Sunday, November 3, 2013

Financial Astrology - Nov 3, 2013

Bear in mind we could see some unforeseen event over the next few weeks that could change this outlook and possibly effect the world on a broader basis.

On the markets, the time period we've been referring to since the June 16 post has arrived.
It should be volatile in many markets with one or two pullbacks. The SP500 could go up some more early in the week then down. This is not the big crash.

The US$ appears to have put in a 40 week trough which may not be good for Gold and Crude in the short run.

The days the market could move, and probably down. These dates include SP500 and Gold.

Nov 6
Nov 11
Nov 13-15
Nov 21-22

The following daily chart of the SP500 shows Fibonacci extensions and it just hit 138.2% and appears to have met resistance. The fib's are from point A to point B then taken off of C.

The SP500 also hit the Neptune price line (grey) 

And from a few posts back, the index went higher than forecast. We'll now see if the timing was correct.

Gold looks like it's breaking down. It's 1st retest is in the 1,250 area then the low on June 28 at the 1,179 area. Cycle wise Gold may be going down into the end of the year if it gets started here with the US buck on the rise.

The last red square should be the 40 week low.

Also looking for a low. Key dates are:
Nov 7
Nov 13-15

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