction or it is in danger of a sharp move down. See comments under Gold.

This week should start the 18th week of the Primary cycle. I expect a period of sideways consolidation looking for crude to settle in a range, over time, around $50.00-55.00.

I'm also expecting an increase in war like activity in the first quarter of 2015. I've been looking for the end of February or March but conflicts could start sooner. Watch the days around Jan 19th for a possible move in crude. If war like activities affect any crude producing countries we could see an abrupt change in crude prices. Even if crude producing countries are not involved in war activities the threat would move prices up.

Other items, more specifics on the SP500, Gold and crude also US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers. At $99.00 for a 6 month subscription, can you afford not to have it?

The 1st half 2015 dates will be available after Dec 7, 2014

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