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Financial Astrology - May 4, 2015

For the SP500, cycle-wise we are entering the 13th week of the Primary  1 cycle which started on Feb. 2nd 2015.  This cycle is aka, the nominal 18 week with a range of 15 to 21 weeks.


From last weeks blog:

"Although there are no major Astrological exact aspects or events this week that would point to a reversal in trend. The short term trend is up. There are two minor exact aspects that could effect the short term trend as follows:

April 29th       Mars quintile Neptune

April 29th       Sun sextile Neptune.

Of more importance there is a longer term transit that is exact the week of May 4th which is already in orb, that is Saturn sesquisquare (135 degrees) Uranus. These can be looked at as two of the most powerful planets in the zodiac. This has the potential for sudden change or events in many fields over a longer period of time. Saturn represent the solid or permanent structures in our world while Uranus sudden change. This can represent actual physical changes like earthquakes, violent weather etc. It can also represent changes, or the break down in the institutions or structures in our lives. For the markets, the fact we are close to all time highs in the major indices seems to indicate a more severe move and it wouldn't be up. This signature represents a dangerous time period."

Back to this week:
So May 4th the Saturn sesquisquare Uranus is exact. In fact these slower moving planets need a broad orb of influence covering weeks and sometimes months. Nevertheless, the period around the exact date may manifest some of it's energy, which may not be pleasant. The earthquake in Nepal, social unrest and police forces that are acting like they are in a police state echo the energies of this aspect. The sesquisquare aspect which is 135 degrees, is an 8th harmonic aspect (360 / 8 = 45 degrees) and includes 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315 degrees. 8th harmonic aspects tend to manifest in the physical world.

The last few weeks we have mention Venus being "Out of Bounds" OOB starting April 17. Venus will continue to be "Out of Bounds" until early June which should bring volatility and sometimes the trend in the market, which changed near the Venus "Out of Bounds", continues until Venus comes back in bounds. That occurs on June 2 very close to Mars going "Out of Bounds".
There are other transits hitting May 4th. Mercury will go OOB on May 3rd will join Venus, both being "Out of Bounds" by declination. While Venus stands for money Mercury stands for commerce and trading. This may emphasize volatility we may see in the markets over the next few weeks. Mercury comes back in bounds on May 20th.

Other transits are the Sun in waning square to Jupiter and a Full Moon late on May 3rd. Since the Sun is in square to Jupiter, Jupiter is the apex of the T-square. This Full Moon is in the money signs, Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio with both squaring Jupiter in Leo.

In mundane Astrology Jupiter rules the public faith, the court system, wealthy people and big business, banks,  prosperity, foreign countries and that which we may have too much of. Jupiter in Leo on it's face, would appear to be a very positive aspect. Expansive benevolent, optimistic Jupiter in Royal Leo. Jupiter can also indicate that which is overdone and in hard aspect in Leo can bring out the negative qualities of Leo like egotism and can indicate unwise speculation or gambling. Watch the early part of the week and specifically Monday for possible manifestation of the more negative aspects of Jupiter in Leo as the Sun squares Leo right after the Full Moon.

Remember these aspects relate to world events, not just one country although when it comes to the financial markets the US still rules....for now. I'm looking at US$ currency issues later in the year.

I'm also looking at Astrological cycle charts and the Mars and Uranus cycle chart are showing a number of aspects which could create a great amount of tension. This tension must find a release typically by an event or change in the status quo. Watch for this in the markets and general mundane events.

Keep in mind the comments made on the Solar and Lunar eclipse as well in past weeks.

We are looking for longer term cycles, 4 and 6 year, to end this year or 1st quarter 2016. The 4 year should end at a Primary cycle low which may be distorted. The 6 year may end there as well. The troughs for the 4 and 6 year cycles will be much deeper. There are other cycles coming due in the first half of 2015 which are reserved for subscribers.

Gold appears to have put in a put in a Primary cycle   1 trough on March 17th. This was 1 td after the Uranus / Pluto square. This puts us entering the 7th week of the nominal 18 week during this coming week.  

Last weeks action has been negative for PM's. Since we are in the 7th week we could be putting in a low for the first nominal 6 week cycle which could be positive if we make a sharp upswing this week.  I'm looking at this as potentially negative with the Sun waxing trine to Pluto on May 6th. WE may see a move in Gold early in the week and down after the Sun Pluto trine.

It's quite possible the April 6th high is the high of this nominal 18 week cycle which would mean Gold will be headed down for quite a few weeks and quite negative.

The following daily Gold chart shows the heliocentric Venus (green) and Jupiter (blue) price lines. Gold broke below the Venus price line on May 1st, a negative event. Note where Venus crosed Jupiter. Once again we had a sharp move when these two heliocentric planets cross. Watch for a potential small bounce early in the week but PM's will probably move down from here.

As pointed out last week, Gold is also in a forming Head and Shoulders pattern with currently a weaker right shoulder which may make this pattern more powerful. The green neckline shows support / resistance and it is currently around the 1147 area.

All-in all I expect Gold to weaken very soon and be down until late June / early July at the earliest. As mentioned, mid-year or shortly thereafter should be more positive for Gold.

This coming week of May 4 we should be entering the 14th week of a Primary cycle which started Jan 29, 2015 and appears to have put in a nominal 6 week trough on March 18th. There was a lot of volatility in currencies the last few weeks which has affected the price of many commodities.

Crude appears to have put in a "W" bottom and has reached the 23.6% retracement of the move down from June 2014 to January 2015. This is the area I was considering buying and I'm now looking for under valued Canadian oil companies.

Overall crude looks positive here. Although we are looking at crude as bullish although there is probably too many geopolitical issues with crude to effectively trade. One questionable statement and the price of crude could rocket up or down. Now appears to be a time to buy value for longer term holds.

As seen on the following chart the Jupiter price line (orange) gave resistance most of last week in the $58.00 area. Crude did break above the 58.27 area which was the next Jupiter price line (orange). Crude ended the week, up, and should get support at the Jupiter price line (orange). With crude, we have to consider possible actions which could drive price up or down very quickly. If buying, it's a longer term hold.

Other items, more specifics on the SP500, Gold and crude also US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers. At $99.00 for a 6 month subscription, can you afford not to have it?

The 1st half 2015 dates and subscription to the weekly letter are available.

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