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Financial Astrology - March 2, 2014

This blog changed on Jan 1, 2014 We will no longer provide turn dates for the SP500 as these are being sold for the first half of 2014 see -> 

From the Feb 16th post "we are entering one of the most dangerous periods of the year. We have significant dates stretching from late February to late April 2014. The forecast dates supplied should identify the significant swings and or lows. Our first major date was Jan 20, 2014 and it identified the sharp slide into early February."

As mentioned there are a number of planets changing direction in early March.
Feb 28             Mercury direct
March 1           Vesta retrograde.
March1            Mars retrograde
March 4           Venus shadow (Venus is back at the point when it went retrograde)
March 2           Saturn retrograde
March 6           Jupiter direct
March 15         Hades direct    (Hades is a Uranian point)
March 21         Mercury shadow (Mercury is back at the point when it went retrograde)

The meanings of the retrograde / direct of the above planets are included in the paid subscription service. Whenever Saturn and Mars are prominent tension builds and there appears to be more frustration and stress that can lead to confrontation.

We are still under the influence of the powerful Jupiter waxing square to Uranus on Feb 26. As discussed this is part of an on-going T-square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. In April Mars will move into a square position making this a grand square and all in Cardinal Signs. The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. It should also be pointed out that Mars is in it's detriment in Libra, where it works with the least ease and Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, where it has the greatest strength. Generally speaking Cancerians should be entering a very favourable period starting this week into mid-year. I am a Cancerian. This is a general comment. Cancerians in Syria or Kiev may not agree.

We had mentioned war or rumours of war a few times in recent posts. It may have arrived a little early. This will make forecasting more difficult.

There are a number of conflicts around the globe. To mention three, the first being the Ukraine and Russia where rumours of war are rampant. Is this a precursor for war or is Putin just protecting his naval assets? Pushed aside in the mainstream media are the on-going problems in Venezuela and Thailand.

"The first casualty of war is the truth."
-- Sir Winston Churchill

Based on work by the esteemed French Astrologer Andre Barbault. One of his studies found the Sun / Jupiter cycles seem to be related to detente, treaties and cease-fires. Of the aspects Sun conjunct Jupiter and Sun trine Jupiter were particularly powerful.

We just had a Sun Jupiter trine on Feb 28th. It is the trine which always appears approx. 6 days before the Jupiter stationary direct, which is on March 6th. Based on the above there is a good chance the heated rhetoric and situation in the Ukraine may start too cool down or at least not escalate this month. Watch the next few days carefully. It does not work every time.

We are in the middle of a two week time frame when a sharp low / down move was anticipated. Along with the T-Square and prominent retrogrades there is also a heliocentric quin-tile between Mars and Jupiter which is often found near turns and many times tops. A quin-tile is a 5th harmonic aspect of 72 degrees (360 / 5). This occurs March 2nd and is shown on the following daily chart of the SP500.

For Gold I'm expecting a sharp move or at least a big range day based on Mars going Retrograde on March 1. Gold is also in the 9th week of a Primary cycle and has not had a Major cycle (6 week) trough. We are probably headed to a 1/2 Primary crest and it would be good timing if it was this week. In addition there is Merriman's "8 week bullish rule". That is a new cycle high after Tuesday of the 9th week is bullish. That will be March 4. I'm looking for this to fail and PM's start a move down. If correct I am not expecting this to be very long or deep. If there is a new cycle high past next Tuesday then I'm wrong and the market is still bullish. In the intermediate to long term I'm bullish on PM's. I was expecting Gold to test the Oct 2013 highs and fail at the first attempt. That appears to be what is happening. The following is a daily chart of Gold.

Crude is in the 8th  week of the Primary cycle. Either way it is due for a pullback. Like Gold it has not had a meaningful Major cycle (6 week) pullback and therefore it is probably going to be a 1/2 Primary cycle crest due anytime, probably next week. The two planets that rule crude are Jupiter and Neptune. Both have had significant aspect over the past few weeks. This Wednesday, March 6th Jupiter turns direct. That will be the last of significant aspects for Neptune for awhile but there is an on-going T-square that Jupiter and Uranus and Pluto are forming.

The following daily chart of crude shows crude broke above the Pluto price line (dark blue) at approx. 100.30. Look for crude to break below the 50% retracement (retracement from Aug 28, 2013 to Jan 9, 2014) which is almost on the Sun price line (light green). Of course this may hold if war conditions worsen in the Crimea.

I'm looking for a pullback in crude based on cycles and Astros and considering the effect of a possible war. The war issue I believe will be more significant in April 2014.

I'm now looking for a low in the US$ in the late April - May 2014 time frame. This would be the 18 month low but due to the Astros in the April time frame this could be a very dramatic move. One of the things the Grand Square in April is about is debt and possibly government debt. It should manifest in the U.S. The following weekly chart shows the recent history of the 9 and 18 month cycles and the US$.

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