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Financial Astrology - May 16, 2016

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From last weeks blog post which was very close.
"I think the cycle timing with Jupiter turning Direct and an Inferior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury points to a move down."

And from this months subscriber report.
"May 11 through the 15th also have some interesting latitude conjunctions. May 11 Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and May 15th Venus, Mars and Neptune.
Together they may be identifying a more exact timeframe for a move in the markets."

For the SP500, cycle-wise Feb 11 was the Primary cycle trough.  1 that started on Aug 24th. Feb 11th was a slightly lower low than Jan 20th low. Jan 20th was the low for a number of other indices. Feb 11th starts a new nominal 18 week cycle in the SP500 and we are entering the 14th week. We most often see a nominal 6 week cycle to start a new nominal 18 week cycle and this time was no exception. The crest is MT and the trough is MB on the following daily chart. The nominal 6 week cycles has a range of 5 to 7. This may be the top to the current nominal 18 week cycle as well.

Notice that price is below the 15 day sma and 45 day sma's. We may have seen the top for this Primary cycle on April 20 in the SP500. April 20th on the SP500 may have been the Head of a head and shoulders formation. It appears we are going to slide down the right shoulder. A number of breadth indicators are curling over to the downside as well.

Price went through a trend line (light blue) which started on Sept 29, 2015. If price fails to get above this trend line early next week we could see a fall. The bounce I mentioned is over and we should be moving down further next week. I'm short and nervous (the usual state of affairs).

This has to be watched closely. I'm expecting the current move to be further down, possibly late next week or the week of May 23rd.  May 22 has Mercury turning Direct and May 23 is Fibonacci 377 weeks from the March 6, 2009 low.

May has a number of critical dates which could indicate turn dates and / or violent or events.  Later in May we have the first of two important aspects. The second is in June. Subscribers will have those dates.

We are in the middle of a Mercury retrograde period which often leads to inaccuracies, communication problems, human and electrical. It is known as the trickster. We also have the ongoing Jupiter / Neptune opposition. As noted before this is a longer term transit often associated with lies, deceit and delusion.

I suspect a major period or falsehoods and potentially some found out over the next month. May 15th for example, has the Moon conjunct Jupiter and both oppose Neptune. Coincidently on May 15th Venus is on the heliocentric nodes of Mars.

The following chart shows some history. The S and the I are the superior and inferior conjunctions. Note the inferior conjunction is often at sharp turns, often near bottoms.

Mercury will turn direct again on May 22nd.

We still have 2 slow moving parallels which were exact again on April 24 for the Jupiter parallel Uranus and Saturn parallel Pluto on April 28th. Parallels are aspect of declination. Parallel aspects between the slow moving planets can be in orb for many weeks / months and they therefore can effect long periods of time.

Declination is the measurement of planets north or south of the celestial equator which is the Earth's equator extended out into space. Look at declinations as a vertical measurement. It is the angle a planets make to the celestial equator. Look at the normal aspects in longitude (ex. 23degrees, 34minutes in Taurus)  as a horizontal measurement.

When 2 planets are at the same declination point they are said to be in parallel. If the two planets are at the same declination point but one is North and one is South of the celestial equator, they are said to be contra parallel.

Jupiter parallel Uranus may see exaggeration, big sudden surprises and / or sudden reversals of statements or policies. We also have the ongoing Jupiter / Neptune opposition. As noted before this is a longer term transit often associated with lies, deceit and delusion.

And from two weeks ago on Market Watch on May 2, Steve Goldstein
“Key U.S. economic information may have been leaked ahead of its release, judging from the price moves in key equity and bond futures contracts, according to a study released Monday. The European Central Bank published a working paper arguing that seven out of 21 market moving announcements show evidence of “substantial informed trading” before the official release time. The authors looked at price movements 30 minutes before that data’s release and studied the movements in futures on the S&P 500 index and 10-year Treasury note. They did this on 21 indicators from January 2008 to March 2014…”

This type of behavior is exactly what we would expect from Jupiter opposing Neptune and emphasized when we have a T-square with Saturn, which we have right now.
The other major long term aspect, Saturn waning square to Neptune (part of the T-square) carries on for a number of months with the last exact hit on Sept 10th but it will be in effect months afterwards.

What other lies and deceit are being perpetrated? With Neptune active by transit it may take some time for the truth to appear. As someone said, "There's is never only one cockroach."

The new nominal 18 week cycle which started on Feb 11 is therefore forecast to end as a trough approx. 18 weeks hence. That puts us in the week of June 13 with a range from  May 30 to July 4th. If you look at that week we have the Saturn / Neptune square exact that week with Neptune turning retrograde on June 13th. These are the two main reasons why I'm looking at mid to late June as a significant low. There are other reasons which will be included in the subscribers report.

It could also be a time that epidemics break out or lingering disease around that time. This could also involve water bourn diseases.

Other cycles coming up are May 23 when we have Fibonacci 377 weeks from the
March 6, 2009 low.

With the longer term market cycles we use the Astrological aspects and Astrological events to determine a more exact time. Note: I have taken off the brief description of the Uranus / Pluto waning square. Longer term geocentric Astrological cycles that are coming up include:

On the following weekly chart of the DJIA, the red squares are Jupiter square Saturn and the green squares are Saturn square Neptune.

The next Jupiter / Saturn square is May 26. The next Saturn / Neptune square is
June 17. We should have a low near this timeframe.

Jupiter waning square Saturn
- in the middle of a 3 pass, 2 exact hits to come this year
"The business cycle and direct effect on European history. Major changes will be occurring in Europe as result of the refuge migration. There is a major sign change coming up when Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in 2020. More on this 240 year conjunction in a future post."
Saturn square Neptune
-in the middle of a 3 pass, 2 exact hits to come this year
Saturn is about social order, structure and regulations. Neptune can be politically unrealistic and a desire to avoid confrontation. It can be devious, underhanded and use subversive tactics.
"This aspect is often present near times when there is a change in trend for interest rates or inflation. It can also be a period of epidemics, pandemics suffering, depression and money valuation problems. This could be a change in the world's reserve currency or issues around it. A large increase in precious metals is also possible as it is a money valuation issue. This 36 year aspect has been associated with political changes, reforms and development of socialism. One wonders in regards to epidemics and sickness, would this be natural illnesses or man-made." If you feel depressed or not at ease this aspect may be the cause. One of these planets may be hitting a planet in your horoscope.

The next 2 charts are daily charts of the SP500, and the Russell 2000. The horizontal blue lines are the average longitude of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto on both charts This average is converted to price and displayed on the charts. Notice how well they have acted as support and resistance.

The next chart is the Russell 2000. This index is subject to far less manipulation than the SP500. Notice how well it respects the Astrological average price lines. It's too bad we have to bring up manipulation but the reality is, it happens. Here, the blue lines again are the average longitude of the planets Jupiter through Pluto converted to price. The Russell has fallen back to under the 1132 average longitude.

Other longer term cycles that we have been following may have found their trough on Jan 20 or Feb 11. This would include the 4 year and 6.5 year cycles. To confirm these cycles I'm waiting for the cycle low I'm expecting in June 2016. If Jan 20 and Feb 11 are the lows this would help explain the sharp move up starting in February along with certain phone calls mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Assuming the 2009 low was an 18 year cycle low, we may be looking at a 9 year cycle low late 2017 - 2018.

Neither Jan 20 nor Feb 11 were very deep lows. They were either shallow or a deeper low is in front of us.

I was asked for my long term view and here it is. I'm looking for the world wide economy to be basically flat to down until 2020. This coincides with a long term Astrological phenomenon known as Tigonalis which involves the Jupiter / Saturn conjunctions. Every 240 years the conjunction of these planets changes elements. In 2020 the Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction will occur in Aquarius, a fixed, air sign. I expect dramatic technological developments leading into this time which should be, like the internet, life-changing developments.

I will look at a number of harmonics over the next few weeks. This week will be the 24th harmonic.
"Harmonic astrology as proposed by John Addey, is that the angular distance between planetary positions, or the projected position of planets onto the ecliptic plane, produces in some as yet undiscovered way a wave form. Each planet acts as the node or crest of a wave function and there is an effect on life on our planet from these undiscovered waves."
-- John Addey

The brown squares are the geocentric 24th harmonic for the Sun / Saturn. Note the history on the following chart. The next date is May 19th then June 3rd.

I use the harmonics to help the timing of other events.

I'm now looking at March 28th as the start of a new nominal 18 week cycle   1 trough.

This puts us entering either the 8th week of a new Primary cycle. I was looking  for a pullback, so far pretty weak. We are still in a time period with confusing Astros.

Following is a daily chart for Gold. The orange vertical lines are a 14 cd (calendar day) cycle which has been at highs and lows. The next date is May 19th. There is also a 55 td cycle on the chart which hit again on May 12th. Also this week heliocentric Mercury enters Sagittarius. Gold often has big moves when heliocentric Mercury is in Sagittarius, both up and down, with a emphasis on up.

The date I'm most interested in for Gold is when geocentric Mars re-enters Scorpio on May 27th. Mars was in Scorpio for most of the Gold rise from late 2015. Bear in mind it is now moving backwards since it is in it's retrograde period.

Price is just below the 15 sma and above the 45 sma.  Gold needs to break out of this sideways consolidation pattern. As mentioned , with heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius we may see a Gold move this week.

On the following daily Gold charts there are the Venus (green), Jupiter (blue) and Uranus (purple) price lines. These are the longitude of the planet converted to price. Note the Gold price has been following the Venus price line up again last week. We need to see a convincing move either below the Venus (green) price line or above the Jupiter (blue) price line. Note Gold has stopped at the Uranus price lines a couple of times.

The longer Gold hangs around this area the greater the chance of a move down. The US$ index has been moving up the last two weeks, which does not help a rise in Gold.

Following is a daily chart of Gold with Mercury retrogrades and superior / inferior conjunctions. These are the same as the chart for the SP500. Gold has made moves, up and down after both the superior and inferior conjunctions. We just had an inferior conjunction on May 9th. This with heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius has me looking for a move up, and wary about a move in the opposite direction.

Feb 11 had another lower low and is now marked a Primary cycle trough which has us starting the 14th week of the nominal 18 week cycle.

Crude has made a strong move up from the Feb 11 lows although increased consumption and decreased production did not play a role. Remember the Jupiter opposition to Neptune transit. It's about lies, deceit and delusion. This seems to fit crude at the moment. This weekend the Moon will conjunct Jupiter while it's opposing Neptune. This could cause a move in crude. Jupiter and Neptune are co-rulers of crude.

I suspect we are approaching the crest for this crude cycle.
We have 1 more exact hit of the Jupiter / Pluto trine, that is June 26th. The previous dates were Oct 9, 2015 and March 16, 2015

I've also put the planetary average longitude of the planets Jupiter through Pluto converted to price on the following chart. You can see they are good support / resistance areas.

The next daily chart of crude has the Jupiter (blue) and Neptune (grey) Price Lines. These are the two planets that rule crude.

Crude moved up to the next level Jupiter / Neptune price lines which are now acting as resistance in the 47.80 - 48.00 price range.

Watch Monday, we could get a move down.


  1. My calculation says 377 weeks from 3/6/2009 is 5/27/16.

  2. I'm counting by weeks, so I'm showing the week starting date and it should be +- 1 week or so as a minimum. Look at some previous Fib cycle hits at 233 and 144 weeks.

  3. Kind of hard to imagine a low mid to late June when the Fed has ramped the SPX 70 points in one week alone. ALl the tech analysis in the world means nothing when the Fed is in 5th gear.