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Financial Astrology - August 10, 2014

From an Astrological perspective the biggest thing going on this weekend is the perigee Full Moon or "Super Moon" -- Richard Nolle.

Before we go into the above, first some comments on the Primary cycle.

I have been trying to determine the Primary cycle count for a couple of weeks. With the big moves down last week I'm looking at last week being the Primary cycle troughs in both the Dow and SP500.  These were both late or extended. I now have the Dow at 26 weeks and possibly a Primary cycle low on Aug 7th. Similarly the SP500 may have put in a Primary low on Aug 7th which was 25 weeks along. The average length is 18 weeks with an average range of 15-23 weeks for the SP500 and 13-21 weeks for the Dow.

If 8/7/2014 ends up being the Primary cycle troughs then they were both late. There are a couple of positive Astrological aspects coming up, however, there are two very nasty one's as well and September may not be positive for the US$.

The charts follow.



We must watch these indices closely. If the markets are still bullish we should be going up aggressively for a few weeks after a Primary cycle low. It's too early to tell.

Although Friday 8/8/2014 was a very positive day for both indices it was based on inaccurate reporting of a Russian pull back and there was large volume selling right at the close.

August 10th Super Moon.
From last weeks blog.

"That weekend there is another perigee Full Moon on Aug 10th (or Super Moon). Saturn is in a T-Square configuration to this Super Moon. Watched out for major accidents, violent weather and geophysical events.

The above are stressing Saturn which is in the sign of Scorpio. Both Saturn and Pluto transiting Scorpio have a history of epidemics and general health concerns. Currently there is an Ebola outbreak in Africa and a possible bubonic plague occurrence in China. With Saturn in Scorpio and Mars catching up to Saturn with a conjunction on Aug 25th, I would expect these epidemic outbreaks to worsen in the month of August."

Like all Full Moons this is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon. A perigee Full Moon (Super Moon) means the Moon is very close to the closets point to earth for this transit. This puts extra gravitational forces at work. It can be seen in increased tidal strength and has a history of increased earthquake activity and violent weather. Violent people as well. This Super Moon is in a T-square to Saturn meaning Saturn is squaring both the Sun and Moon and is the focal point of the T-square. Saturn is also in a quincunx (150 degrees) aspect to Uranus. What does all this mean?

In mundane Astrology the Sun signifies the head of the nation, the government or executive head. Persons of distinction be it political or business leaders. The condition of the Sun reflects many things about the well being of the nation and how it is viewed by other nations. The Moon on the other hand signifies the people, the masses. It reflects the emotions of the people  and if afflicted it shows unrest and discord among the people. In square to Saturn it is afflicted. Quality of life is included here. Watch for changes in leadership of some country or countries.

So the perigee Full Moon, as all Full Moons is an opposition of the Sun and Moon. It is confrontation between the Sun and Moon and what they represent. Planets and signs can rule many things. With Saturn as the focal planet of a T-square it rules law enforcement and the conservative side of society and governs justice, order, systems and prudence. In a lunation, and this is, Saturn is often where there is the devil to pay, associated with misfortune or lack. With Saturn in Scorpio, epidemics are brought to the fore as we have brought up a few weeks ago. The last time Saturn and Pluto traveled through Scorpio in the 1980's, the Aids epidemic started. Ebola may be a problem for some time now. Give this T-square a number of days around Aug 10th. Scorpio is also about secrets, or what has been buried that comes to light.

With Saturn in quincunx ( a 150 degree aspect) Uranus the two planets have nothing in common. In this case freedom loving Uranus confronts the staid, status quo in Saturn. This is a signature of what is already going on in the Ukraine, Gaza and Iraq. That is upheavals, revolution, lawlessness and protests. I'll only say more of the same around the Aug 10th date. Whenever I see Saturn and Uranus in aspect I think geophysical stress. Saturn quincunx Uranus is a feel the fear the aspect. So feel the fear and do it anyway. Watch for significant earthquakes starting now for 2 weeks after the perigee Full Moon on Aug 10.

From a financial perspective this would appear to cause issues with other's people money (stocks market, insurance, pension funds etc.), debt events and issues and taxes.

There are other important dates coming up over the next couple of weeks, both positive and then quite negative. These will be reserved for subscribers.

Also from last weeks blog post.
"My comments on crude and key dates involving crude and mid-Eastern agreements or changes in power structure were given to subscribers a few weeks ago. They will be upon us soon.
Also mentioned were Mars and Saturn in the sign of Scorpio and their history with epidemics. These two planets will be conjunct later in the month. This may point to a peak in epidemic activity or the beginning. With Saturn involved, this latest Ebola or other epidemic may be with us for some time.

For those who are into mid-points in Astrology, the following is from COSI "Combination Of Stellar Influences" published in 1940. This is for the Mars / Saturn conjunction on the Moon / North Node mid-point.

"The system of self-defense against infection in the human body. Sufferings, disadvantages or losses through associations. Death through suffocation."

It get's worse if I look at the 90 degree mid-points which hits the Sun / Neptune 90 degree mid-points so I'll leave it at that."

Aug 25th is 1,998 cd's (calendar days) from the March 6, 2009 low on the SP500 which was 666. 1998 = 666 * 3. Watch this date.

SP500 Summary
If we are at the trough of the Primary cycle stock indices in the US should go up for a few weeks. If the perigee Full Moon manifests it's negative side we could see increased war efforts. Don't rule out terrorist activities and war like events in Europe with Saturn in T-square to the Full Moon.

We should watch to see if the SP500 can get above the July 24th high at 1991. If it cannot over the next 3-4 weeks we may be seeing the start of a bear market or at least the start of a change from a bull to bear.

Gold is in the 10th week of it's Primary cycle and may have just put in a trough for the first Major cycle (6 week, with a range of 5-7 weeks) of the Primary on July 31.

We've been waiting for a move up in Gold mainly based on Mars transit through Scorpio. The recent rise is encouraging but I'm looking for Gold to start making higher highs. I've bought and I'm holding.

From last weeks blog.
" Any move below $1280,on strong volume and I will be out."

What we need to see is Gold taking out the high on July 10th then the high on March 17th (i.e. previous highs).

We may be in a symmetrical triangle, light blue lines. Price often exits a symmetrical triangle in the same direction it entered it. In this case up.

Silver is in the 11th week of it's Primary cycle. It looks like we put in a 1/2 Primary top on July 10th and are in the time frame for a 1/2 Primary bottom. We are just past the 50% retracement (we're in the box) of the move up from May 30th to July 10th.

We are in the 15th week of the Primary cycle in crude. The current cycle appears to be  left translated which is bearish. There is much going on with crude and the US$. A stronger US$ is not good for crude, at least WTIC.

All these problems are occurring around the dates we sent to subscribers a few weeks ago. The dates concerned crude, countries producing crude, agreements between these countries including crude production and changes in head's of state of crude producing countries.

Previously I've mentioned the issue with the US$ and international trade being largely conducted in US$ for many decades. There may be problems with the US$ in September. I'll be supplying subscribers with the dates.

There are some other issues regarding crude. There has been a dramatic increase in small earthquakes in the states of Kansas and Oklahoma. Some are pointing to waste water pumped into the ground after drilling shale projects as the problem. This situation needs to be monitored closely. The last thing we should be doing is wasting water. Neptune, which rules water, amongst other things is in it's own sign, Pisces. It's importance should increase over the next few years.

Other items, US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers.


  1. Thanks for your update.
    You write there may be problems with the US$ in September. Would you be willing to explain the astrological reason for expecting trouble for the US$?

  2. I was going to include it in a future post but for now look at a chart of the Rebirth of the US$, that is the date Nixon took the US off the Gold standard. The date was Aug 15, 1971. I used Washington DC as the place at 12:00pm. Since the exact time is unknown I'm not using houses but transiting aspects to the natal planets seem to work. I'm looking around Sept 24th.