Sunday, June 9, 2013

Financial Astrology June 9, 2013

It’s an interesting world we live in. Another Astrologer pointed out exactly 64 years ago on June 8, 1949 George Orwell published his book “1984”. It appears we are living that Orwellian future with the President of the United States, after acknowledging the government has been gathering phone records of U.S. citizens stated “nobody is listening to your telephone calls”.

1984 is worth reading once more. Can the “Ministry of Truth” be that far away? The “Ministry of Truth” controlled information: news, entertainment, education, the arts etc. Or the “Ministry of Peace”, which was of course, in charge of war. I think I just committed a “thought crime” and will be sent away for reprogramming or perhaps to the “Ministry of Love” where guests were beaten and tortured. For now the latter is reserved for non U.S. citizens.

I wonder if I’ll get on a list for writing the above? Or will you for reading it?

And now the weekly analysis.

The SP500 dropped into it’s Major cycle low (6-7 week) on June 6th. This ends the first Major cycle of the Primary cycle which started on April 18th. We therefore begin the 2nd Major cycle which would typically be bullish. If still bullish we would take out May 22 high and typically not until the end of the Major cycle that would be forecast to be in the weeks of July 15 or July 22. That would be normal.

The up coming weeks may not be normal, however. We still have the Uranus / Pluto square in aspect and it will be translated by Venus (money and resources) on June 11 and June 12th. This could be pointing to those two days being very volatile.

In addition we have a long term aspect on June 11th, that is Saturn in waning trine to Neptune. On it’s surface trines would be good. It is usually just coincidence if long term aspects seem to effect the exact day of the aspect.

The two planets involved here are completely different. While Saturn deals with reality, hard work, structure and cold hard facts. Neptune on the other hand is about ideals, visualization, idealism and spirituality. Neptune is also about illusion, deceit, confusion, wishful thinking and escape.

At it’s most positive the combing of these two planets would result in “dreams coming true”. It appears what is manifesting is the lies and deceit that have been covered up are meeting the hard light of day, Saturnine reality. There’s going to be a reckoning at some point. As stated previously this is a long term transit, these energies have been forming for some months and will be around for a few months after the waning trine on June 11th.

History teaches us the freedom’s our forefathers fought and died for can be given away easily and quickly but are very hard to get back once lost. Judge yourself accordingly.

The long term Saturn waning trine Neptune has an impressive record of appearing at long term cycles in U.S. stocks, both crests and troughs. This time, due to retrograde motion the trine will be exact On June 11 and July 19. Look 6 weeks before June 11 and 6 weeks after July 19. The only long term aspect that is due (at least what I am aware of) is the 4 year cycle crest and I am expecting it in that time frame. We may have already had it on May 21, 2013 but when Neptune is active double tops are quite common. If we are looking at another crest, I believe it will be on or by July 17th.

There are other aspects in the coming week. I think rather than going straight up we enter a period of volatility. This may be a good oppourtunity for traders.

Don’t forget those out of bounds dates from the previous post. Look for swings around June 14 and June 20th. These dates apply to Gold as well.

Short term it is difficult to see meaningful cycles in Gold, undoubtedly due to manipulation in the Gold market. It went down strongly on Friday with the Neptune retrograde. If I tried a forecast at this time I would be guessing, so I won’t for now. Watch those out of bounds dates.

Perhaps a better time to look at Gold will be after June 22nd. That is the date when heliocentric Mercury enters Sagittarius and often sees moves in the precious metals.

Crude put in a Major cycle (6-7 week) low on June 3rd. It is in the 2nd Major of the Primary cycle which started on April 18. That being the case we would expect crude to move up. Yes Crude is moving up with an over supply situation coupled with declining demand. What fun. Anyway watch the following graph and see if crude breaks up out of the lateral triangle. If yes it’s still bullish.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the perigee full Moon on June 23rd. This is also known as a Super Moon. Perigee means it is the closest pass of the Moon to Earth and in this case it is the closest pass to the Earth for the year. In addition the Sun is conjunct the Uranian planet Hades. Very often found at bad news events. This could be pointing to violent weather, geophysical stress, violence, accidents and generally unpleasant stuff.


  1. Hello... you said june 11-12 is very volatile. after these days do you think market will quiet for a while?? i am trading volatile stocks.

  2. Perhaps a little quieter On June 13, but June 14 has Mercury coming back from out of bounds while it is parallel Jupiter. Things may settly down early next week awaiting the FED meeting then get volatile again around June 19-20 when Venus comes back in from out of bounds while it is parallel Jupiter. The Sun is conjunct Jupiter on the 19th.

    1. Sir
      Could you please throw some light on how Indian (NSE) Market react on 21st June .. Thankyou