Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 20, 2013 Update

The general market move today is giving a lot of credence to May 22, 2013 being the 4 year cycle top. If this is the case we should start seeing lower highs and lower lows over the next few months as we descend into the 4 year cycle trough.

A point of interest that on May 22, 2013 heliocentric Uranus was at 9degress 4 minutes in Aries. The last time it was there was Sept 3, 1929, the top before the big drop that started the depression.

Considering the Uranus cycle is 83 years, 8 months, 19 days that's amazing!


  1. Do u think there are more downside?

  2. For tomorrow I can't see many traders wanting to take on new positions over the week end there fore we should be flat to down.

    In the intermediate term, assuming the 4 year crest is in, we should move down although it may be choppy and volatile.

    My Forecast going forward haven't changed. They are in a previous post.

  3. Great work on this blog! Its become a habit for me now to check several times a day for new insights.

  4. Thanks, I should have mentioned tomorrow is the start of summer as the Sun enters Cancer, a Cardinal sign. Gann put great emphasis on the four dates of the year that starts the seasons.

    Tommorow also has that sharp turn in the Bradley index. I can just say it works sometimes.

  5. Sir
    Could you please throw some light on NSE(India) -Nifty Index for 21st June .Thankyou

  6. I don't follow it directly. I'll see what I can do.

  7. Dear Mr. tradingDaze,
    i have been a follower of yours and look for new writings almost every day morning even though i know you usually put a new writings on Sunday afternoon late.
    if time permitting would you please comment on Coffee if you can as every body talks about it and in America we are addicted to it and can't do without coffee atall.

  8. Let me check a few things, over a coffee of course.

  9. On coffee. Neptune rules coffee so I'm looking for some significant transit to Neptune to reflect a change in the downward march of coffee prices. Until you see some movement reversing prices don't touch it. Watch it closely on the following dates :
    June 26
    July 17
    July 19
    Don't buy until you see a significant bottom formation. With Neptune you always have to watch for a double bottom.