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Financial Astrology - October 19, 2015

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For the SP500, cycle-wise we are entering the 14th week of Primary cycle  1 cycle that started on July 7th.  This cycle is aka, the nominal 18 week with a range of 15 to 21 weeks. This is the chart we have been following for many months.

The next time band for a nominal 18 week (Primary) cycle trough is noted on the above chart of the SP500 below and is from Oct 19 through Dec 1st 2015. The 50 week and 4 year cycles may have seen their troughs at the Aug 24th lows but this is not definite.

If Aug 24th was the low for the 4 year and 50 week then we should consider it to be a Primary cycle low as well. We need to resolve this over the next week where we are looking for a pullback. The rise  from Sept 29th is probably due to the markets expecting an easy FED policy going forward.

Other longer term cycles that are close to seeing their lows are the 7 year cycle and the Kitchin cycle (40 months). I'm looking for these in mid December 2015 to January 2016.

I've been looking at Oct 12th (+- 3 tds) as being the start of a move down and the week of Oct 19 (+- 3 tds) as recording a low.

The markets did not go down this week so I am looking for a move down during the week of Oct 19th. This is looking like a "W" bottom in which case one might expect an upside breakout. If we continue up after Oct 20th then we must consider this option. There are a number of tough Astrological transits in the next couple of weeks which should offer resistance to this market move. The Mars / Jupiter conjunction of Oct 17th is a good example of a transit that has a history of strong reversals in the markets.

As this primary cycle started on July 7 and at this point made a crest on July 20th it is a very left translated and therefore quite bearish. I don't expect the high will be taken out during this nominal 18 week cycle.

The low at August 24th was either a nominal 6 week cycle trough which was 7 weeks along or it could be a Primary cycle low and our estimate for the Primary cycle was wrong. It could quite possibly be the 50 week cycle low and also possible it is the 4 year low. This is very important as it affects how we interpret the upcoming Astrological transits going forward. If this was the 4 year cycle low we would expect the 21 and 34 week moving averages to move below price. This may be occurring.

From two weeks ago blog; "If it was a 4 year cycle low the markets should be bullish."
They've been bullish since Sept 29th 2 days after the Lunar eclipse.

The Sun has entered Libra, a Cardinal, Air sign and this time of the year has a strong history of sharp moves down in the US indices. September's sharp move could have been it this year, but I think we have another in front of us.

We just had Pluto turning direct on Sept 26th and we have a number of transits hitting Pluto this week including the Moon in conjunction to Pluto on Oct 19th.

The reason this is important is that transiting Pluto has just turned direct and is opposing the Sun in the natal U.S.A. chart. For Astrologers this is using the Sagittarius rising chart. Transiting Pluto is also squaring the natal Saturn in the U.S.A. chart as well. This is creating a powerful T-square between transiting Pluto and the natal US Sun and Saturn. These aspects will be in orb well into 2016. This may not be a great time to live in the US. Pluto will force a change in the status quo and the future is very much dependent how change is handled.

Pluto is all about transformation that will happen or be forced to happen. It is about the end of the status quo, possibly in a violent way.

It is about extremes and the use or mis-use of power, including nuclear energy. In Capricorn this can stand for the people rebelling against the establishment or the "powers that be" using their power to control the people. Such control is often accomplished through fear.

Pluto energies opposite the Sun in the US National chart should describe some type of threat or dangerous event and with the square to Saturn, fear may be present. This could be another random act of violence or possibly something more sinister and organized. An additional aspect has transiting Uranus conjunct Chiron which increases the likelihood of a sudden, violent event.

Due to retrograde / direct motion (Pluto turns Direct and Mercury turning Retrograde) Mercury (the messenger) will square Pluto three times with the last one coming on October 22nd, a rare occurrence.

This is the first time Pluto has opposed the US Sun ever. Pluto moves very slowly. The Pluto / US Sun opposition has been going on since early February 2014. It should be noted, some countries that have experienced this aspect have gone through periods of massive change. This can best be described as a period of creative destruction where things are broken down in order to build up a new more functional and effective base. If you live in the U.S. this period will continue for a number of months, well into 2016.

Perhaps the US market gyrations are symptom of this Pluto transit as well. If we look back at when Pluto was conjunct the natal U.S. Sun it was the roaring twenties, before the collapse. That was the conjunction and we are now experiencing the Pluto / Sun opposition. Pluto is about change but with an opposition the change may come from the U.S. allies or enemies.

Another important aspect is Mars conjunct Jupiter on Oct 17th. Among other things, Mars stands for war and Jupiter the financial sector. This could stand for a currency war, aggression towards banks and sudden changes to the financial sector. This aspect has a history of occurring near trend changes in the Primary cycle. This aspect has had an effect on Gold and Crude in the past. 

Jupiter also stands for religion and the activities in the mid-East are a perfect description of Mars / Jupiter aspects, "war against religion".

Looking at mundane Astrological aspects Mars is trine Pluto in the Mars cycle on Oct. 18th. In the Mars cycle chart Pluto is in the 5th house which governs the stock market amongst other things. Mars is also Quincunx Uranus in this chart, an aspect for sudden change.

Following is a monthly chart of the SP500 with the 7 year cycle on it. The red bars near the bottom of the cycle indicator show time periods that the 7 year cycle is estimated to hit it's trough. Due to the influence of other long term cycles I'm looking at December 2015 / January 2016 as a possible period of time for the 7 year cycle low.

On the following chart which is the average longitude of the planets Mars through Pluto
(blue lines) converted to price. The SP500 has risen to another price line at 2031.58. The blue midpoint lines are acting as resistance for the SP500.

Note the other recent OPEX dates (red circle). They have been at highs then down. The OPEX date is Oct 16th.

At this point, following are the highs in the US indexes. Also noted are the dates the 50 day simple moving average crossed the 200 day sma, the so-called death cross.

DJIA               May 19, 2015 50 day sma crossed below the 200 day sma on Aug 11th
DJTI               Nov 28, 2014 50 day sma crossed below the 200 day sma on May 26th
SP500             May 20, 2015 50 day sma crossed below the 200 day sma on Aug 27
NYSE             May 21, 2015  50 day sma crossed below the 200 day sma on Aug 11th
RUT               Jun 23, 2015 50 day sma crossed below the 200 day sma on Sept 1st
COMPQX      July 20, 2015 50 day sma crossed below the 200 day sma on Sept 25td

Some of the biggest moves in the US markets have occurred when Saturn is in mutable signs. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Saturn changed signs into Sagittarius on Sept 17th and will be there until Dec 20, 2017.

And one more showing the geocentric Jupiter / Saturn square (red squares) including the following note (Every pass of the waning square between Jupiter and Saturn that has been a 3 pass has resulted in a longer term cycle unfolding between the first and last passages). Could this forming low be it?  There is more useful information on this chart, reserved for subscribers.

In Summary
This weekend we have Mars conjunct Jupiter which has a history of changes in trend in the major US indices. We have just been through a short period with a number of transits to Neptune. Illusion and delusion. This week also has Saturn sesquisquare Uranus, a transit of great tension which is exact on Oct 22nd. These are examples of slow moving transits which color a period of time. It's energies should be near a peak over the next few weeks.

This week has an unusual configuration where we have 4 planets paralleling each other over a 3 day period. The planets involved are Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. This should trigger an unusual event in the coming week.

We have been looking at next week as a possible low for some time. A question has developed whether August 24th was the Primary cycle low along with a 50 week and 4 year. This is possible, so this weeks price action is very important to determine where we are in the Primary cycle and when to expect changes in trend in the indices. Monday Oct 19th may be up but we had best see a move down starting by Oct 20th or we will have to consider this as an upside breakout from the "W" bottom probably due to the perception of an easy FED policy.

Gold put in a  Primary cycle   1 trough on July 24th. This could turn out to be a very important low.

We are entering the 12th week of the nominal 18 week cycle. It appears we have put in the nominal 6 week cycle trough on Sept 11th.  There is much confusion in the financial markets and I expect Gold to reflect this confusion as well. 

From last week: "Any move above 1169.80 on a daily closing basis should be viewed as bullish as it would change the current Primary cycle from left translated to right translated."

So we broke above 1169.80 on Oct 14th so Gold continues to be bullish but we should watch for a potential pull back. There was a strong Doji on Thursday, a sign of indecision and then down on Friday. I've been long Gold but may cut back next week.

The Mars / Jupiter conjunction (Oct 17th) mentioned above can indicate strong crest formations in Gold followed by a sharp correction. Watch for this early next week.

On the following daily Gold chart notice Gold has been following the heliocentric Venus price line (green) up and may act as resistance. The heliocentric Venus price line (green) and the heliocentric Jupiter price line (blue) cross again on October 20th. Watch this date +- 1 td for a move in Gold, quite possibly down.

This coming week of Oct 19th we should be entering the 8th week of a nominal 18 week cycle which started August 24th.

I've mentioned a number of times to watch dates near Neptune or Jupiter. Oct 15 had the Sun sesquisquare Neptune, Oct 16 has Venus square Neptune and Oct 17th Mars conjunct Jupiter. I'm watching for a move early next week.

There are a number of potent aspects to Jupiter and Neptune on the month of October and I therefore expect crude to be quite volatile.

Other items, more specifics on the SP500, Gold and crude also US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers. At $99.00 for a 6 month subscription, can you afford not to have it?

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