Sunday, June 16, 2013

Financial Astrology - June 16, 2013

This week there will be a lot of news including the FED. Any of which could effect the markets. Friday is also quadruple witching which is often volatile and a big range day.

That being said we have been looking for the markets to go up since the general markets have put in a Major (6-7 week) low and were early in the Primary cycle. The news from the FED will probably drive the market either up or down so we will wait before making a forecast this week. A reminder Venus comes back in bounds on June 20. We were looking for volatility and a big range day. This certainly ties into a FED announcement.

Crude is one market that appears to be headed up after putting in a Major cycle low.

Silver is also in an interesting position as shown on the following daily Silver chart. The heliocentric price lines for Venus and Jupiter are crossing which often triggers a move. Watching for now.

On the general market I’ve been following a 225 cd (calendar day) cycle which hits June 28th. It has been at highs and lows so use technicals to determine a high or low as we approach the date. As usual give it +- 3 td’s. 225 = 365 * .618 or the sqrt root of 5. See the following daily chart of the SP500

Longer term  I’ve been looking at 3 periods going forward where things look particularly negative from an Astrological perspective.

I will come with more exact date as we approach those time periods and we see the price action going into them.

August 2013

Late October / early November 2013

April 2014

The following weekly chart of the DJ shows;

 Uranus square Pluto (blue squares)
Next exact dates
Nov 1, 2013
April 21, 2014 (could be a doozy)
Dec 15, 2014
Mar 17, 2015

Jupiter square Uranus (red squares)
Aug 21, 2013
Feb 26, 2014
April 20, 2014
Jupiter opposition Pluto (red 2 arrows)
Aug 8, 2013
Jan 31, 2014
April 20, 2014

Jupiter / Uranus / Pluto will be in a T square in the August 2013 period. This should be construed as negative. All three planets are in cardinal signs making them more potent. Astrologers may wish to look at April 20, 21st 2014 as particularly stressful.

A number of Astrologers look at the hard aspects (squares and oppositions) from Jupiter to Uranus and Jupiter to Pluto as bankruptcy aspects. This could be individuals, companies or countries.


  1. What do you mean when you say "back in bounds"?

  2. Declination is the measurement of planets north or south of the celestial equator, which is the Earth"s equator extended into space.

    Any planet that goes beyond the Sun's max declination is said to be "out of bounds". The Sun's maximum declination is 23 degrees 27 minutes.

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