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Financial Astrology - March 30, 2014

Grand Square
The period of time called a Grand Square or Grand Cross is upon us. Individuals should begin feeling the effects of the square starting approx. April 8 through early May. Individuals that have natal planets hit by this square will, at the least be very tense.  There will be great tension in the air as the four planets move into position.

To repeat the four planets with their approx. orbit length are

Mars                687 days
Jupiter             11.9 years
Uranus             84 years
Pluto                248.4 years

The slow moving planets typically have an affect for a long period of time and the faster moving planets have an affect over a shorter period of time. In this case Mars can be looked at as the trigger planet.

We may see a partial affect this coming week as the Sun aspects the three slower moving planets.

Subscribers have the forecast dates and dates for the two eclipses in April.

All four planets are in cardinal signs making the Grand Square more powerful and potentially explosive. Let me add Taiwan, Obama and Putin to the list of countries and leaders that may be affected (see the March 23rd post for others).

The Grand Square is composed of aspects to the four planets listed above. They are:

Mars opposition Uranus
Mars squared Pluto
Mars squared Jupiter
Jupiter squared Uranus
Jupiter opposition Pluto
Uranus square Pluto

Remember Uranus squared Pluto is the 5th of 7 exact squares that has been an on-going process for a few years. This alone is one of the most important aspects mankind can go through. You can search the blog for previous descriptions of this important aspect.

For Astrologers Jupiter and Pluto will be on the invariable plane axis later this month. This is one of the power points in the zodiac. Jupiter opposition to Pluto is a bankruptcy aspect.

The powerful energies of these aspects occurs over a short period of time and may affect much more than the stock market. The markets may be affected by a world event. This is a period when the markets could go really wild.

The above is an explosive combination. Astrology is all about energies. The basic energies of the planets involved based on mundane astrology follows.

Mars is about the military, attacks, oppression, assassinations, anger and violence. Explosions and explosives and fires are also Martian energies. It is also about courage and the use of energy. Currently Mars is in normally diplomatic Libra.

Jupiter is about the public faith and belief systems of the people. Judges, the court system, wealthy people, big business and pomp and circumstances. It also covers over-doing things and religious institutions, a nation's wealth, banks and bankers. Currently fervent Jupiter is in nationalistic Cancer.

Uranus covers science, technology, inventions and new things. Electricity, explosions, revolts, riots, radicals and all things nuclear (oh oh). It also covers fascism, sudden events and changes, things that are unique and astrologers, like me {^_^}. Currently Uranus is in assertive Aries.

Pluto is about wealth, power and the abuse of both. Manipulative leaders, espionage, secret police, torture, war, death and destruction. Things that are permanently changed. Waste and nuclear accidents are covered here. Also debt and taxes and powerful secrets. Currently Pluto is in governing Capricorn.

So this is difficult to forecast events with such a myriad of possibilities. Each of the planets energies are stimulated by aspects to other planets for the good or bad.

This could be a signature for war or rumors of war, either further activity in the Ukraine or another area of the world. If this is a market or financial system event it may be a decision made by financial powers that won't be disclosed immediately. In this time frame the G20 nations will meet (I believe April 11-14). Could a radical change to the world's financial system be on the agenda? Will we know all the decisions that are made? As noted above this could involve a major bankruptcy. Nation's can go bankrupt. This could also be a signature for a change in the world's reserve currency although I've been thinking this is a 2015 event. This should be watched closely.

I'll mention nuclear event but won't dwell on it.

Whatever happens over the next few weeks many people should feel the tension building up into it. This means there may be more than usual violent events that are sudden. This could also be a geopolitical event and with Uranus and Pluto it could be a geophysical event (earthquake, volcano). If it is something that will change the general belief system of the people, this may be the beginning of something more profound that could affect us for many years.

And of course, if this is the end of the world I want to be short.

Normal Post
This coming week may be good timing for a short term Gold / precious metal trade. April 1st has the Sun in waning square to Jupiter, April 2nd the Sun is conjunct Uranus and April 3rd the Sun is in waxing square to Pluto. All three aspects have a history of Gold turns.

We are currently in the 13th week of the primary cycle and topped out March 17th (we had forecast the 18th) forming a 1/2 Primary cycle crest. This often pulls back into the 38.2% - 61.8% Fibonacci retracement levels. The following chart shows we are at the 50% level and could reverse up at any point.

The reason I stated short term is we have Pluto turning stationary retrograde on April 14th. This is a powerful signature which often reverses the current trend. If Gold does not reverse higher before April 14th then it could be a longer term Gold buy signal. This is very close to the danger period so be careful.

April 1 is also the end of the heliocentric Venus pass through Scorpio. This is often a reversal in Gold.

 Copper may also be a good short term trade mid-week.

Crude is starting the 12th week of its Primary cycle and looks like it put in a 1/2 Primary cycle on March 3rd which troughed out very close to the 50% Fibonacci retracement level. Crude should work higher this week although I like the Gold trade better. Crude may hit resistance at the $102.80 level.

"What everyone is looking for, is what is looking."
-- St. Francis of Assisi

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