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Financial Astrology - October 26, 2015

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I will diverge from the normal format to review last week and other Astro areas we should keep in touch with.

I had been looking for a low last week. Two things occurred which were not well accounted for. The problem is not with the Astrology, it is with the Astrologer.

1.) I had the Primary cycle low on July 7th. This now appears incorrect and the Aug 24th low is quite probably the Primary cycle low, the 50 week low and the 4 year cycle low. This makes a mess out of our Primary cycle counts but when longer term cycles hit, like the 4 year, they can distort the currently forming cycle. In this case the Primary cycle got distorted and very short. I have stated before that if Aug 24th was the 4 year low it would be quite bullish. The results speak for itself and I should have followed this reasoning last week and the potential big move up.

2.) We mix market cycles and Astrological cycles in our analysis. The Astrological aspects are most often the longitudinal position of two planets. For example, Mercury squared Saturn as the planets travel in elliptical orbits around the Sun. Think of this as a horizontal dimension.

There is also a vertical dimension and that is declinations. Declinations measure how far North or South a planet is from the celestial equator. The celestial equator is the Earth's equator extended out into space. So each planet is on it's own plane and declinations are the measure of how far a planet is from the celestial equator, North or South.

Note the following chart which shows the declination values for the normal planets for the month of October. Also note the circled values. + means North and - means South.

Also note the values that are circled on the same day (either exact or close). Because they are all North they are showing when the planets are in parallel. This is a quite a unique configuration having 4 planets in parallel in such a short period of time. I mentioned this in the Summary section last week but should have stressed it and indeed it should have affected my forecast which was obviously wrong.

Following is the same information in a typical chart format. The declinations are at the bottom of the chart. Note the last light blue circle. It's around the Oct 19-22 dates
and the Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus parallels.

This was accompanied by Saturn waning sesquisquare Uranus on Oct 22,a powerful and tense aspect, as well as Draghi's speech to continue and possibly expand the European QE. He went as far as saying they could buy stocks. This is typical jaw boning the markets up, but it has worked in the past. We must remember the underlying economy has not changed. All the debt and problems that existed are still there.

That said we have one more of these parallels and it's a powerful Jupiter parallel Uranus on Oct 28th, with direct aspects to Uranus the day before. Is this marking a turn, a blow off top or something else? Oct 28 is also the end of the next FED meeting with minutes at 2:00pm. After the ECB meeting and China lowering rates no one expects the FED to increase rates at their October 28. It is a day to watch carefully. Jupiter and Uranus can yield surprises. They can also indicate a period when events are overdone. After an 18 td rise we should see at the least a consolidation and quite possibly a 1/2 Primary cycle high and down. That said I'll wait for the FED minutes on Oct 28th.

For the SP500, cycle-wise we are entering the 9th week of Primary cycle  1 cycle that started on Aug 24th.  This cycle is aka, the nominal 18 week with a range of 15 to 21 weeks. This is the chart we have been following for many months. I'm leaving the old estimate for the Primary cycle on the chart and adding a new one in blue based on the Aug 24th Primary cycle low.

Since we are in the 9th week, with a dramatic move up, we should be looking for a 1/2 Primary crest. There are a number of trend lines centered on Oct 26th and we could see a pullback. This could happen at the open.

The next time band for a nominal 18 week (Primary) cycle trough is noted on the above chart of the SP500 above and is from Nov 30 through Jan 15, 2016. Note we have stopped at the Fib 78.6%. 78.6% is the square root of 61.8%

Other longer term cycles that are close to seeing their lows are the 7 year cycle and the Kitchin cycle (40 months).

The following chart shows the 21 and 34 weekly moving averages and the fact price broke through both averages. We would expect the 21 week to start curling up and crossing the 34 week. We can't confirm the 4 year until this takes place.

From three weeks ago blog; "If it was a 4 year cycle low the markets should be bullish."
They've been bullish since Sept 29th 2 days after the Lunar eclipse.

The Sun has entered Libra, a Cardinal, Air sign and this time of the year has a strong history of sharp moves down in the US indices. September's sharp move could have been it this year.

See last weeks comments on Pluto and the National chart of the USA. Everything we said about Pluto and the US last week should hold true for many weeks going forward.

Going forward we are reluctant to forecast significant moves until after the FED meeting on Oct 28th. As mentioned above this has Jupiter parallel Uranus a combination that could give us another big move. Also note there is an aspect on Oct 25, Venus conjunct Jupiter. This would normally be construed as positive particularly for banks and financial institutions. Nevertheless there are a number of trend lines centered on Oct 26th. We could see a pullback on Monday and it could be at the open. Jupiter rules things that are overdone.

Uranus is also about surprises and Jupiter sometimes represents things that are over done. I can say at this point, it is doubtful the general US indices support the current valuations based on the world economy and I don't expect the world economy to improve until the 2nd half of 2016 at the earliest.

Looking forward to the first two weeks of November we have the North Node entering Virgo on Nov. 11th. The  North Node moves in the opposite direction to the planets. On Nov 8 Venus enters Libra and conjuncts the North Node. On Nov. 12th Mars conjuncts the North Node and enters Libra.

The North Node in Virgo represents fate or destiny and Virgo represents our service to the world, as well as, our daily routines and generally fixing things up.

Mars is also the most often noted link to the nodes at the times of accidents, due almost exclusively to sudden careless actions. Confrontations are very likely to surface with this connection and there are typically increased mechanical breakdowns and malfunctions. Watch for increased military activity, terrorists and explosives.

Following is a monthly chart of the SP500 with the 7 year cycle on it. The red bars near the bottom of the cycle indicator show time periods that the 7 year cycle is estimated to hit it's trough. Due to the influence of other long term cycles I'm looking at December 2015 / January 2016 as a possible period of time for the 7 year cycle low.

From now through to February 2016 Uranus and Pluto move closer together to the square which we wrote much about in 2014 and early in 2015. For new subscribers or anyone, use the search facility on the blog. Search for "Uranus square Pluto". We should mention Mars will go retrograde in January 2016 and add energy to the Uranus / Pluto square near the end of January.

Jupiter and Saturn are the business planets and Mars the planet giving energy to business activities.

On January 9, 2016 Jupiter turns retrograde and moves to form a square aspect with Saturn on March 23. This Jupiter-Saturn square aspect will be a prominent feature in the 2016 Sun cycle that commences March 20. We will cover cycle charts in the January subscribers report.

The third and final Jupiter-Saturn square, yields negative energy that marks for decreased business activity and lower profits is formed May 26, 2016.

On March 26, 2016 Saturn turns retrograde and moves to form a square aspect with Neptune on June 18, 2016. The third and final Saturn-Neptune square aspect reaches its peak on September 10, 2016.

Jupiter is square Pluto November 24, 2016 and opposition Uranus December 26.

There are 3 Mars conjunctions in 2016. Mars is conjunct Saturn August 24, 2016; Mars is conjunct Pluto October 19; and Mars is conjunct Neptune January 1, 2017.

Saturn square Neptune, Uranus square Pluto and these 3 Mars conjunctions are the outstanding influences on global affairs during 2016, but whatever happens will be triggered by events occurring in September, October and November 2015. Be forewarned and watch the period around the end of November.

Neptune is prominent particularly in the second half of November 2015. We've mentioned watching Jupiter and Neptune for swings in crude. We've also noted Neptune often brings illusion, delusion, lies, deceit and falsehood.

Neptune also rules water. This could be a lack of water or too much as would be the case in large storms.

On the following chart which is the average longitude of the planets Mars through Pluto
(blue lines) converted to price. The SP500 has risen to another price line at 2031.58. The blue midpoint lines are acting as resistance for the SP500 on it's move up.

Note the other recent OPEX dates (red circle). They have been at highs then down but this time up. The OPEX date was Oct 16th. Notice how each big move lands on the blue lines.

At this point, following are the highs in the US indexes.

DJIA               May 19, 2015
DJTI               Nov 28, 2014
SP500             May 20, 2015
NYSE             May 21, 2015 
RUT               Jun 23, 2015
COMPQX      July 20, 2015

Some of the biggest moves in the US markets have occurred when Saturn is in mutable signs. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Saturn changed signs into Sagittarius on Sept 17th and will be there until Dec 20, 2017.

And one more showing the geocentric Jupiter / Saturn square (red squares) including the following note (Every pass of the waning square between Jupiter and Saturn that has been a 3 pass has resulted in a longer term cycle unfolding between the first and last passages). Could the August low be it?  The Saturn square Neptune aspect (light green squares) on the following chart are often found with high or low inflation and high or low interest rates.

Gold put in a  Primary cycle   1 trough on July 24th. This could turn out to be a very important low.

We are entering the 13th week of the nominal 18 week cycle. It is quite possible Gold put in a Primary cycle crest on Oct 15th in which case we would be heading down into it's Primary cycle bottom. I sent out an Alert earlier this week to get out of Gold. I'm looking at a trough within a week +- of the Saturn square Neptune on Nov 26. With the central banks of the world being so active the trough could occur earlier.

The Mars / Jupiter conjunction (Oct 17th) mentioned above can indicate strong crest formations in Gold followed by a sharp correction. Watch for this to continue early next week.

On the following daily Gold chart notice Gold had been following the heliocentric Venus price line (green) up but now moving down. Watch for support at the darker green line (heliocentric Venus price line). If we don't get support there the Jupiter price line would be next, currently at 1148. If broken we could go down quickly.

This coming week of Oct 26th we should be entering the 9th week of a nominal 18 week cycle which started August 24th.

I've mentioned a number of times to watch dates near Neptune or Jupiter aspects. Oct 15 had the Sun sesquisquare Neptune, Oct 16 had Venus square Neptune and Oct 17th Mars conjunct Jupiter. I'm watching for a move early next week.

In the second half of November, Neptune will be highlighted as it changes to direct motion, Saturn squares Neptune and the Sun squares Neptune while conjunct Saturn. I expect crude to be quite volatile. With Neptune active to this degree I would also expect our old friends, illusion, delusion, lies, deceit and falsehoods to be apparent.

Other items, more specifics on the SP500, Gold and crude also US$, NatGas, Coffee reserved for subscribers. At $99.00 for a 6 month subscription, can you afford not to have it?

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  3. What is the George Bayer Rule, and why would it affect the SPX and Dow in a downside direction this week?

  4. George Bayer, an Astrologer from the 1940's developed many rules.
    From experience, I use non of them.

  5. Good you didn't as today's rally post Fed shows further proof central banks are in complete control. Whatever you astro wise, will take a car full of CB's over a ravine to stop this endless rally. Dow closed up 1,800 point since Oct 2nd.
    We have now closed above 5 standard deviation bands without a single pullback.
    The minimum the Dow should pullback is 407 points, it can't even pull back 40.
    If you see a turn any day soon, I'd be enlightened to say the least.