Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Inter Week Update May 22, 2013

There are a number of negative astrological aspects for the next week starting tomorrow. Don't be fooled by a bounce, the general US markets should be going down further. I'll look at levels on the weekend.

Although not forecasting strong earthquakes, there are a number of aspects which would make this a possibility.


  1. Friday's volume was very low but that was probably because of the long volume. I think A lot of people are already thinking that Tuesday, the US market will gap up so they can reshort at a higher price.

    I personally think....... not necessarily, Tuesday might see the market really falling again. Thanks for your updates and looking forward to your weekend update!

  2. You made a good point, DooDoo Pang, but the problem is Volume has not been a good indicator at all for this busting up rally. Volume has definitely kicked in harder on down days (however few they are).
    One note of divergence that I did read about what that this previous selloff to 1635 had slightly lower volume and that was because fewer buyers stepped in and bought that dip. That is the best indication I've seen for a good healthy selloff.
    I am not sure about Tue, but I actually think a gap up would be healthier for the bears than a gap down. Or maybe I am just jaded trying to make sense of this amazing bull run and not riding it.

    Definitely looking forward to your updates Trading-Daze. In fact, jsut about to mark calendars with your dates etc.

    Good weekend all!!

  3. Also remember, the new rule: Tuesdays are always UP days in the market :)