Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Financial Astrology Early Oct 2012

There are going to be a number of aspects involving Mars over the next week and 1/2. Mars contacts often brings violence and conflicts.

In addition over the next few days there are a number of aspects often found near a change in trend. This would be unusual with the US elections a few weeks off and the recent FED actions.

Nevertheless, the following aspects have a history of turns in the stock market.

Oct 3 Venus changes sign into Virgo and Venus opposing Neptune

Oct 4 Jupiter retrograde (Jupiter is still in Gemini and therefore still in it's detriment). Mars opposes the North Node.

Oct 5 Saturn and Mercury change signs into Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio means it is in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn making both planets stronger for some time. Mercury opposes Saturn that day and trines Neptune

Oct 6 Fiery Mars enters fiery Sagittaruis.

Oct 7 Mars squares Neptune.

Oct 9 The Sun trines Jupiter and Venus trines Pluto.

Oct 10 A long term aspect, Saturn in waning trine to Neptune and Pluto is parallel the North Node.

Oct 15 On a New Moon Mars trines Uranus.

There are of course many more aspects but the above have had a history of occurring near changes in trend.

In addition the SP500 is 17 weeks along the Primary cycle which has an average length of 15-23 weeks, so it is the time frame for a crest and down into the trough.

I'm looking for a turn, this week or early next week.

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