Sunday, August 11, 2013

Financial Astrology August 12, 2013

There is a lot of aspects this month but I still think the critical time is late in the month when Venus translates the Uranus / Pluto square and with Jupiter make this T-square into a potent grand square (Aug 23-26 +- a few). Look for significant market moves or some event around this time. It's possible we get an intermediate high around Aug 21 with the Jupiter square Uranus which is also trine Chiron. The Sun will be moving into the more sobering sign of Virgo on August 22. Virgonian energy expects to work for what it receives. Not given to you by the FED or others.

So this week may be a little lower early in the week and then going higher this week and possibly into the Aug 21 date mentioned above.

Although August is a serious month, late October / November 2013 and April 2014 look worse.

August 26 is 14,142 cd (calendar days) from the Dec 6, 1974 low. 1.4142 is the square root of 2. I'll only say sometimes the roots of 2 and 5 mark significant turns in the general markets. There are probably others.

The heliocentric Venus / Saturn conjunction is often a low then up. This is approximately 230 td's

The following daily chart for the US$ shows the heliocentric Venus Saturn conjunction on August 7 and the 230 td cycle hitting August 12th.

Gold / Silver
Following up on a few Gold posts it never did break through 1333 decisively. Gold looks like it's trying to move up once again. Look at the fib retracements (red) and fib extensions(blue) as possible resistance.

The following chart shows the heliocentric Venus(green) and Jupiter(blue) price lines (90 degree). Gold often reacts to these price lines and often follows them up. The vertical red lines are a 27 td cycle which the precious metals maybe following again.

This is the 17 week of the primary cycle for crude. I've been looking for a pull back possibly the whole week. We then enter a period where there are many aspects to Jupiter and Neptune the co-rulers of crude. This is probably pointing to a volatile period or the trough for the current primary cycle.

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