Thursday, June 13, 2013

Financial Astrology - June 13, 2013

It's quite possible the general markets go up strongly tomorrow. As mentioned previously Mercury is coming back in bounds by declination and Venus is trining Chiron which is almost stopped as it goes retrograde on June 16th. Mercury is also parallel Jupiter as it comes back in and the Sun is quintile Uranus.

The above coupled with the fact we just put in a Major cycle low (6-7 week) and the SP500 kissed the up trend line and moved up quickly means we should have a big day and I'm leaning on it being an up day.


  1. It didnt bounce today. Do you think market will up next week?

  2. It may churn until we hear from the FED. Although we had no movement today we have Venus coming back in bounds on June 20. Give it +- 1 td.

    Generally I thought we'd be moving up before the perigee full Moon on June 23. That may be nasty. I'll add more on the weekly post.