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Financial Astrology - October 10, 2016

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For the SP500, cycle-wise June 27 was the last Primary cycle trough1 that puts us entering the 15th week. I was looking for a possible 50 week low to coincide with that June 27th Primary trough. The sharp move up after the June 27th Primary low seems to confirm this was the 50 week trough as well.

The next estimated Primary cycle ( aka nominal 18 week cycle)  low is estimated to be  October 24 +- 3 weeks with a range of October 3rd to November 14th. As we get closer I use the upcoming Astros to try and get a more exact reading on when the Primary cycle trough will occur. There are 2 areas where the Astrological aspects have a history of Primary cycle turns, in this case a trough. These are included in the October Subscribers report.

With the USA elections, this Primary cycle may extend to be close to the election date, November 8th, disregarding what the FED says.

One area of note. Saturn will be at 14 degrees, 41 minutes in Sagittarius on November 3rd. This is conjunct the Fixed Star Sarin. Fixed Stars are treated as if they stand still. They do move but very slowly. Saturn moves slowly as well. It takes approx. 29 years for one trip around the Sun. The last time Saturn was in this position was September 5, 1987. A few days before the market crash of '87.

Looking back another 29 years it was Nov 20, 1957 and there was a small dip in the markets. The same thing happened on October 8, 1928. So, no guarantee but the days around Nov. 3rd through the election period are worth watching. When looking at these old dates we must understand that the planet in question has moved but so have all other planets and points.

One of the items in the September Subscribers Report was that we were about to enter a period of change. This will be slow at first and change into October and beyond. Friday, September 9th was the start with Jupiter entering Libra. Jupiter is about the judicial and religious worlds. It is about the justice system, prominent judges and barristers and the nation's wealth and bankers. The sign of Libra is about justice , it's sign looks like the scales of justice. Libra will bring more use of intuition and intelligence and also justice. Problems come in when firm decisions must be made. Libra is indecisive. We should also watch for the negative effects of Jupiter which are over-doing things, a laissez-faire attitude, failure to honour commitments particularly at the legal and financial level.

I think we'll be coming back to the "nation's wealth" issue.

Mars enters Capricorn on Sept 27th where it is exalted. One more piece of a move from mutable signs to Cardinal signs. Here Mars, male energy, is the initiator of action in the worldly environment and is kept in check by Saturn the ruler of Capricorn.

I'm still looking for some secret to be exposed or deceit. Maybe it's Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. Maybe something else.

There are a number of other Astrological transits and events like a perigee Full Moon, aka Supermoon this month.

Looking at heliocentric planets (Sun centered) the Earth is in hard aspect to Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. This is unusual over one week and could be pointing to a period of increased geophysical disturbances, including earthquakes and volcano's.

Saturn is often associated with violent weather and it is transiting over the Ascendant of the USA formation chart. I should have mentioned this last week.

Following is the daily chart of the SP500. I've left off any video's as I have a strong Canadian cold . and I am quite hoarse.

The blue line is the heliocentric Bradley indicator. This is not straight forward to read and the details with video are in section 9 of the subscribers report. I think we are going down next week.

Note the next V shaped bottom of that indicator is right on October 24th, 2016. It has no polarity by itself. This suggests there will be a move but not the direction of the move.

Following is a chart of the planetary average longitude. The horizontal blue lines are based on the average longitude of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which are converted to price. The levels this calculates typically are excellent points to place sell or buy stops. I often use them with Fibonacci retracement levels as well. Price has been bouncing around between 2151 and 2166.

To depart from our normal analysis I am going to look at a chart is the USA. This is for Astrologers in the group but should be of interest to all readers.

I'm using a chart for the USA called Sagittarius Rising aka the Sibly chart. If you know the symbols Sagittarius is the red arrow on the left side of the chart. Saturn, the planet right above is about to cross over the Ascendant.

This chart has an inside wheel and an outside wheel. The inside wheel shows where the planets were when the USA came into being in 1776. The outer wheel is where the planets are now. Note the date of Oct 16, 2016.

This weekend Saturn will square the True North Node. This is still in orb on Oct 16. Saturn, restriction and discipline is in the sign of the law, religion and banks. Watch for these themes. This could represent a change in direction for the country as a whole or one of it's leaders. This could also stand for a change in international commerce, messaging (email?), the law and lawyers. Possible a change in opinion of a large group of people.

I'm going to add another wheel. This is the Solar Directed Arc and is put in the middle wheel and the transits in the outer wheel.

Note we still have the Saturn square True North Node but we now have the planet Saturn in Sagittarius opposing the position of Saturn in the Solar Directed Arc wheel. Here Saturn is in Gemini. Both are changeable Mutable signs, often found near sharp moves in the market.

Saturn in the Solar directed chart is in the 7th house. This has to do with open enemies, foreign nations and their attitude toward war and international disputes.

Watch the dates from October 8 through October 17th very closely. I've already mentioned we may see a pickup in geophysical activity and there is also a Perigee Full Moon on October 16th which emphasizes that along with violent weather.

This may be important for the USA or could affect a person or persons in power. Other transits over the next couple of weeks point to a volatile period in the markets.

This is also very close to the Saturn on the Fixed Star Sarin above.

In mundane astrology the star names can also be significant. On March 20, 1995 there was a sarin attack on the Tokyo subway, killing at least a dozen people, severely injuring fifty and causing temporary vision problems for nearly a thousand others. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct this fixed star Sarin. Note I am not forecasting the same event.

I was looking at May 31 as the start of a new nominal 18 week cycle   1 trough.

Gold appears headed down into it's Primary trough. We have hit a couple of the dates identified in the subscribers report with more to come. A review of the daily chart shows the 15 and 45 day sma are pointed down with the 15 below the 45 and price below both. With the weakness elsewhere the US$ has increased but is over extended and should pullback soon.. Nevertheless the Gold Primary cycle is due for a trough.

The US elections could start interfering with the normal length of cycles if they get close to the end of October without hitting it's trough.

When we get in situations like this, Gold due for a trough but weakening if the US$ continues up I don't buy Gold or gold stocks, I put in resting buy orders at critical levels. They are triggered when price reaches that level. There are other strategies that could be employed using options.

The following daily chart for Gold has the 30 td (trading days) shown as the red vertical lines. It has been close to both highs and lows. This looks close to a reversal up.

The next chart is a longer term monthly chart showing the 7.4 year cycle in Gold. They are the red vertical lines. Note that the 7.4 year cycle put in a low in late 2015. We are now in a pull back but we are very early in the 7.4 year cycle which should be bullish in the long term.

Feb 11 was the start of the previous Primary cycle. The crude cycle trough hit again on August 3rd where we have another Primary Cycle trough (PB).

We have had a Major cycle (aka 6 week cycle) crest (MT) and a Major cycle trough (MB) and are going up into the second Major cycle of the Primary cycle.

I'm watching all aspects to Jupiter or Neptune, the two rulers of crude. The price of crude is subject to the vagaries of the OPEC group and the actions of it's individual members. We had been looking for a retest of the August lows but now headed up. Many markets will be influenced by the US leading into the November 8th election. The month of October's Astrological aspects should see increasing geo-political stress.

This is an unusual situation when crude price is increasing while Gold is falling and the US$ makes gains. This will not go on for a long time.

The following weekly chart of crude has a 16 week (red) and 24 week (blue) cycles. Where they land together red + blue = green.

The green cycle has been at both highs and lows in crude and sometimes very sharp moves. Watch this the week of October 10th particularly Oct 10 and Oct 17th.

I'm looking for Gold to go up and for crude to fall back on a sharp move.

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