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Financial Astrology - January 15, 2018

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The last Primary cycle low was August 21st, the day of the Total Solar Eclipse. The standard for the Primary cycle is 18 weeks. We are now starting the 20th week of the SP500 Primary cycle which has a range from 15 to 23 weeks. This has been an unusual time with the general market indices seemingly unstoppable.

Some of the cycles that are coming due are:
-       The Primary Cycle (nominal 18 week)
-       9 month cycle
-       5 week.
These are all coming due. See the charts below

The Primary Cycles

The above daily chart of the SP500 shows the Bradley indicator (thick red line). It indicates a possible change in trend near Jan 17 or Jan 30. Both +- 2 td’s.

The 9/18 month cycle

The above chart shows the 9 month or 39 week cycle (blue vertical lines). It is due.

The 5/ week

The vertical blue lines are the 5 week cycle. Note the red square at the end of price. That is the Venus / Uranus waning square.
Following up from last week we now have 5 planets in Capricorn, an Earth sign. Saturn is in Capricorn, the sign that it rules. Move carefully and with caution. Saturn is conservative in politics, practical and can exhibit limitation. This is a time to invest in new projects. The farmer and the miner are under Saturn’s influence and therefore farms and mines are under it’s rulership. Saturn is a business planet which should be emphasized when Saturn joins Jupiter in a mutation conjunction in December 2020. Much more on this later. This puts both Saturn and Pluto, the gangsters of the zodiac in Capricorn. Look for debt problems.
This coming year could see an increase in geophysical activity, both earthquakes and volcanos.

In May Uranus will enter Taurus. Look for financial or banking system problems or changes. Taurus will go retrograde and then move backward into Aries before Uranus enters Taurus for good. This may also be a problem in currencies.

Whether it is central bank money, corporate buy-backs or money from some other source we need to know the time periods where a correction is more probable. We look at Cycles and Astro events that have a history of being 65% - 72 % correct. We will continue with this approach.

We should stay aware the trends in the major US indices remain up and that is the way they should be played although the following cycles indicate a change in trend is coming.

The 3rd week in January 2018 has:

Jan 13             Venus waning square Uranus

Jan 14             Sun waning square Uranus
                        This and the Venus waning square may be good signals for a Change In Trend.

Jan 17             Venus enters Aquarius
                        Sun semi-square Neptune

Jan 19             Sun enters Aquarius

Jan 13 and Jan 14 have Venus waning square Uranus and the Sun waning square Uranus. Uranus is emphasized with it’s typical disruption and environment of change. Give these dates +- 2 td’s. This should be a volatile period (Jan 13, 14) and maybe until the end of the month and into Feb 15.

Generally speaking the first couple of months of 2018 should be volatile. There are 2 Super Moons and 2 Eclipses.

Both eclipses are strong but the strongest should be the February 15 Solar Eclipse. This is almost opposite the August 21st eclipse last year. Both are in late Fixed signs. Remember all the violent weather we had after last years eclipse (Aug 21) and the continuing aggression. More on this as we get closer.

In addition, Feb 8 has Pluto conjunct the heliocentric nodes of Pluto. This happens so slowly it needs a broad range of dates.

The above combination, with Saturn, could be defining problems / restrictions for the general population, particularly the mature population and with the Sun could affect the President or other leaders. This combination could affect a number of years in the future as Saturn is in a sign for approx.. 2 ½ years. Other conditions this may highlight are State funerals, public sorrow and disappointment in general. State assets could be affected as well as industries connected to metals and mining.

The following monthly chart of the DJIA shows when Saturn has been in Capricorn (red x’s). Notice they have all had significant drops. This chart also has the 15 year cycle which will be coming due in 2018. 15 Years is 180 months.

There could be some type of surprise coming in 2018 from the government or exposing something from the past. There could also be a major breakdown in world affairs or leaders.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the Jupiter price line (blue) and the Sun/Earth price line (green). Both of these price lines have a history of providing support and resistance.
When the two lines cross we often see a big range day or reversal. Price is now approaching the next blue Jupiter price line near the top of the chart. Watch to see if this provides resistance. Jan 22 is the next date the Earth Price line crosses the Jupiter price line,

I continue to watch the 24th harmonic cycle (360 / 24) cycles for short term turns. The brown squares are Sun / Saturn 24 degrees on the following daily chart. The blue vertical lines are 24 cd’s (calendar days).

The next hit is Feb 9, 2018 and March 29, 2018.  I have added 3 price lines to this chart.
-       Saturn – black
-       Uranus – purple
-       Neptune - light blue

These price lines can act as support / resistance. It has been at highs and lows. Note also when they cross often gets a reaction in price on a short-term basis. Also note, near the top of the chart is a light blue line. This is the Neptune Price Line. Note how it has been strong resistance to price but has broken through. It should act as strong support when the market turns down.


Gold appears to have started a new Primary cycle on December 12. It’s possible we get another pullback but overall, we should be headed up. We are 4 weeks along a Primary cycle that started Dec 12th.

Dec 12 was close to the Mars entering Scorpio mentioned 4 weeks ago.

The 15 day sma has moved above the 45 day sma and both are curling up. Price is now above both. This is the picture we want to see at a Primary cycle low which is going up.

Note on the Gold chart below, the red horizontal lines are the retracement from the move up from December 2015 to Aug 4, 2016. Gold stopped at the 23.6% retracement but has now broken through.

Most chart we include are based on geocentric or Earth centered charts. We can also look at the Zodiac using heliocentric or Sun centered astrology. We often see a move in Gold when heliocentric Mercury enters heliocentric Sagittarius. It does so on January 19th and will be there until January 30. This can be a time of volatility and change for precious metals.

This will be interesting to see if a Gold rise is affected by BitCoin and other crypto currencies.

The following chart shows seasonal tendencies for Gold. The 2nd half of the year, on average, is up.

The longer term.7.4 Year cycle is shown in the following weekly chart. Note we are still early in the latest 7.4 year cycle.

The following chart shows a 27 cd (calendar day) cycle (blue vertical lines). The next being January 18th.

The red lines headed up are the Mars price lines. It is approaching  one of the main Mars Price lines (darker red) and broken through. Price has made it up to the Mars price line where we often get resistance.

Watch for resistance around the Mars price line. Looking at this whole chart it is based on a 24 harmonic. If you count each line from one darker red line to the next you will find there are 15 of them. 15 * 24 degrees = 360 degrees.Note price went down to Dec 12 where it bounced off a Mars Price Line.

The following daily chart of Gold shows the days Mars is entering a new sign (red squares). Look at this using +- 3 td’s (trading days). The date was December 8th. These can be at highs or lows. This last one was Mars entering Scorpio the sign that it rules.  Note on the chart, Mars changing signs, to any sign, often has a change in trend in Gold price. The blue circles highlight when Mars enters Scorpio. Mars changes signs again on January 26th.


We were looking at October 6th as being the trough of the last Primary cycle.  The move out of that date was the start of a Primary cycle. We are entering either the 13th week of the Primary that started on October 6th

The horizontal blue lines are the average longitude of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (blue). Note how price stopped on August 1 and August 31, right on the average longitude. See it again on Sept 14.
The horizontal red lines are the Fibonacci retracement from Nov 14, 2016 to Feb 21, 2017.

December 2nd was the Jupiter waning trine Neptune. Watch for a change in trend in crude.

Watch the red Fibonacci retracement lines and the blue planetary averages.

The next plant average is 64.53 currently just above price.

Also watch the 15 and 45 day sma, both are curling up. 

On the following daily chart of crude note the green lines sloping up. This is the price line for the Sun/Earth. The blue lines moving horizontal is the Pluto price line (blue). The Pluto price line acted as support on Nov.15th and now at the next level up is acting as resistance.

Note how price often follows the Sun price line up and often stops and reverses at the Pluto price line. We often get big range days when the two lines cross, like October 27th.and Nov 22. The next day they cross is February 2nd.

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