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Financial Astrology - November 30, 2015

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This blog post will be mercifully short as I work on the December subscriber report.

For the SP500, cycle-wise we are entering the 14th week of Primary cycle  1 cycle that started on Aug 24th.  This cycle is aka, the nominal 18 week with a range of 15 to 21 weeks. This is the chart we have been following for many months. See the red line and dates on the chart. It is anticipated we will have a Primary cycle low between Dec 7, 2015 and Jan 15, 2016.

Since we are in the 14th week, with a dramatic move up, it appears we just had either the 1/2 Primary or Primary cycle top  on Nov 3rd (i.e. crest for this Primary cycle).

From last weeks blog:
"Two Alerts were sent out to subscribers dealing with Gold and the SP500. Subscribers please note, the call for the SP500 is off if the SP500 moves back above 2,110." 

The SP500 never reached 2,110 so the call is still open but somewhat tenuous.

Gold had a surprising move down on Nov 17th and 27th. If Gold does not reverse early next week the call for a Primary cycle low is off as well.

The main aspects that have a history in Primary cycle turns for the SP500 between now and the FED meeting announcement on Dec 16, 2-15 are:
Nov 29             Sun square Neptune and conjunct Saturn
Dec 6               Mars waning square Pluto
Dec 10             Mars opposition Uranus
Dec 14             Sun waxing square Jupiter.

One of these dates +- 2 td's should mark a turn in the SP500. I'm leaning toward Dec 14th. This would be a change in trend but unsure at this point if it's the high for this cycle or the Primary cycle trough.

From last weeks blog:
"We are in the period where confusion and deceit should be prevalent. with Neptune turning direct in Pisces, the sign that it rules, and the long forming Saturn / Neptune waning square. Not a good environment for Mars in Libra. Watch for adroit politicians here and lies.

As an example Putin, at the recent G20 summit, presented evidence of G20 member states providing financial support to ISIS. Not one western paper has mentioned Putin's bombshell comments."

This turned out to be Turkey who were buying crude from ISIS and processing it. They are in effect funding the ISIS group. Who is buying the cheap refined products has yet to be exposed. Turkey's surprise attack on a Russian jet are a good example of the Saturn / Neptune square and their deceitful energies.

Remember the Saturn / Neptune square "is often found near changes in inflation and or interest rates and money valuation problems in general"

Following is an excerpt from the monthly letter. It has been there for many months.

Also from last week"
"In short, religious strife will continue and probably spread from the mid-East. There may be a rise in religious terrorists or kidnappings and this could be as early as the fall of 2015. These problems could first arise in Europe (Spain?) but the US is vulnerable as well. These actions and general environment could effect the US and world economies by mid 2016. South America should be included as well."

Attacks from religious terrorists should continue into December 2015 and again pick up in mid-April 2016 when Mars turns stationary in religious Sagittarius and makes difficult aspects, conjunct Saturn and square Neptune. There are also harsh aspects to the ISIS formation chart.

Saturn is in Sagittarius which rules the law, religion, philosophy and science. With the square to Neptune is a good signal for a religious message that gets perverted.

November 30 and this period of time look very volatile for the markets and may get more so, particularly if there are more attacks next week or the first two weeks in December.

It should be noted Mars will translate the Uranus / Pluto square the second week of December which is the week before the next FED meeting where they have currently planned to increase interest rates. Watch FED announcements closely.

With Mars, Uranus and Pluto in aspect an explosive event may be imminent.

Other longer term cycles that may be close to seeing their lows in the next couple of months are the 6.5 - 7 year cycle and the Kitchin cycle (40 months). I'm looking at the period from mid-December through Jan '16 as a potential time period for these cycles. They are long term cycles and need a broad orb. These two cycles may have hit there trough at the August 2015 lows but that low was not very deep.

Kitchin cycle on the SP500 chart. This is a monthly chart. cycles may appear closer than when they actually due.

Other long term cycle due, including the 6.5 - 7 year.

Longer term cycles on a monthly chart of the DJIA.

The following weekly chart shows the 21 and 34 weekly moving averages and the fact price broke through both averages But have moved above the averages this past week. Also the 21 and 34 week moving averages are still pointing down or flat.  This is looking like a 4-Year low.

The question is, do we have a significant low in front of us. At this point I think yes and it could be the December '15 - January '16 time frame.

Neptune is prominent particularly in the second half of November 2015. We've mentioned watching Jupiter and Neptune aspects and events for swings in crude. High and low. We've also noted Neptune often brings illusion, delusion, lies, deceit and falsehood.

Neptune also rules water. This could be showing a lack of water or too much as would be the case in large storms. Lack of water, or a problem with water, is going to be a major problem in the not too distant future.

From now through to February 2016 Uranus and Pluto move closer together to the square which we wrote much about in 2014 and early in 2015. For new subscribers or anyone, use the search facility on the blog. Search for "Uranus square Pluto". We should mention Mercury will go retrograde in January 2016 and add energy to the Uranus / Pluto square near the end of January.

At this point, following are the highs in the US indexes.

DJIA               May 19, 2015
DJTI               Nov 28, 2014
SP500             May 20, 2015
NYSE             May 21, 2015 
RUT               Jun 23, 2015
COMPQX      July 20, 2015

Some of the biggest moves in the US markets have occurred when Saturn is in mutable signs. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Saturn changed signs into Sagittarius on Sept 17th and will be there until Dec 20, 2017.

And one more showing the geocentric Jupiter / Saturn square (red squares) including the following note (Every pass of the waning square between Jupiter and Saturn that has been a 3 pass has resulted in a longer term cycle unfolding between the first and last passages). Could the August low be it?  The Saturn square Neptune aspect (light green squares) on the following chart are often found near changes in inflation, interest rates or money valuation problems in general. I remember my 21% mortgage rate in the early 80's, the last time Saturn and Neptune were in waning square.

The Saturn waning square to Neptune is becoming the most prominent aspect going forward. It's a 3 pass with the first exact date on Nov 26th. The last exact square is in August 2016 but it's effects will be passed that date as well. It is confusing and depressing with no one in apparent control.

Gold put in a  Primary cycle   1 trough on July 24th.

We are entering the 18/19th week of the nominal 18 week cycle. It is quite possible Gold put in a Primary cycle crest on Oct 15th in which case we would be heading down into it's Primary cycle bottom. I sent out an Alert last week regarding Gold.

We are looking for a trough which I had expected this coming week, but didn't expect the sharp move down on Nov 27 although this is close to a 168 td cycle trough I follow.

On the following daily Gold chart notice Gold has broken down through three Venus price lines.. At this point Gold made a low on November 18th, the day Neptune turned direct. We had expected a rise in Gold after the Neptune direct date but wasn't expecting it so early based on the history of the aspect.

Nov 18th could have been the Primary cycle low but we need to see more price action to confirm.

I'm expecting the bigger move in Gold next year. The move should be up.

This coming week of Nov 30th we should be entering the 14th week of a nominal 18 week cycle which started August 24th.

In the second half of November, Neptune will be highlighted as it changes to direct motion, Saturn squares Neptune (Nov 26th) and the Sun squares Neptune while conjunct Saturn on Nov 29th.

I expect crude to be quite volatile. With Neptune active to this degree I would also expect our old friends, illusion, delusion, lies, deceit and falsehoods to be apparent. If they ever left. As mentioned Neptune is in Pisces, the sign that it rules and is most powerful here.

Looking out at the major transits in 2016 I'll be looking for a bottom in crude in 2016.

Other items, more specifics on the SP500, Gold and crude also US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers. At $99.00 for a 6 month subscription, can you afford not to have it?

The 2nd half 2015 dates and subscription to the monthly letter (starting in July) are available for purchase.


  1. Do you know what events could cause Gold to move up next year? Is it because the Fed doesn't raises rates or could it be another factor?

  2. I'm looking at a cycle in Gold, up next year. A longer term cycle in 2017 would be down. These are approx.

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