Monday, November 18, 2013

Longer Term Update

One of the reasons I was looking for a move down in this time frame was the heliocentric opposition between Jupiter and Pluto.

The following is taken from the July 21 , 2013 post with an updated chart.

"A longer term look at some heliocentric transits. This monthly chart of the DJIA shows a longer term look at heliocentric aspects between Jupiter and Pluto. This shows every third conjunct between Jupiter and Pluto (small red circle is the conjunction, every third occurrence has a light blue circle) is near a crest and then moves down quickly. Also of interest is that every third opposition is close to a strong move down, either just before or just after the third opposition (double red arrow with light blue circle). This could be just before or just after the opposition. The next opposition is Nov 13. Note this is a monthly chart and with these slow moving aspects this could be due at any time."

So the exact date has passed but we are still in the time frame when a pullback could occur.

PS Yellin says the stock market is not in a bubble. She is obviously not stupid, therefore another liar.


  1. Great info. Looking forward for that "finally" moment. Live in the Mississauga area. The weather patterns around the world is telling us something on top of these market optimism.

  2. The Fed could keep this going for some time but they won't stop it. Sun spot activity on the Sun is strong. Flares could interfere with the electricity grid. PS I'm in the Toronto area.

  3. Im an avid reader of your blogs. I cant say I know a lot about Astro analysis, but I have been trying to understand more of it. From Gann to Cowan to Merriman. I believe there is something wonderful about Astrology and all its mysteries. Unlocking it is another issue.