Friday, May 19, 2017

Financial Astrology - May 22, 2017

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For the SP500, cycle-wise I’m looking at March 27th as the Primary cycle trough and April 13th as a double bottom.

This puts us entering the 8th week of a new Primary cycle. We should therefore be looking for a pull back into the first nominal 6 week cycle trough. The other possibility would be a ½ Primary cycle (9 week) which would be a couple of weeks out.

We had a descending triangle (green) on the chart. As often happens price crashed through the upper line of the triangle, in effect gapping twice. Those gap areas may act as support.

It should be noted Primary cycles (18 weeks) most often start with a nominal 6 week sub-cycle.  The 2nd most common start is a 1/2 Primary or 9 week sub-cycles. The nominal range for the Primary cycle is 13 to 21 weeks. The recent highs were on March 1st closing at 2,396 in the SP500 then a high om May 16th at 2,405.77, a new All Time High.

To summarize, I’m looking for a pullback in the short term to a nominal 6 week or ½ Primary cycle trough. I’m expecting volatility with both ups and downs but moving forward I’m looking for a low probably mid-June after reviewing the Astrological aspects.

Note the 15 (red) sma is just above price and the 45 day (blue) sma just below price.

Another cycle that has been at highs and lows is the 40 trading day cycle (td). Next due May 24th +- 3 tds.

Other Astros coming up this week are:

May 21 Mercury Shadow Date
Same as Venus last week. It is the day Mercury returns to the position it held when it went retrograde. Look for a move down Monday or Tuesday.

May 19 Saturn waning trine Uranus
Although this is aspect is past exact it can effect things +- for a few months. This aspect has often been at tops from which significant pull back can occur.
This is the 45 year transit mentioned a number of times with more details sent to subscribers. This is a 3 pass and this is the middle aspect.
Saturn / Uranus contacts emphasize the politics of order and are basically conservative and authoritarian.
This covers the flow of investment and production in heavy industry. Note, what Trump is attempting in the USA.
This is an aspect to bring out new ideas, inventions, insights and reforms.
This aspect can also manifest as sudden breakdown of existing structures.  
In this day and age sudden internet attacks change the status quo.
This aspect also has a strong connection with the Middle East and Israel and gypt in particular. When looking at Brexit and recent political actions in the USA with the Trump presidency look no further than the Saturn / Uranus trine.
Being a 45 year event it needs a wide orb, 2-3 months. I’ll watch other aspects to both Saturn and Uranus as possible triggers.

The heaviest day for transits this coming week is May 25th where we have Venus square Pluto and a perigee New Moon. The latter can result violent weather, geophysical events, or like natal Astrology can affect the individual and his / her thinking. This New Moon is in Gemini which is our thinking and communication. Watch what you say and what you communicate.

The following chart of the SP500 includes the heliocentric Bradley indicator (blue line). There were three possible change in trend dates, which may have been the 6 week lows on May 8th, May 12th and May 18th. Coming up we have potential turn dates on
May 22nd, May 26th and late May, early June.

I continue to watch the 24th harmonic cycle (360 / 24) cycles for short term turns. The brown squares are Sun / Saturn 15 degrees on the following daily chart.

The last hit was on May 17th, the big move down.

The next hits are May 31 then. June 15th. Any could be the 6-week low.

I have added 3 price lines to this chart.
Saturn - black
Uranus - purple
Neptune - light blue

These price lines can act as support / resistance. Also on this chart are blue vertical line which is the 24 cd (calendar day) cycle. It has been at highs and lows.
The date of May 12 is the next 24 cd cycle.

May 12 was the day the general population became aware of the Cyberwar that's been going on for some time. Note the references to May 12th above and the Mars waxing square to Neptune on 
May 11th.

I brought up the August 21 Solar Eclipse in the May market letter. This should bring significant events in that time frame. In the mean time, I will monitor transits that may hit the location of the Solar Eclipse. An example in this blog is May 15th when the North Node transits over the point of the eclipse. 

The path of this very important Eclipse is seen in the following:

I added the chart of Iran to this post. The center circle is the Chart for Iran when the Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran. The outer circle is the planetary position for May 20, 2017.

Note the square between the natal Pluto and transiting Pluto. Also note transiting Mars is trine natal Pluto and transiting Mars is quintile transiting Pluto.

There is going to be trouble in Iran in the next few months. July / August may be it. We'll keep ypu posted.


We put in a low in Gold on December 15th, 2016 which was the 7.4-year cycle low in Gold

Gold most often starts a Primary cycle with a nominal 6 week sub-cycle. This Primary cycle appears to be in a classic 3 * 6 week pattern. Venus turning retrograde is a good signal for a move in Gold and Gold did move sharply lower at the Venus retrograde. Gold now appears to be rolling over into the last 6th week cycle which should take Gold to a Primary cycle low in May / early June.

Gold may have put in the Primary trough on May 9th but not confirmed. This would put us in the 2nd week of a new Primary cycle. As mentioned many times we often get a pullback 2 to 3 weeks after starting a new Primary cycle. We may be seeing this right now in Gold.

After the Primary low is in (remember it is not confirmed) I’m looking for precious metals to start moving up. Beyond technical’s and Astrology, countries like China are reducing the rate at which they purchase US treasuries. By May / June watch Gold increase. I am looking at precious metals being the potential trade of the year.

December 15, 2016 may have been the Gold low we were looking for. This would put us in the 23rd week of the Primary cycle. This looks like the third and last nominal 6 week cycle dropping into it’s low.

Gold like many markets will be affected by the Astrological aspects from late March through April. This may push Gold a little lower or add some restraint in the Spring period.

Gold may be affected by the Venus and Mercury shadow dates which are May 19 and May 21 respectively.

The following chart shows a 27 cd (calendar day) cycle (red vertical lines) which is next at May 15th +- 2 td’s. Note the MACD and CCI indicators at the bottom of the chart. CCI appears headed up.

The next chart is a longer term monthly chart showing the 7.4 year cycle in Gold. They are the red vertical lines. Note that the 7.4 year cycle put in a low in late 2015. We are now in a pull back but we are very early in the 7.4 year cycle which should be bullish in the long term.


We had May 5th as the Primary cycle low. Remember our rule just covered under Gold above. At the start of a new Primary cycle we often get a pullback 2 – 3 weeks along.

There have been a number of aspects involving Jupiter and Neptune, the co-rulers of crude. There have also been aspects to Pluto which rules all things from the ground.

Coming up in June we have Jupiter turning Direct and Neptune turning retrograde within 5 td’s of each other. Both are co-rulers of crude.

The blue horizontal lines are the average longitudes of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto converted to price. They should act as good support / resistance areas
Note how the move down stopped close to the blue line and bounced off it.

I'm watching all aspects to Jupiter or Neptune, the two rulers of crude. Crude can also be effected by Pluto as it rules “things from the ground”. Pluto turned retrograde on
April 20th, in the middle of the move down.

Following is a daily chart of crude showing the price lines for the Sun (green) and Pluto (black). Note that recent move down stopped near the Pluto Price Line On May 4th then had a big range day on May 5th. It is now up to the next Pluto price line and I’m watching for a break through or will it find resistance? We may see price move up the green Price Lines (Sun) and then follow it up.


  1. Louise McWhirter says that markets should peak when the North Node passes through Leo, which is now and for another 1.5 years. Armstrong says that the markets can correct till sometime in 2018 (a possibility) and then start moving up in which he calls a phase transition. Is this scenario a possibility according to McWhirter?

  2. Yes, McWhirter's theory has worked in the past. Understand that her book was published in 1938 and based on work from the 20's and 30's and earlier. The economy back then was moving from an agrarian to an assembly line production environment. We are now changing to a technological economy.

    If McWhirter's theory holds up it is not exact. It also points out to the economy starting down after the North Node leaves Leo and would put in a low when the North Node is in Aquarius.

    As for Armstrong he had a high in November 2017 and a low in January 2020. He does not use Astrology.