Thursday, January 28, 2016

Financial Astrology UPDATE Jan 28, 2016

Tomorrow, Jan 29th should be an important day for crude. Bear in mind that any date has a minimum orb of +- 2 td's.

From the last blog post:
"Looking at heliocentric aspects there is  a very interesting date on January 29th, 2016 +- a few. "

We are now one day away and it is still difficult to forecast the direction of the move in crude.

For the Astrologers reading this post tomorrow's heliocentric aspects are:

Saturn square Neptune

Jupiter trine Pluto

Earth trine Saturn

Earth quincunx Neptune.

The latter aspects is really part of a Yod which is completed by Mars and Mercury in quincunx to Neptune as well. Neptune may receive the energy from the Earth, Mars and Mercury and have a positive effect or Neptune may act to block that energy. Either way something dramatic should occur either tomorrow or within 2 days.

So there are positive and negative aspects hitting Neptune, the planet that rules crude and positive aspects hitting Jupiter, the co-ruler of crude.

Geocentrically there is one potent aspect, Jupiter conjunct the North Node.

Watch crude closely tomorrow as I expect some important news and potentially a dramatic reversal.

This looks like an aspect dealing with crude but Neptune also rules water, epidemics and long term illnesses, illusion and fraud.

This could also indicate a geophysical event or terrorist activity.


  1. what is your take on Crude?
    $38 still possible? or we going back into the high $20s? and long term sub $20?

  2. Difficult with the geopolitical events. I thought we were going a little lower starting today or next week but I'm not buying until things become clearer.

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  4. So your January 29 date on oil was accurate. Do you think it will continue for months on such a configuration?
    I plan on subscribing soon.