Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27 update.

From the August 11 post

"August 26 is 14,142 cd (calendar days) from the Dec 6, 1974 low. 1.4142 is the square root of 2. I'll only say sometimes the roots of 2 and 5 mark significant turns in the general markets. There are probably others."

PS There are others, lots of them. Look for numbers in nature and apply then to market moves. I'll bring them up here as they become relevant.


  1. Hi trading daze, do you think we have hit the trough today or tomorrow? Any targets you are looking for in SPX? Thanks

  2. The SP500 is sitting on the trend line from Nov 16, 2012. It is also on the 38.2% fib retracement. This should be strong support also we are probably in the 19th week of the primary cycle and therefore due for a trough. I suspect we are close to a low but with rumors of war in the air we may go down some more. The next couple of days should tell the tale.

    From an Astro perspective Syria looks troublesome especially around Sept 9 - 13. The markets will struggle as long as this is in the news and no action is taken.

    1. I should have added, watch the 15 and 45 dma. They are about to cross. If they cross sharply and the 15 is lower then the 45 that would be an indication we have further to go down. Primary bottoms usually have the 15 dma significantly below the 45 dma. Not always, but usually.

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