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Financial Astrology - March 9, 2014

This blog changed on Jan 1, 2014 We will no longer provide turn dates for the SP500 as these are being sold for the first half of 2014 see -> 

From the Feb 16th post "we are entering one of the most dangerous periods of the year. We have significant dates stretching from late February to late April 2014."

And from the Feb 9th post "from February to late April 2014 could see increases in earthquakes and volcanic activity. Social unrest, resistance and war or rumors of war could also be on the agenda. The likelihood of these events increases in April 2014."

The events unfolding in the Ukraine should make for very volatile markets in everything. The next couple of months should be historic.

The forecast dates that have been hit so far are:

Dec 25-Jan 2   - start of the slide in Oil, start of the move up in Gold

Jan 20              - start of the slide in late January

Feb 25 / March 3 - combined since they were so close. Captured the Russian / Crimea                                            invasion and a big one day reversal in the general market indices.

Things look worse from here going into the month of April. The subscribers already have the dates. The ongoing T-square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto turns into a Grand Square in April. Mars is joining the T-square planets so we will have 4 planets in square. This is also a cardinal Grand Square as each planet is in Cardinal signs. Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

This is very powerful and should create a lot of tension in the world. Those people where any of the 4 planets mentioned aspect one of their natal planets will feel it. This is tension on a world wide scale. The tension is like someone trying to do too much, running in many directions, expending energy, but nothing gets done, matters even get worse. With Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries these are definitely war aspects. With Pluto involved this could also be issues regarding debt. Debt is everywhere, governments, companies and individuals. This looks more like country or the debt of large entities. Central Banks?

To summarize the April transits could be war issues, geophysical stress (earthquakes, volcanic activity), more social / geopolitical unrest or debt issues.

I would be very careful in the second half of April but, in fact, the whole period from now to the end of April looks bad.

The SP500 is currently 5 weeks along the 1st Major cycles (nominal 6 week) of the new Primary cycle which started Feb 5, 2014. It is due for a crest in the Major cycle at any time. We may be getting close to a significant high. I'm looking at the April time frame but also the March 14, 17 dates for a high. Getting this correct is obviously critical. With this much stimulus it could go down very quickly.

Gold and Crude seen to be the most affected by the Russian incursion. Gold is now 10 weeks along it's primary cycle and has yet to put in a meaningful crest unless we just started on Friday. Gold cycles may be disrupted in the early part of the invasion / Russian reunion.

So Gold may be headed for a 1/2 Primary cycle crest which is due at any time. Looking forward for an aspect that would equate to a turn in Gold we have heliocentric Mercury entering Sagittarius on March 13. This aspect often coincides with price swings in many markets. This is emphasized by heliocentric Venus entering Scorpio and quintile Pluto on the same day, March 13.

Be on your toes as the problems in Crimea may have a bolstering effect on Gold.

The heliocentric Venus / Jupiter price line chart may be coming back into focus. On the following chart the green price line, Venus is crossing the blue price line, Jupiter. Gold often makes a move when these two price lines cross.

As mentioned above Crude and Gold may be affected most by the Russian incursion. This is the 9th week of the primary cycle for crude and as such i was looking for a 1/2 Primary cycle crest. We did start down but have held up. WTIC in the middle of the U.S. should not be affected by the events in Crimea. Shouldn't but apparently they do. I can't see a specific Astro for a fall in crude with the exception of heliocentric Mercury entering Sagittarius on March 13.

The US$ has been heading down. The 9/18 month cycle is de to bottom in May 2014 (green line on the following weekly chart). Give this a broad window. There is also a 38 month low cycle due in June 2014 (brown line on the following weekly chart). These cycles make a powerful case for a US$ low in the May / June time frame. My biggest concern is the US currency and it's stability.

Considering the upcoming grand square, which may have a lot to do with debt, the US$ may be negatively affected by the grand square in the April time frame, April 14-30. The result may be the US$ low is forwarded to the April time frame.

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