Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Example ALERT

Following is an example ALERT sent to subscribers on the holiday, Feb. 15th, 2016

ALERT  Feb 15, 2016

As discussed in the blog heliocentric Mercury often coincides with sharp moves in precious metals. I'm looking for a sharp move down.

If Gold goes down this coming week it would be good timing for the crest of the second nominal 6 week cycle of the nominal 18 week cycle. We are 11 weeks along in the nominal 18 week cycle.

I was looking for Feb 15 to be a significant day and was leaning to it being a high for the 45 cd cycle. As discussed many times all dates are +- 2 td's at a minimum. It is quite possible this cycle inverted and Feb 11th may have been the low for the 45 cd cycle.

If this is the case we may see a strong move up this coming week in the main U.S. markets. We should know in the first hour of trading on Feb 16th. If there is a strong move starting on Feb 16th I would look to Feb 19, 22 to be the end of the move and probably down from there.

In bear markets we often get short, rip your face off rallies. These are shorting opportunities.

I would also expect crude to rise for nebulous reasons.

Good luck and good trading,


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