Friday, November 25, 2016

Financial Astrology - November 28, 2016

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For the SP500, cycle-wise November 4th looks like the Primary cycle trough1  which puts us entering the 4th week of a new nominal 18 week cycle. This was quite probably the 40 week cycle trough as well. 

The next estimated Primary cycle ( aka nominal 18 week cycle)  low is estimated to be  March 6th +- 3 weeks with a range of February 13th, 2017 to March 19, 2017. It could also be the week of March 19, 2017 +- 3 weeks. As we get closer I will use the upcoming Astros to try and get a more exact reading on when the Primary cycle trough will occur.

We still have a number of Neptune transits this month. I still expect general confusion into early December.

There is an important aspect, Sun waning square Neptune on November 30, the same day as the OPEC meeting. Also on November 30 there is Mercury quintile (72 degrees or 1/5 of a circle) Neptune and December 1 Mars waxing trine Jupiter.

Jupiter and Neptune are the co-rulers of crude. At this time Neptune is in Pisces, the sign that it rules, making Neptune more powerful at this time. This OPEC meeting is important to get a direction for crude early in Trumps term since he is on record as wanting to build up US based energy producers.

The Jupiter / Pluto square on November 24th then Venus aspecting both Jupiter and Pluto on November 25th didn't have much effect. I was looking for a change in trend in the general markets. The Thanksgiving holidays in the US may have effected this transit. Venus will move to square Uranus on November 29th followed by the Sun square Neptune mentioned above. These aspects may affect the nations money (US), debt, women's issues or pensions. Whatever occurs, with Uranus involved, it should be sudden and somewhat unexpected. Watch the US indices and the US$.

Following is a daily chart of the SP500. The brown line is an adjusted Bradley indicator. It's purpose is to find a change in trend. This is not straight forward to read and the details with video are in section 9 of the subscribers report.

Following is our normal daily chart for the SP500. Price is now above both the 15 and 45 day sma's. and the 15 day sma is above the 45 day. They both turned up. A usual setup leading out of a Primary cycle low.

Note, on the above chart the adjusted Bradley (brown line) is turned on November 18th. This did not mark a change in trend. For those who have been reading this blog for awhile I have noted there is often a pullback 2 to 4 weeks after a Primary cycle low. So in this case 2 to 4 weeks after November 4th. We are entering the 4th week. This is based on starting the Primary cycle with a 6 week cycle. The other option is the first sub-cycle of the Primary cycle is the 1/2 Primary or 9 week cycle.

As far as aspects go, the Sun and Jupiter have an affinity for the SP500. The following daily chart of the SP500 shows the Jupiter (blue) price line and the Sun (black) price line. The price line is the longitude of the planets converted to price. On the following chart note the price tends to either reverse or make a sharp move where the Sun price line and Jupiter price line cross. Note the last price bar on this chart is on one of these crossings. I'm looking for a reversal or sharp move up or down early next week.

I continue to watch the 24th harmonic cycle (360 / 24) cycles. The brown squares are Sun / Saturn 15 degrees on the following daily chart. The last hit was
November 4th, the day of the cycle troughs we have been following. The next hits are  then Nov. 23rd and Dec. 9th.  They are often at short changes in trend.

I have added 3 price lines to this chart.
Saturn - black
Uranus - purple
Neptune - light blue

These price lines can act as support / resistance. Notice we have just broken through the Neptune price line. Give these a couple of days.

Also on this chart is a blue vertical line which is the 24 cd (calendar day) cycle. It has been at highs and lows. We just hit it today, November 25th.

There have been a number of earthquakes over 6.5 this week. I'm expecting more possiblt closer to the end of December.

"Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died
Everybody knows"
-- Leonard Cohen

I was looking at October 7th as the start of a new nominal 18 week cycle   1 trough. Last weeks move down negates that possibility and leaves us looking for a Gold cycle low. If Oct 7th was the cycle low and we have a one off move down then this could be the 8th week. If we are still looking for the low in Gold, which I think we are, then we are in the 25th week. This is not a good technical configuration. Note the Primary cycle that ended on June 1, 2016 was 26 weeks, an outlier.

Beyond the nominal 18 week cycle there is a 13 1/2 month cycle that is due for a trough then up. This cycle typically lands in the 11 to 14th month. Again it may have been October 7th. Watch this closely.

The point on Heliocentric Mercury entering Sagittarius on November 5th seem to start the move down in Gold. Helio Mercury will exit Sagittarius and enter Capricorn on November 15th. The slide in Gold precious metals slowed down around November 15th but continued down later last week.

The following weekly chart for Gold has the 13.5 month cycle shown as the blue vertical lines. I'm looking ahead to see if there any Astrological aspect with a history of moves in Gold. The Sun / Neptune square is one and is shown on the following chart as the red squares. They have been at both crests and troughs. The next one is due on November 30th. We also have Neptune turning Direct. The Sun / Neptune square that follows the Neptune Direct signature is the most consistent for a change in trend in Gold. That is, it is more consistent than the Sun / Neptune square that does not occur after a Neptune Direct signature.

Astrologically a low later in November would make more sense. Beyond the Sun / Neptune square there are 2 very long term aspects on November 17 and particularly November 24, 25 although markets in the US will not be open on November 24, Thanks Giving, and only a 1/2 day of November.  This is an important week. Subscribers see the November report.

The next chart is a longer term monthly chart showing the 7.4 year cycle in Gold. They are the red vertical lines. Note that the 7.4 year cycle put in a low in late 2015. We are now in a pull back but we are very early in the 7.4 year cycle which should be bullish in the long term. I'm looking for a more substantial move up in late November or December.

August 3rd was the start of the Primary cycle and we are now 17 weeks along. We are pulling back due to uncertainty in the OPEC decision next Wednesday, November 30th. This OPEC meeting may be particularly hard to call due to Trump's oil policy where he has stated he wants to have the US produce it's own crude via fracking, side-ways drilling etc.

We are ending the 2nd Major cycle (aka 6 week cycle) trough (MB) and could have seen the 1/2 Primary cycle on October 19th where I've marked the Primary Top. The end of a Primary cycle is usually the most volatile and harder to predict. On the following chart the 15 day sma crossed down over the 45 day sma and price is moving down but still above the 15 day sma. This volatility is usual for a Primary trough formation.

I'm watching all aspects to Jupiter or Neptune, the two rulers of crude. The price of crude is subject to the vagaries of the OPEC group and the actions of it's individual members. We had been looking for a retest of the August lows but now have put in the crest of this Primary cycle on October 19th. Watch November 30 for crude. There is a Sun square Neptune aspect and it is the OPEC announcement date.

Following is a daily chart of crude shows the price lines for the Sun (green) and Pluto (black). Note that recent moves down in crude had stopped. or at least slowed down at the up sloping green line, the Sun price line and broke through to the down-side on November 10th. Crude then moved back up to the Sun price line and then moved down sharply on Nov. 25, stopping at the Sun (green) price line. Look for support here or the Pluto price line directly below it.


  1. Hi Gord! Do you envision gold and silver going any lower? Thanks!

  2. Tomorrow has an aspect for Gold to turn up but
    I was looking at PM's to start up closer to the end of December.
    Cycle-wise they are late.

  3. Hi Gord! Are we bad to the precious metals bear market? Thanks!

  4. It looks like the primary cycle low is in for Crude with bullish action so far late this week. Do you see Crude going up from here in 2017?

  5. I agree the Primary cycle trough is in, but I would have difficulty forecasting a big move higher. This may be volatile going forward.