Monday, May 13, 2013

Troublesome Period Coming Up

The dates from the previous post still stand. I am wondering about the next few weeks particularly now through June 7th.

A study of Astrology gives the student the ability to identify dangerous or eventful periods. They do not always manifest. I look at the next few weeks as one of those periods.

From my experience people tend to ignore religion until they are in difficult circumstances. Personally I've been downed in a helicopter, was a guest in a Brazilian jail and stranded in a snow bank on an old mine road at 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit with night setting in and a number of others. These and other occasions get me thinking about religious matters. Not to mention reaching for the Gideon when alone for the evening in broken down motels.

With the up coming few weeks I thought I'd get a jump on my religious thoughts by listening to the great Tom Waits.

Keep your heads up.

And Go Leafs Go

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