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Financial Astrology - January 25, 2016

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For the SP500, cycle-wise Jan 20th may have been the Primary cycle trough.  1 cycle that started on Aug 24th. It certainly was due but we should wait for confirmation, particularly the next two weeks where we have many CIT's (Change In Trend) signals. Jan 20th, therefore may be the trough and we would be starting week 1 of a new Primary and as I said we need confirmation that only time will give. This cycle is aka, the nominal 18 week with a range of 15 to 21 weeks.

So we have a number of potential CIT's and Astrological events over the next two weeks that we will identify in this post. We also have longer term market cycles and Astro events forming which could drag the world markets lower. If longer term cycles lows are forming the normal length of the nominal 18 week cycle can be distorted.
"We're not in Kansas anymore Toto."

With all the confusion occurring now and around the next two weeks this post will concentrate on that time frame.

One thing I can say about the daily SP500 chart is the Primary cycles have been right translated, meaning the high has come closer to the end of the cycle. This Primary, the high is almost in the middle. Left translated cycles are bearish. We may be looking at a transition.

VIDEO - quick Summary of recent Astro events

From last weeks blog post:
"Do we get tricked on Mercury's first translation of the Uranus / Pluto square on Jan 20 and Jan 22 and then get the real message over the weekend of Jan 30, 31st."

Mercury retrograde is called the trickster, that is, things don't go as planned, information doesn't get through or is miscommunicated when it is retrograde (going backwards). In fact retrograde planets do not go backwards, they just appear to do so at certain times. The whole process is an illusion.

Do we get tricked on Mercury's first translation of the Uranus / Pluto square on Jan 20 and Jan 22 when Mercury was retrograde and then get the real message over the weekend of Jan 30, 31st when Mercury translates the Uranus / Pluto square again but this time when it is moving forward. Watch the first week in February very closely.

Fibonacci Time Cycles
These Fib time cycles often point to a CIT (Change In Trend) in the markets.

Jan 25 - 55 td's (trading days) the previous 2, 55td's were Nov 3, 2015,a high and Aug 17, 2015, a high. Both previous dates were near the start of big moves down.

Jan 26 - 234 cd's (calendar days) from the October 15, 2014 low
               correction, this should be 234 * 2
Jan 28 - 360 cd's from the Feb 2, 2015 low

We should also mention the next FED meeting is this week, Jan 26th and 27th. There is also an important Employment Situation report on February 5th.

I will also mention here Jan 28 and Feb 4th are both short term market moves in the SP500, possible big range days.

For anyone not familiar with Fibonacci dates Google the Net and you will find too much information. For our purposes here it is a number set where each number is the sum of the previous 2 numbers. For example

3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 , 55, 89, 144, 234

If I divide 144 / 89 = 1.618 the golden mean. You will find these and related numbers used in retracement grids on most market charts.

To summarize the key dates over the next 2 weeks. The Fibonacci dates are above.

Jan 25 - Mercury turns direct (forward) and the above 55 td Fib cycle.

Jan 29 - Jupiter conjunct North Node
           - heliocentric - the 36 year Saturn waning square to Neptune

Jan 30 - Mercury conjunct Pluto, start of the Uranus / Pluto translation again

Jan 31 - Mercury square Uranus

Feb 1 - watch for volatility early in the first week of Feb with a possible retest of the Jan 20th low.

Feb 4 - Mercury parallel Saturn which may highlight the very powerful Saturn / Pluto parallel which will be exact on Feb 9 but will be in effect for weeks around that date. This could be a very important date.

Feb 5 - Venus, which amongst other things represents money, will conjunct Pluto.

Feb 6 - Venus will square Uranus completing it's translation of the Uranus / Pluto square.

To summarize the above:

Volatility should increase and I'm looking for a retest of the Jan 20th low near Jan 29th but more probably into the first week in February. Feb 4th? If not a retest at least a move down. If we do get the move down in the first week in Feb then looking for a bounce into mid-February. Another very viable option is a retest of Jan 20th early in the week (Jan 25, 26). If the latter occurs I will need to re-think the potential action into February.

Obviously listen to the FED comments on Jan 27th and pay attention to the Employment situation report on Feb 5th. Jaw boning can move the markets as can fictitious moves in the price of crude.

With the sharp market moves down we should consider one or more of the longer term cycles are coming down to enter their trough. Note the longer term charts we have shown for many months, specifically the Kitchin cycle (40 months) and the 6.5- 7 year cycle. The longer term cycles typically pull everything down with them. This can be a process that takes many months when only looking at the longer term cycle charts.

We use the Astrological aspects to determine a more exact time. Longer term geocentric Astrological cycles include:

Uranus waning square Pluto
            - passed the exact but still in orb (1 degree)
            Remember what this square is about.
            "This aspect has a historical association between anarchic uprisings and problems   with debt                and Banks. The debt issue will have major negative consequences for all financial markets.

            Other events associated with this square are protest movements, social unrest and perhaps mob violence. Tax revolts fit in as well. The square is about tearing down the old structures (governments, financial institutions) and building anew. Although Uranus is about sudden change and surprises, Pluto is about long term changes that will not be undone. It is ruthless in it’s force to change the status quo. We are only 1 degree away from the exact Uranus and Pluto square."

Jupiter waning square Saturn
            - in the middle of a 3 pass, 2 exact hits to come this year
            "The business cycle and direct effect on European history. Major changes will be   occurring in Europe as result of the refuge migration. There is a major sign   change coming up when Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in 2020. More on this 240 year conjunction in a future post."
Saturn square Neptune
            -in the middle of a 3 pass, 2 exact hits to come this year
            "This aspect is often present near times when there is a change in trend for interest             rates or inflation. It can also be a period of epidemics, pandemics suffering, depression and money valuation problems. This could be a change in the world's reserve currency or issues around it. A large increase in precious metals is also possible as it is a money valuation issue. This 36 year aspect has been associated with political changes, reforms and development of socialism. One              wonders in regards to epidemics and sickness, would this be natural illnesses or man-made."

As we move into the April / May time frame Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune will form a
T-square with Saturn at the apex in Sagittarius. I'm looking to this time frame to be a longer term cycle low. This signature can also indicate scandals of some sort.

The spring time frame looks like a time to protect capital. I would say we should start now.

On the following chart, the red squares are Jupiter square Saturn. An ideal spot for a significant low would be between the last 2 red squares at March 23rd to May 26th. Note the green squares also. These are the Saturn / Neptune exact squares and the middle square is very close to the last Jupiter / Saturn square.

There are a number of potent aspects in April leading into the above dates.

In addition to the markets the Astrological aspects near Jan 29th could also manifest as violent weather, geophysical events (earthquakes / volcanoes) or terrorist events.

For 2016 we have Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the North Node in mutable signs. In addition both Solar eclipses are in mutable signs. Mutable signs are about flexibility and the ability or need to change.

Saturn is in Sagittarius which rules the law, religion, philosophy and science. With the square to Neptune is a good signal for a religious message that gets perverted. It's a time period where things seen depressing.

Two charts we have not shown for a while. The first is a daily chart of the SP500. The horizontal blue lines are the average longitude of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This average is converted to price and displayed on this chart. Notice how well it has acted as support and resistance. The vertical black lines are the 55 td Fib cycle. Notice the last two highs. It hits Monday Jan 25th and is often a CIT.

The other chart we haven't shown for a while is this Fan which started on March 6, 2009 at the low. The dark blue line has acted as support most of the way up. It is the 50% line or 45 degrees. The red line we have just touched is 61.8%. It hasn't been touched since Oct. 2011.

Other longer term cycles that may be close to seeing their lows in the next couple of months are the 6.5 - 7 year cycle and the Kitchin cycle (40 months). I'm looking at the period from mid-December 2015 through the spring of 2016 as a potential time period for these cycles. They are long term cycles and need a broad orb.

The Kitchin cycle on the SP500 chart. This is a monthly chart. cycles may appear closer than when they actually due.

Other long term cycle due, including the 6.5 - 7 year.

Longer term cycles on a monthly chart of the DJIA. These need a wide orb.

The following weekly chart shows the 21 and 34 weekly moving averages and the fact price broke through both averages Also the 21 and 34 week moving averages are pointing down.

The question is, do we have a significant low in front of us. At this point I think yes and we may have just seen it although it could be late Jan / early Feb, 2016 and then potentially deeper in the spring time frame in 2016.

Gold put in a  Primary cycle   1 trough on July 24th and it appears we had another Primary cycle trough on Dec 3rd. 2015.

This puts us entering the 8th week of the Primary cycle and entering the 2nd week of the 2nd nominal 6 week cycle during this coming week. The nominal 6 week cycle has a range of 5 to 7 weeks.

Jan 8th appears to be a 6 week cycle crest from which we typically pullback into a nominal 6 week cycle low which appears to be Jan 14th. There are 3, 6 week cycles in the nominal 18 week cycle.

Gold needs to start advancing here and get above the Jan 8th high or we may be seeing a left translated, bearish cycle. Any news from Central Banks on QE anything would be positive for Gold.

Watch the fib retracements on the following chart for both support and resistance areas.

I'm expecting a bigger move in Gold later in the year, possibly at the end of the next primary cycle which may also be a 17 month cycle low. The move should be up. Again, subscribers have the potential dates.

On the following daily chart we see Gold had a low on Jan 15th (27cd cycle) then moved up into Jan 20th where it hit the Jupiter price line and fell back.

This coming week of January 25th, 2016 we should be entering the 22nd week or
1st week of a nominal 18 week cycle which started January 20th.

Watch the Fib retracements for a potential reversal or a retest like that mentioned above for the SP500.

Many commodities and financials should be affected by the Saturn / Neptune waning square this year. This is a 3 pass with the last 2 occurring mid-Year and then September 2016. This is a 36 year cycle so looking back 36 years we had severe problems with the lack of crude and interest rates went over 20%. Gas stations lineups are remembered by all. Things are never the same, but often close. Instead of shortages in crude we have oversupply. Instead of 20% mortgages we have interest rates at record lows threatening to go negative. Are we at the bottom in crude? We should be close.

Looking at the crude chart we see a Primary cycle low on Aug 24 and then a crest on
Oct 9th. This is an example of a left translated cycle with the crest forming closer to the beginning trough. Left translated cycles are bearish, they simply spend more time going down than moving up.

Looking at heliocentric aspects there is  a very interesting date on January 29th, 2016 +- a few. See notes above.

Other items, more specifics on the SP500, Gold and crude also US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers. At $99.00 for a 6 month subscription, can you afford not to have it?

The 1st half 2016 dates and subscription to the monthly letter (starting in Jan) are available for purchase.


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