Sunday, November 10, 2013

Financial Astrology - November 10, 2013

First and foremost we should send a prayer to the souls lost in the Philippines and those under duress in the aftermath of the storm.

There are a number of long term transits occurring now and the next few years. Some of these are associated with natural disasters. Bear in mind China stopping the purchase of US bonds or the US$ losing it's status as the worlds reserve currency would be disasters. Also keep in mind the FED's QE program carries on which is supporting the market potentially creating the biggest bubble yet.

Just briefly off topic. I have become more convinced earthquake, volcanic eruptions and severe weather events are linked to the activity of the Sun, (sunspots, CME's and x-ray) events. These in turn are triggered by astrological aspects, mainly heliocentric aspects. This is a large area of study and more work needs to be done.

The Philippine disaster may effect a number of economic areas in the short term, for example technology companies with plants in the area. JIT inventory does not perform well in disaster situations. If money is made on trading disaster news consider sending 1/2 or some part to the relief effort.

Bear in mind the dates from the last post should still be valid.

Nov 13-15
Nov 21-22

Heliocentrically there are some heavy transits which may generate more surprises for the next 2 weeks.

I'll keep this chart from a few posts ago to monitor how we progress.

Without repeating previous posts I had been looking for a move down. With Fridays move up and the unfolding disaster we may see a bounce but I continue to look for a move lower particularly from Nov 13 on. Venus will be translating the Uranus / Pluto square on Nov 14/15, the latter date is OPEX. I had originally thought we'd be going down into Nov 22 where we have Mercury passing over the point of the Nov 3 eclipse.

Gold continues to head down. I'm looking for possible support at the fib levels on the next chart.

The low on Oct 15, 2013 is a critical as is the low on June 28 which I currently have as the 4.25 low.

Short term we may see a short up move early this week. See the following daily chart and the Sun Jupiter aspect falling on Monday.

Crude looks like it has put in a low or is very close. Neptune, which rules crude is in Pisces and is going direct on Nov 13th.

Watch Coffee as Neptune, which rules coffee, turns direct on Nov 13

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