Sunday, September 29, 2013

Financial Astrology - Sept 30, 2013

Now this should be an interesting week. The Astros point to a week where chaos in the markets could be seen. This, coupled with the possible shut-down of the US government should be a week to remember.

For starters the Sun is in waning square to Pluto on October 1. This is the start of the Sun's translation of the Uranus / Pluto square which is moving toward an exact square on Nov 1st and is a sign for a turn in the markets. In the past this has been a sign for a turn both up or down. As reported a number of times, aspects to Pluto often mark times when Gold moves (see Gold below). Again up or down. The Sun then opposes Uranus on Oct 3 just ahead of the jobs report. Of course there may be no jobs report if the government is closed. Uranus is the planet of sudden changes or surprises.

This could be a wild ride in the markets, and if the government does not close, or closes and then opens I would expect a big up move in stocks.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the Uranus and Pluto price lines and how they have acted as support and resistance in the past. There should be resistance around $1790 in the SP500. If it breaks up from there it may really go.

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the retracement from August 28 to the top. We may see a turn up or at the 50% retrace.

Looking out a little further Oct 17 is the day the borrowing limit for the US treasury is hit. This will bring on another Republican / Democratic confrontation. If it can't be resolved it may bring on further negative effects in the US stock market.

As stated above major aspects to Pluto can effect Gold prices. Watch Gold closely this week particularly around Oct 1st when the Sun is in waning square to Pluto.

Looking out further this is the 14th week of the primary cycle in Gold and therefore the primary cycle trough may be in the timeframe around November 1st when the Uranus / Pluto square is exact and the Solar eclipse on November 4th.

In summary we may see Gold rising if the US shutdown takes place but when the government opens up again, see Gold run lower into the early November time frame.

I can't see how Saudi Arabia can be too pleased with recent developments in Syria and now Iran. As they are still the key producer of crude they can use this as a bargaining chip or weapon. They have done it before if you can remember the events of the 1970's. This is not an immediate issue.

Closer to this week, crude is in the 7th week of the primary cycle and thus due for a trough then up. I would say the low should be in during the coming week but could be delayed by the possible government shutdown.

The following daily chart shows the current low at 102.17 or 38.2% of the retracement.

Given a fairly broad range Mars opposes Neptune on October 19 and could be around a s/t low or high. Could this be a signature for another major earthquake? Possible.

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