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Financial Astrology - April 16, 2018

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The last Primary cycle low was February 9th. The standard for the Primary cycle is 18 weeks. This was late at the 23th week but this may be distorted as there are other longer-term cycles due. This may have been the 9-month cycle trough as well. Longer term cycles often push the Primary cycle further out or shorter than the norm.

This puts us entering the 10th weeks in a new Primary cycle. We may have seen the nominal 6th week trough on April 2nd remembering we could get a 9 – 9 ½ week cycle instead. The 6 and  9 ½ are sub cycles of the Primary cycle. The move down on April 2nd could be the nominal 6 week cycle trough. If so, this Primary cycle may be unfolding as a 3 pass.

The current 4 year cycle for the SP500 started on Feb 11, 2016. We should be looking for a 15.5 month cycle low. There are typically 3 - 15.5 month cycles in the 4 year cycles.

The 4 year may have 3 -15.5 month cycles and / or 2 - 23 month cycles (a half cycle).

For the SP500
The following weekly chart of the SP500 shows the 4 year cycle (blue) and the ½ cycle of 23 months (red).

For the DJIA

The following weekly chart of the DJIA shows the 4 year cycle (blue) and the 15.5 month (red). There are approx. 3 - 15.5 month in the Primary cycle.

The Primary cycle that started on Feb 9th may form an ending trough near the week of
May or June.

I’m looking for a low in May or mid-June, probably May.

The last couple of blog post had the Mercury retrograde dates and possible turns.

Those dates were:
Mercury Retrograde   March 22
Inferior Conjunction    April 1st  (watch April 2)
Mercury Direct            April 15th (watch April 16)

There is one more date, May 3. This is the date Mercury returns to the place it went retrograde.

Before we review the meaningful Astrological aspect and events we should look at the medium term. Starting now be prepared for more serious events from now through June 2018. These should be violent, possibly war-like events in the mid-East and events involving Russia and China. This may involve Syria and quite possibly other war like activity in Pakistan and India. (please note I wrote this before the Syrian bombings).

Watch the dates around April 20 +- a few days for unplanned war like activity. Unplanned from a normal citizens point of view. Hot spots could be Syria, Iran, Pakistan and India. North Korea seems to be much quieter than in 2017 and early 2018.

Another interesting date may be May 14.

May 14 1948 was the "Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel"

May 14, 2018 is 70 years from May 14, 1948. 70 years is a recurring bible cycle. I’m no expert in Bible studies. May 15 has Uranus entering Taurus. This may mark a period of change which could involve currencies, rates and banks.

The key Astro activity over the next couple of weeks include three planets changing direction. This often creates a climate of confusion and change.

April 15           Mercury turning to Direct motion
New Moon
                        This may mark a change in the general market trend.
                         Mercury turning direct can be a change in trend.
                         This one will be followed by Heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius.
                         A move in precious metals and exaggerated moves in other markets (cude?)
April 17th        Saturn turning Retrograde
                        Watch for further geophysical events in mid April.
                        This retrograde relates to contraction, caution, fear and pessimism
                        This may reverse a short term move up.
                        Heliocentric Mercury will be in Sagittarius from April 17 to April 27.
                        Heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius can be beneficial for Gold
April 18          Sun conjunct Uranus
                        Potential surprise change
April 22           Pluto Retrograde.
                        Often at the time of a major reversal in the US market.
                         This often marks a period of change.

April  23          Mars conjunct Vesta (heliocentric)
                        Often is a reversal of a short term move up.

April 25           Mercury square Saturn
                        Depressing thought, communication and problems with short term moves.

April 26           Mars conjunct Pluto
While Mars is the planet of aggression and war, Pluto rules the principle of power to break things down and then rebuild. There is also a possible problem with destruction and loss.

The 15 day sma on the SP500 chart is moving down. The 15 day sma is also below the 45 day sma which is also rolling over. Price is above the15 and below the 45 day sma. This is a negative setup. We will be starting the retrograde and direct Planet movement this week.

Some of the cycles that are coming due are:
-       The Primary Cycle (nominal 18 week) on Feb 9th.
-       9 month cycle
-       9 year
-       5 week.

The Primary Cycles

If the SP500 is retesting the Feb 9th low and moves lower we may see a more dramatic move over the next few weeks as suggested above. War like activity is going to have a negative effect of stocks but probably a beneficial effect on precious metals.

I’m looking for a more dramatic move in mid-July where we have Pluto conjunct the helio nodes of Pluto. This is the second of a 3-pass. This is also getting close to a lunar and solar eclipses.

On a shorter term basis I track a 27 cd (calendar day) cycle which will be due April 26.

9 Year Cycle
As an example of the DJIA following is a weekly chart of the Dow Jones and the 9 year cycle. As we’ve said many times longer term coming due often distorts the faster moving cycles.

The 9 month cycle

The above chart shows the 9 month or 39 week cycle (blue vertical lines). It was due and appears to have formed in late January. The 20 week cycle was added as well (red vertical lines). Any green lines are a combination of the 20 and 40 week cycles.

The 3.8 – 4 Year

The above weekly chart of the SP500 shows the synodic cycle for Mars and Vesta. The red circles are the conjunction of the two and the green double arrows are the middle of the cycle. These are the heliocentric aspects (Sun centered).

Note how the conjunction is often at a top with a quick decline. The next Mars / Vesta conjunction is April 23, 2018. If we start to move up into that date it may indicate a turn down.

From the last few posts:
“This coming year could see an increase in geophysical activity, both earthquakes and volcanos.”

Following are the significant earthquakes (> 6.0) so far in January 2018.
Jan 23             Alaska                         7.9
Jan 10             Honduras                    7.5
Jan 14             Peru                            7.1
Jan 19             Mexico                        6.3
Jan 21             Chile                            6.3
Jan 25             Russia                         6.2

Feb 16             Mexico                        7.2
Feb 25             Papua New Guinea    7.5

Mar 6               Papua New Guinea    6.7
Mar 8               Papua New Guinea    6.8
Mar 24             Papua New Guinea    6.3
Mar 24             Southeast Indian Ridge 6.3
Mar 25             Indonesia                     6.4
Mar 26             Papua New Guinea    6.6
Mar 29             Papua New Guinea    6.9

Apr 2               Bolivia                         6.8
Apr 7               Papua New Guinea    6.3
Apr 10             Chile                            6.2

There has been a number of volcano’s erupting as well.

On a longer term basis the following monthly chart of the DJIA  shows the 15 year cycle (red vertical lines) and the 45 year cycle (blue lines). The 15 year is due now, the 45 year due in Sept 2019. This is another example of a longer term cycle possibly distorting shorter term cycles.

In May Uranus will enter Taurus. Look for financial or banking system problems or changes. Uranus will go retrograde and then move backward into Aries before Uranus enters Taurus for good. This may also be a problem in currencies and rates.

Generally speaking the next couple of months of 2018 should be volatile. I am expecting more  earthquakes and other geophysical activity.

The above combination, with Saturn, could be defining problems / restrictions for the general population, particularly the mature population (pensions?) and with the Sun could affect the President or other leaders. This combination could affect a number of years in the future as Saturn is in a sign for approx. 2 ½ years. Other conditions this may highlight are State funerals, public sorrow and disappointment in general. State assets could be affected as well as industries connected to metals and mining.

The following monthly chart of the DJIA shows when Saturn has been in Capricorn (red x’s). Notice they have all had significant drops.

There could be some type of surprise coming in 2018 from the government or exposing something from the past. There could also be a major breakdown in world affairs or leaders.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the Jupiter price line (blue) and the Sun/Earth price line (green). Both of these price lines have a history of providing support and resistance.
When the two lines cross we often see a big range day or reversal. Note how price went down and stopped on the Sun / Earth Price Line. There was a another big range day on April 6th.

I continue to watch the 24th harmonic cycle (360 / 24) cycles for short term turns. The brown squares are Sun / Saturn 24 degrees on the following daily chart. The blue vertical lines are 24 cd’s (calendar days).

The last hit was March 29, 2018 and was a big range day. The next dates are May 14, 2018 then June 27th. I have added 3 price lines to this chart.

-       Saturn – black
-       Uranus – purple
-       Neptune - light blue

Note the date, Feb 9th, 2018 was the day of the low and a big range day.

These price lines can act as support / resistance. It has been at highs and lows. Note also when they cross often gets a reaction in price on a short-term basis. Also note, near the top of the chart is a light blue line. This is the Neptune Price Line. Note how it has been strong resistance to price but has broken through. It should act as strong support when the market turns down.


Gold started a new Primary cycle on December 12.  We are entering the 17th week of a Primary cycle. Watch Gold closely here, we may have just put in a shortened Primary cycle or Gold is preparing to move down into the Primary cycle trough. The 18 week low is the week of April 16 and April 17, 18 possible reversal dates.

Gold has been moving up as the US$ has moved down. It was / is important for Gold to stay above 1309.

Gold briefly moved above the Jan 25 high but quickly fell back. With the forecast of additional violence and on-going war like activity in the mid-East and other locals I expect precious metals to move up. As mentioned above heliocentric Mercury moving into Sagittarius is often a sign for a strong move in Gold.

Price has just moved above the 15 and 45 day sma. The 15 sma and 45 day sma have been moving flat / sideways since January.

The longer term.7.4 Year cycle is shown in the following weekly chart. Note we are still early in the latest 7.4 year cycle.

The following chart shows a 27 cd (calendar day) cycle (blue vertical lines). The next being May 7, 2018. The Moon takes 27 days to orbit the Earth and the Sun takes 27 days to revolve once at the Sun’s equator.

The red lines headed up are the Mars price lines. Gold has been moving sideways since January 2018 and have found both resistance and support at the Mars price line. The darker red Mars lines are the main aspect. Moving below the dark red Mars price line was bearish now we need to move above the darker red Mars price line. It may hit resistance. Price went through the next Mars price line and is just above it.

The 27cd cycle (Blue vertical line) showed a turn on April 9th. The next 27 cd cycle is May 7th.. I

Looking at this whole chart it is based on a 24 harmonic. If you count each line from one darker red line to the next you will find there are 15 of them. 15 * 24 degrees = 360 degrees. Note price went down to Dec 12 where it bounced off a Mars Price Line.
The small blue x’s show when heliocentric Mercury moves through Sagittarius.

The following daily chart of Gold shows the days Mars is entering a new sign (red squares). Look at this using +- 3 td’s (trading days). The last date was March 17.. These can be at highs or lows. Dec 8 was Mars entering Scorpio the sign that it rules.  Note on the chart, Mars changing signs, to any sign, often has a change in trend in Gold price.. The last red circle shows Mars entering Sagittarius on January 26th. The next sign was Mars entering Capricorn on March 17th. Expect a change in trend. Then mark down May 15th as the next time Mars changes signs. This is one day before Uranus changes signs and enters Taurus.


We were looking at February 9th as being the trough of the Primary cycle. We are entering the 9th week. Crude price has moved above the 45 day sma and the 15  day sma and is now above the January 25th high.

There are many issues with Crude. The new Shanghai crude exchanged opened on March 26. This should have a negative effect of the Petrodollar (US Dollar) and possibly cause the US to lose it’s status as the world’s reserve currency. Watch this over the next few weeks / months. As Crude is sold in Yuan, purchasers are given the option to exchange Yuan to Gold. Yes there is a relatively new Gold exchange as well. They sell physical Gold rather than paper Gold as is often the case in the US.

With open hostilities in Syria I’m expecting a move up in crude and precious metals.

The next couple of weeks should be very interesting but the outlook through June looks testy to say the least.
The horizontal blue lines on the chart below are the average longitude of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (blue). Note how price stopped on August 1 and August 31, right on the average longitude. See it again on Sept 14 and Jan 16, 2018 which was also a 27 cd (calendar day’s).

Watch the blue planetary averages.

On the following daily chart of Crude note the green lines sloping up. This is the price line for the Sun/Earth. The blue lines moving horizontal is the Pluto price line (blue). The Pluto price line acted as support on March 1st and 2nd and again on March 9th, although on March 9th crude made a strong move during the day.

Note how price often follows the Sun price line up and often stops and reverses at the Pluto price line. We often get big range days when the two lines cross, like October 27th.and Nov 22 and recently March 23rd.

Crude has moved up to the next Pluto price line. Watch crude early next week for a move up. Note the Sun/Earth and Pluto price lines cross on April 17th. This is also the date of Saturn turning retrograde. Expect changes.

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