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Financial Astrology - August 17, 2014

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The Primary cycle appears to have troughed out on Aug 7th so we are entering the 2nd week of a new Primary cycle. This should be bullish for the stock market. We often get a more minor pullback 2 weeks into a Primary cycle (trading cycle) so watch for that this week or next. I'm thinking Aug 22, 25th.

SP500 Primary cycle

A shorter version of the above.

 The DJIA is also in week 2 of it's Primary cycle.

The SP500 need to break below 1938/NSU to signal the start of a move down.

The next period to watch is for the first Major cycle (6 weeks or 5-7 weeks) of the new Primary cycle.  This would mean a low in the weeks starting Sept 8 through Sept 22. This coincides with the 224 cd (calendar day) cycle which the subscribers have had for some time. The 224 cd cycle should trough out around Sept 17 +- 1 week.

This week we get the Venus Jupiter conjunction. Astrologers may think this is very positive (these two planets are the lesser and greater benefics) but in fact they do not have a strong history or correlation with the stock market trends. They may have an uplifting effect on the general population but this will probably end quickly.

Over the next two weeks there are a number of Astrological aspects which affect Jupiter and Neptune. These are both co-rulers for crude. There are a number of potentially significant dates for crude and the mid-East which were given to subscribers a few weeks ago. Neptune in particular is the planet of spirituality. It is also the planet of illusion, delusion and deceit. Watch for agreements that come to light where one party either does not fulfill their part of the agreement or an outright lie. There could be feelings of betrayal and disappointment. There is already much information that is coming out of the Ukraine conflict that is not backed up with relevant facts (video, or credible on the ground reporting). There should be more of this into the end of the month.

President Obama may get caught up in this but I'm not sure if he is the perpetrator or the victim. Watch for this over the next two weeks.

The other key aspects over the next couple of weeks is the Mars in exact conjunction to Saturn on Aug 25th which is also an apogee New Moon. As mentioned previously this is an aspect of both war and with Saturn in Scorpio, a signature for epidemics.

Venus (agreements) will then transit these two planets during the week of Aug 25th ending with a Sun opposition to Neptune. Someone may not follow through on the commitments they have made. The same day the Sun will be quintile Saturn. Sun / Neptune aspects are often found near changes in trend for Gold and longer term trend changes in stock indices.

SP500 Summary
The Mars Saturn conjunction on Aug 25th is a war aspect. That is not to say war is starting, it's already here in a number of hot spots.

Aug 25th is also 1,998 cd's (calendar days) from the March 6, 2009 low on the SP500 which was 666. 1998 = 666 * 3. Watch this date.

With multiple aspects to Jupiter and Neptune I would expect something to do with crude. This should tie in with the dates given to subscribers a few weeks ago.

From a market letter a few weeks ago.
"This would also cover regime changes or changes in borders."

Note what has happened in Iraq with Maliki stepping down and ISIS stating they will create a new caliphate.

The next few weeks should result in more war like actions with an increase in "the fog of war". It will be difficult to get at the truth.

Gold is in the 11th week of it's Primary cycle and may have just put in a trough for the first Major cycle (6 week, with a range of 5-7 weeks) of the Primary on July 31. That being the case this would put the next Major cycle low in the weeks of Sept. 1 through Sept 15th.

We've been waiting for a move up in Gold mainly based on Mars transit through Scorpio. The recent price activity is not positive for the increase we have been expecting. Mars will be existing Scorpio on Sept 13th. Gold needs to break through 1316 for any sign it is advancing from here.

From last weeks blog.
" Any move below $1280,on strong volume and I will be out."

What we need to see is Gold taking out the high on July 10th then the high on March 17th (i.e. previous highs). Watch price action closely next week.

Silver is in the 12th week of it's Primary cycle. If Gold does not look positive, Silver looks worse. We may be near a 1/2 Primary cycle so like Gold, watch Silver closely next week.

We are in the 16th week of the Primary cycle in crude. The current cycle appears to be very left translated which is bearish. There is much going on with crude and the US$. A stronger US$ is not good for crude, at least WTIC.

All these problems are occurring around the dates we sent to subscribers a few weeks ago. The dates concerned crude, countries producing crude, agreements between these countries including crude production and changes in head's of state of crude producing countries.

Previously I've mentioned the issue with the US$ and international trade being largely conducted in US$ for many decades. There may be problems with the US$ in September. I'll be supplying subscribers with the dates.

Timing wise I'm looking for a bounce in price for WTIC, then down into the Primary cycle low which could be as early as the first week in September.

Other items, More specifics on the SP500, Gold and Crude also US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers.

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