Tuesday, May 15, 2018

ALERT May 15, 2018

Gold appears to be entering the Primary cycle trough (nominal 18 week) range today May 15, 2018 is 21 weeks.

Watch this closely as once the trough has formed we should be advancing into a new Primary cycle.

Note this has happened the day Uranus entered Taurus.

Potential explosive day tomorrow with Mars squaring Uranus and Mars changing signs and entering Aquarius. Planetary sign changes are often a change in direction for stocks and most things traded.



  1. so u are saying gold has formed a bottom and will head up from here? Thanks

  2. You mean that gold will change the trend and set up a bottom?

  3. Yes this appears to be a change in trend for Gold. This does not mean it will reverse immediately. I will be watching May 22-23.

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