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Financial Astrology - January 18, 2015


For the SP500, Cycle-wise we are in the 14th week of a Primary  1  cycle (aka, the nominal 18 week with a range of 15 to 21 weeks) starting at the Oct 15th low.

The long discussed 6th instance of the Uranus / Pluto waxing square was exact on Monday, Dec 15th and will be in orb until the 7th and last square in this series is March 16, 2015. The two planets will be very close for the next 3 months. We saw the type of dramatic event we were expecting when the Swiss National Bank announced they would de-peg their currency, the Swiss Franc to the Euro on Jan 15th. Will there be other currencies perhaps de-pegging from the Euro or maybe the US$ as well. Stayed tuned.

From last week's blog:

"The coming 2 weeks have a number of long term potent aspects. I'm expecting this period to be very volatile with a strong possibility of a more significant move down in the markets and the possibility of more events triggered by ideological extremism."

I couldn't write the above more accurately if I wrote it today.

And from last week's market letter:

"January is shaping up to be explosive and tense and should continue for at least two more weeks."

"This time period may generate some world event as there is another astrological event on the weekend as well."

And dates from last week's letter
Jan 11 Heliocentric Jupiter waxing trine Uranus.

Jan 12 The Moon moves back to 15 degrees, 5 minutes of Libra.
Started the week with a convincing down day.

Jan 15 Pluto square North Node and Mars square Saturn. Could trigger an extreme event. This was the Swiss Franc de-peg. Will there be other changes to currencies pairs?

I'm looking for extreme events to continue into this coming week. Events could be market related, like the de-pegging of the Swiss Franc or events triggered by ideological extremism be it from militant Islam or other group.

I live in Canada. Many of our subscribers live in countries other than North America. The aspect readings are not meant to be for the USA only. They can typically manifest anywhere in the world. Sometimes aspects affect the natal planets of a country and we can pin point the location to some degree.

We are still in the time window where geophysical stress is building. Watch for an increase in earthquakes greater then 5.5. The Iceland volcanoes have been active but not in the mainstream news.

In addition to the planets there is a perigee New Moon (aka a Super Moon per Richard Nolle) on Jan 20th approx. 1 hour before the US market opens in New York. This is a New Moon when the Moon is passing the closest point to the Earth during the current orbit.

A New Moon is always a conjunction between the Sun and the Moon in this case at 0 degrees in Aquarius. The start of each sign is a powerful point. In addition the New Moon is also in quintile aspect (72 degrees) to the Uranus / North Node conjunction in Aries, remembering that the Uranus / Pluto square is still in orb. Uranus rules Aquarius so this New Moon has definite Uranian flavor to it. This is building a great deal of tension which may get released in additional violent events. The US may be involved in any events around Jan 20th. The New Moon in early Aquarius suggests an unpredictable, shocking energy which upsets the old order of things with Uranus prominent. Watch for this on Jan 20th +- 1 td.

The above mix of a New Moon in quintile to the Uranus / North Node conjunction could also suggest some truly innovative / new information which could result in immediate change. Again, watch Jan 20 +- 1 td. So we have both a favorable outcome or a negative outcome. I'm going with the negative outcome and am looking for a move down early in the trading week, possibly a dramatic move On Jan 20th. Just keep in mind the possible favorable outcome and be ready to switch. I expect we will realize the markets direction by 11:00am on January 20th.

Also watch for geophysical activity and possible bad storms during the above transits and Super Moon.

There is still the possibility of some type of disease / epidemic or poison. I've also mentioned poison and gas in previous posts This is not meant to be alarmist but is a possibility with the current aspects. Other aspects are reserved for subscribers. Watch the world news. Other words which described these aspects are rejection, denial and destruction.

There are a number of longer term market cycles that could hit in 2015. Two we've discussed before are the 4 year cycle and the 6 year cycle. There are a number of longer term cycles as well which are covered in the market letter.

Turn on your speakers.


SP500 - mid-point
(to follow up from the last two blog posts following is a daily chart of the SP500 with the Mars through Pluto mid-points. They act as support and resistance.)


Market cycles. VIDEO
(from three weeks ago, I'll update these in a couple of weeks)

Gold put in a trough on Nov 7th. This would put us in the 11th week of it's Primary cycle   1  (nominal 18 week) during this coming week.

To follow along with the previous blog post Gold did break above the Dec 9 high's and and the 61.8 % retracement, a very bullish move assisted by the Swiss de-pegging. So I remained in but sold off 1/2 of my Gold holdings on Friday. I will monitor next week to decide if I make a more substantial purchase. We are coming into the time period for a crest in the Gold primary cycle.

The following daily Gold chart shows the heliocentric Venus (green) and Jupiter (blue) price lines. Gold broke through the Jupiter price line and is approaching the next Venus price line. Gold often reverses when the Venus and Jupiter price lines cross which is Jan 28th. Gold has also reversed from highs and lows near the 27 td (trading day) which is the red vertical line on Jan 22nd. The number 27 can be found in many places. The Moon takes approx. 27 days to orbit the Earth and then another 2.5 days to catch up to the Earth which has moved over the month.

Silver also appears to be in the 11th week of it's Primary cycle cycle  1 on
Nov 7th. looks like the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week cycle) trough. Like Gold, Silver moved up with the conviction we were looking for. See comments under Gold.

This week should start the 19th week of the Primary cycle. I expect a period of sideways consolidation looking for crude to settle in a range around $50.00-55.00. This may take some time.

I'm also expecting an increase in war like activity in the first quarter of 2015 (listen to the first video. Watch the days around Jan 19th for a possible move in crude. If war like activities affect any crude producing countries we could see an abrupt change in crude prices. Even if crude producing countries are not involved in war activities the threat should move prices up.

Both Jupiter and Neptune rule crude. The following daily chart of crude shows the 45 degree price lines for Jupiter (orange) and Neptune (green). The main Jupiter price line (bold orange) is at 49.99. Crude needs to move up through 50.00 to keep any small momentum up. Normally these two price lines mark excellent support and resistance. These price lines are somewhat useless when a commodity has crashed like crude. Despite all the squawking in the news crude has spent very little time above, or even close to 100.00 WTIC. Look back on the chart, before the move down in crude and you will see the two price lines acting as support and resistance.

Other items, more specifics on the SP500, Gold and crude also US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers. At $99.00 for a 6 month subscription, can you afford not to have it?

The 1st half 2015 dates and subscription to the weekly letter are available.

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