Sunday, May 19, 2013

Financial Astrology May 20, 2013

We’ve got tornado's and volcanoes going off on top of the political problems at home and abroad. All tie into the Uranus Pluto square which is exact tomorrow May 20th.

But what of the stock market? Benny and the ink-jets continue printing, however I had pointed out a number of dates where a reversal is more probable. We are there.

May 20 – 23 we have Mercury and Venus going out of bounds by declination. I had posted a chart of the S&P showing some previous history. It follows again, along with a chart for Gold as well. I’m looking for a s/t turn in the general markets down (not a crash) and a s/t turn up for Gold and PM’s



There are other Astros in effect this week, one of particular interest is May 23 when Vesta translates the Uranus / Pluto square.

Also on the horizon is the Lunar eclipse on May 25, Sun waxing square Neptune on May 26 and Jupiter quintile Uranus (this may be a beauty) on May 28.

In short we should see some s/t turns in the general markets down and Gold up early this week and the next two weeks very volatile.


  1. I hope this is a good sign for bears but i have given up on Gann, astrology and other more esoteric means of predicting this central bank induced market. Price action seems to have trumped all the negative astrology in the past 6 months.


  2. Using Astrology for the markets involves defining periods where a move is more likely based on configurations of the past. What the Central banks of the world are doing is a path to disaster. In ancient Greek "disaster" means bad star.

  3. Based on my gann calculations our medium term top will be 1713 on the SP500 and around 3600 on the Nasdaq and 15700 on the Dow.

    it's interesting because this means they are all about within 3 to 4% of my top target and they all fit sooo well eeven tho i didn't their gann square charts separate.

  4. I trade mainly in Canada but track the SP500 and trade it through Canadian ETF's. I don't use GANN but my Astro calcs have resistance at 1675 then 1721 SP cash.