Friday, October 19, 2012

Financial Astrology - Oct 22, 2012

This Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012 Mercury will be conjunct the position of the Nov 13, 2012 eclipse. I monitor planets conjunct eclipse position before and after the eclipse event. This may have a negative effect on the markets on Monday or + - 2 trading days which will mean today as well. It may also be a signal for increased earthquake activity. Also the Sun enters Scorpio on Monday and will be conjunct Saturn on Oct 25. All are typically negative events.

And happy 25th anniversary of Black Monday back in 1987.

In follow up to the Sept 17, 2012 post, notice the fib extension at 127.2 or approx. 1465 for the SP500 has held up as strong resistance.

The US$ is putting in a 17-18 month low. Hard to imagine it going up with the printing presses churning out new bucks. If it did start going up commodities would be coming down. Seems like a deflation vs inflation battle. Watch closely.

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