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Financial Astrology - Dec 6, 2014

Please note, we are testing a new format for the charts, that is voice over charts and using YouTube for display. I believe this will be a better format for communicating information.

We have been looking for a turn in the US market indices for the past two weeks. Cycle-wise we are at either the 8th week of a Primary  1  cycle or the 18th week of an older cycle. Either way, cycle wise, we are due for a turn down into either the nominal 6 week low or down into the nominal 18 week cycle low Primary  1 .

We continue to look for periods of time where this market will, if not reverse, at least pause or have a normal correction period. If you feel the price action since mid October is not normal, you would be right.

We are just entering a volatile time period with both Jupiter and Uranus are active. We are also entering a period where the next Uranus / Pluto waxing square is exact on
Dec. 15th. If you  review the comments made about this square in last weeks letter and many prior letters;

"Other events associated with this square are protest movements, social unrest and perhaps mob violence directed at banks and governments."

"Look for governments everywhere to take steps to protect themselves from their own people and people rebelling against the controls of government."

"The last conjunction of Uranus and Pluto occurred during the 60's, a period of social unrest. The news footage from Ferguson over the last week is strikingly similar to the social unrest video from nearly 50 years ago."

It appears that the energies of the Uranus / Pluto square are manifesting as social unrest between the black community and the countries police departments. Or perhaps it is just the white communities (and media) are just waking up to a problem that has been well known in the black communities for years. Watch the time periods around the next two exact squares between Uranus and Pluto that is on Dec 15, 2014 and March 16, 2015 for more potential social unrest. Hopefully police departments and other's in a position of power back off during the intense period.

I'm going to try a new format here and use a Crude chart to demonstrate the technique. This is one of literally thousands of astrological techniques. I'm hoping to convey more information in this new format. If it is well received I'll include it in future market letters. I can get much more information across with a picture of a chart and talk to it with the astrological events on the chart.

(PS. Change the format to Full Screen for improved viability)

Crude - Jupiter and Neptune - just an example.

Crude - 38 month and 16 / 24 week cycles

See comments further down in the crude section.

SP500 - Jupiter and Uranus

Uranus / Pluto Square

We are about to enter more challenging times as the Uranus / Pluto waxing square is exact for the 6th time on Dec 15th.

I've been looking for a pullback for a number of weeks.

As a general statement going forward. For the past couple of years I have been forecasting troughs and crests in the general market indices. There has been no mention of market crashes or more dire events. The strength of the market has been impressive although it may have been manipulated up in the US and other markets, ex. Japan.

For 2015 and the first quarter of 2016 we'll be looking to call a more severe market turn and possible crash. At this point I'm assuming some external event will cause the fall but this could change as we move forward. I suspect the US$ will be involved. Also from my preliminary review of 2015 there appears to be additional war aspects and I would say we won't have a lot of time to wait, 1st quarter. I'm assuming this is in addition to the conflicts going on or a dramatic increase in existing hostilities.

On Gold, I've been waiting for Dec 8th where we have Jupiter going retrograde in the sign of Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun which rules Gold. Until Thursday a move up in Gold looked like the strongest path. Friday was a strong move down which tokk Gold below the 15 day sma and the 45 day sma. Nevertheless I'm looking for a reversal in Gold and up.

From last weeks post on Crude:
"Somewhere between the Nov 17, Neptune direct and Dec 9th, Jupiter retrograde should see a reversal in crude or a change in one of the issues involving crude."

Well, crude got a sharp move and issues involving crude changed, specifically, OPEC and all countries associated with the supply side.

The question now, is this a shorter term move or a more permanent change in crude pricing going forward?


We are entering either the 8th week of the nominal 18 week cycle  1 (nominal 18 week) which started on Oct. 15th or the 18th week of a cycle which started on
Aug 7th.

This is looking more like a Primary cycle bottom on Oct 15th and therefore, cycle wise, we should be looking for a pullback into the nominal 6 week cycle trough. If the cycle started on Aug 7th we should be looking for a crest and move down into the nominal 18 week cycle low. We have been waiting for a turn down for a couple of weeks.

Historically we are entering the strong period of the year for the markets. We also have the reaction to the mid-term elections in the US. It was pointed out to me this is typically very positive when there is a democratic president. This is based on averages but we should be aware of market tendencies to move in one direction or the other.

A general note on Neptune. Like any planet Neptune can rule many things. One is illusion and delusion. Other things ruled by Neptune are; health and welfare, charities, spirituality, refinement, weakness, healing, hospitals, prisons, legal and illegal drugs, chemicals, poisons, scandal, corruption, fraud, propaganda, films, socialism, the oceans, oil and gas and the navy.
I bring this up because Neptune is in a powerful position, it is in it's own sign, Pisces. Things that it rules come to the fore and are more potent than usual. Neptune is a slow moving Planet and is in each sign approx. 14 years. It's part of the background to history and as the book states, it's the "Sign of the Times".

In Pisces, Neptune acts with the greatest ease. It is often associated with dependency. When looking at a general population this can be dependency on the populations government, including hand-outs and all forms of programs, from pensions to food stamps. Dependency can also cover addiction to technological toys from cell phones that can't be put down to an x-box or other games. Media propaganda is often highlighted during Neptune / Pisces transits as is depression, oppression or exploitation. Pisces is also associated with healing so watch for developments in medicines (traditional and alternative) and medical technologies and alternative healing.

Watch for the effect of the above. Market wise watch the medical sectors and those companies bringing new technologies forward.

Closer at hand we had Neptune turning stationary Direct on Nov 16th and then the Sun square Neptune on Nov 27th, the day of the OPEC meeting and decision. See the Jupiter / Neptune link above.

Gold appears to have put in a trough on Nov 7th. This would put us in the 5th week of it's Primary cycle   1  (nominal 18 week).

It has been difficult forecasting many of the commodities due to possible deflationary forces, wild currency moves and market manipulation. Even if it is the 5th week of a new Primary cycle, which is typically bullish, it could turn back down quickly. There are other potentially bullish Astros for Gold in this time frame.

Subscribers got a more detailed review of the longer term Gold aspects detailing an 8.5 year, 4.25 year and 17 month cycles three weeks ago.

Silver also appears to be in the 5th week of it's Primary cycle cycle  1 on
Nov 7th. Silver has both signs of turning up and down, so we'll wait until next week to comment

The big questions is whether this huge move in crude is a more permanent structural change or shorter term. I suspect we are seeing a new outlook for crude at lower prices.

I gave a number of reasons for the behavior in the price of crude last week. I'll add the major Astros. Crude is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. As mentioned above Neptune is in it's home sign Pisces, where Neptune is quite powerful. Neptune is also about deceit and confusion.

I'm not looking for a trigger in crude anymore. Aspects to Jupiter or Neptune, the rulers of crude were good candidates.

From last weeks blog post.
"Somewhere between the Nov 17, Neptune direct and Dec 9th, Jupiter retrograde should see a reversal in crude or a change in one of the issues involving crude."

We got the big change with the OPEC announcement and the subsequent slide in Crude.

Details for Crude are included in the Chart / voice over's above.

Other items, more specifics on the SP500, Gold and crude also US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers. At $99.00 for a 6 month subscription, can you afford not to have it?

People signing up now (after November 1st) will get the rest of 2014 and the first half of 2015, Jan. - June). The 1st half 2015 dates will be available Dec 7, 2014


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