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Financial Astrology - September 22, 2013

Looking back at the June 16, 2013 post the next time period identified is early November. This could cover late October as well but more price action is required. For trading purposes we need to identify if early November is a high or a low. I'm leaning on this time period being a high then down and possibly severely.

The astrological activity which drew my attention to the November time frame was the Nov 1, 2013 geocentric Uranus Pluto waxing square. This is the 4th square out of 7, the last of which is March 2015. From previous experience with these longer term astro cycles it is often one of the middle aspects where we see the biggest moves. So the square on Nov 1 and the next square which is April 2014 are prime candidates for big moves. Another point worth watching is Nov 23 where we have the heliocentric Uranus Pluto waxing square. This happens once and like the middle aspects of a multi-pass geocentric square this is another point where their could be big moves.

As mentioned in previous posts eclipses are powerful points, both lunar and solar but the solar eclipse are typically more powerful. The following daily chart shows a brief history of eclipses and the upcoming eclipses.
Oct 18 Lunar eclipse (blue circles)
Nov 3  Solar eclipse. (red circles)

Give them a range of +- 2 tds.

Heliocentrically Jupiter will be waxing square Uranus on Nov 12 and oppose Pluto on Nov 13 thus forming a potent T-square. As stated a number of times these are potentially bankruptcy aspects, countries, cities, companies, individuals and groups.

All considered late October / early November appears to be a time frame for a bigger move. If the index is still up look for price action and technical indicators that would point to a large move down.

Blue square is the Uranus waxing square Pluto
Red square is the heliocentric Jupiter waxing square Uranus and Jupiter opposition Pluto

Looking ahead this week

A significant non astrological event is the German elections. You may have noticed a quiet period from Europe where all of the financial problems seem to have disappeared. I would look for these financial problems to appear in the news again. This shows the control Germany has over the European Union and why it will eventually fail.

Astrologically this week has Saturn conjunct the North Node. Although this appears as a potent aspect, especially since they are in intense Scorpio, there is no consistent history of this aspect signaling the beginning of big moves. Sometimes this aspect will signal small moves at best.

That said, we are looking at June 24 being the last primary cycle trough which would put us in the 14th week of the primary cycle. We may have just seen the crest of the second major cycle and thus headed down in the short term. I'm expecting the next couple of weeks being choppy, ups and downs. With the reputation of market crashes in Sept / Oct. the next month+ deserves careful attention. As noted above I'm looking at late Oct /  November as a potential for a move down. It has crash potential but April 2014 appears worse.

Surprising moves in precious metals last week. I'm still looking at June 28 being the 4.25 year cycle low. This puts us in the 13th week of the primary cycle. Watch the fib retracements on the following daily chart to determine the immediate direction. We may be in the middle of the precious metal market trying to put in a major cycle (nominal 6 week) low. If this is the 13th week then the end of October / early November would be the primary cycle low timeframe (18 week). Watch the dates mentioned above under SP500 for moves in precious metals in late Oct / early Nov.

Although we were more bullish we are in watch and evaluate mode (aka watch and sweat mode).

My current count has crude in the 23rd week of the primary cycle and thus due for a trough. Crude looks like it is starting a move down but events in the middle east may hold it up a while longer. I'm waiting for a potential low.

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