Saturday, October 27, 2012

Financial Astrology Oct 29, 2012

This coming week should be more than interesting. Cycle wise stocks, gold and crude are all near the end of their primary cycle (aka nominal 18 week cycle). The SP500 is 21 weeks along, gold 24 weeks along, which is extended and crude is 18 weeks along. So all 3 are due for a trough, then up. Up but not very far. I believe the crest for the 4 year cycle was in on Sept 14, 2012 with a high of 1,474.51. I also am looking at the extended Fibonacci at 127.2% or SP500 1,464 as strong resistance (see chart below). This next move up would therefore be a lower high and we may see a series of lower highs as the market moves down into the 4 year low in 2013.

This week has 2 astrological signatures which have a strong history of turns in the primary cycle. Mars opposition Jupiter on Oct 28 has a history of primary cycle crests (+- 8 tds) but also has some instances where it marked a trough. The same with Gold. This signature has more of a history of crests in the market with this signature. On Nov 1st there is an even more powerful aspect, Venus in opposition to Uranus. This does have more of a history of Primary cycle troughs in the SP500 and Gold.

Venus will be translating the Uranus / Pluto square which may bring out the debt issues once again. Watch for the Uranus / Pluto square being hit again around Nov 23-26 when Mars translates the square. This looks like another low forming.

All things considered I’m looking for next week to be very volatile but up. With the above signatures we also have Mars travelling through Sagittarius, a volatile aspect and of course Saturn entered Scorpio a couple of weeks ago. There is still an accounting required for all the debt problems which have been incurred. Saturn will demand an accounting before leaving Scorpio.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Saturn in water signs often equates to flooding. This has a particular history with Scorpio.

In addition Monday, October 29 is a Full Moon. Both New and Full Moon’s have been marking short term turns in the market. Although this Full Moon is not in perigee, and therefore not a Super Moon, the Sun is in a grand trine with Chiron and Kronos, the latter being a Uranian point. This may be pointing to a very positive Full Moon. It will be exact at 3:48 pm EDT in New York. On the down side the Sun is still in orb to the Saturn conjunction of last Oct 25, but it is waning.

So I’m looking for next week to be volatile but we should be looking for a trough in all 3 markets we cover and thus any positions should be to the long side, at least to start. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a move up starting Monday although it may decline at the open.

Keep in mind everything is driven by the US$, at least for now. We are still looking for a low then up in the US buck based on the 17 and 18 month cycles (see chart below). This should put in a low late Oct / early November. Watch for this low as it will change the direction of commodities and stocks.

The west coast of Canada has been experiencing fairly strong earthquakes one day before the Full Moon tomorrow. See the Oct 1, 2012 post, "Recent Earthquakes near Full Moon". Remember we have a Total Solar eclipse on Nov 13, 2012.


  1. I agree that there is a high probabilty on a new cycle starting around today, but also see a high probability on ending the current primary cycle around the moon eclipse of end november. Around these date there are also several planetary events that have a high correlation with a cycle reversal. It must be one of these dates.

  2. I was waiting to see the US election results before commenting on the Lunar eclipse at the end of the month. Potentially nasty. But first the election. See my previous post back in February.....