Sunday, September 15, 2013

Financial Astrology September 16, 2013

Each week I review the astrological aspects and attempt to come up with a forecast based on a myriad of possibilities. Last week I suspected the Mars Saturn square on Sept 9, with some other aspect, was an indication of impending war. That didn't happen and the forecast for the stock market for the week was wrong.

That said I'll attempt a forecast for the coming week. Bear in mind the FED meets on Tuesday and Wednesday with results out at noon on Wednesday and Bernanke's speech at 2:00pm. This is obviously critical. Will the current QE be reduced or will it continue at current rates? The astrology is not clear but would appear to be pointing at a restriction in money and therefore a pullback in the rate of QE. Venus conjuncts Saturn on Sept 18 then they both conjunct the North Node, Venus on Sept 19 and Saturn on Sept 25.

Sept 20 has Venus at 11 degrees of Scorpio which is conjunct the upcoming Nov 3 Solar eclipse. Sept 20 also has Pluto turning retrograde direct. This is exact after trading hours.

I'm looking for the general market to be fairly volatile until the FED announcement on Wednesday. Assuming we are still up the Venus and Saturn aspects mentioned above should depress prices. If prices do retreat they may not stay down long as there may be a great deal of fanfare immediately after The German elections on Sept 22.

I just heard Larry Summers has withdrawn his name from the FED chairperson sweepstakes. Let me be first to recommend Maxine Waters for the job.

We are in the 12th week of the primary cycle in Gold and a number of technical indicators are pointing down and sentiment for Gold is negative although I'm bullish. Gold prices are now at the 50 % retracement of the move from June 28 to August 28. See the following daily chart for Gold. Watch the fib retracements. Also watch if Gold can pull up off the fib arcs as shown on the chart.

Pluto direct, often marks a trend change in Gold +- 6 td's and most often after the actual direct date. I'm looking at the June 28 low as the 4.25 year low and therefore we should be looking for a strong move up in Gold in the next few weeks.


Watching crude for signs of topping. If the mid-east problems get off the front page I would look for a pull back in crude. Cycle wise the next two weeks would be a good time period for a pull back in crude.

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