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Financial Astrology - June 1, 2014

I've been expecting a Primary cycle low on or around May 30. What we are seeing is a cycle inversion where a high comes in where one expected a low. Some indices made new highs while others did not. This has the earmarks of a high and this coming week has further aspects indicating a turn down.

This weeks post will be short as I am working on the second half 2014 forecast dates for subscribers.

This is 17th week of the Primary cycle (nominal 18 week). Previous posts had been expecting a Primary cycle low in late May / early June. I'm now looking for a high and a turn down in that period. It could stretch into the second week of June but I'm going with a turn in the first week of June.

May 30           Geocentric Jupiter is on the heliocentric North Node of Pluto (could be                              volatile)
June 1             Jupiter is on the it's shadow date or back to the point in the Zodiac where                           is was when it last went retrograde on Nov 8, 2013
June 2             This is a date where a Lunar mystery cycle hits. Sometimes indentifies a                             strong move and sometimes not very much. Nevertheless we should be                              aware it may tale affect. More details in this weeks subscriber letter
June 4             Jupiter conjunct the Antiscia (mirror point) of the April 29 Solar eclipse
June 5             Mercury returns from being "Out of Bounds". This is often a turn or at a                             minimum a big range volatile day in the markets. This is the date of the next ECB meeting as well. Note the US$ comments further down.

Later this week and early the following week we have Mercury and Neptune turning retrograde within 2 days of each other. As stated in the special report "Change is in the Air", this could be a very confusing time as Mercury is about ideas and short term thought while Neptune, although beneficial for the arts, music, poetry etc. also stands for illusion and delusion. We are not dealing with the arts. We are dealing with the hard world of money and the markets. Note the comments on the window in time between May 28 and June 29th.

This could be the time for fraudulent activity regarding the markets or exposing some lies from the past. This includes more than the US. This could be closer to June 6th-9th.

I'm expecting increased volatility over the next couple of weeks and the Primary cycle trough.

Following is a chart of the first half forecast dates for the SP-500 to date or as of May 30, 2014. The red circles are the forecast dates. The forecast dates were prepared in mid-November 2013 and based strictly on Astrology. They did a good job of identifying swing highs but didn't capture the early February and mid April lows. Also I had thought the April 23rd date would be much more significant. The original forecast had all the dates +- 1 week. As you can see they are pretty much +- 1 td (trading day). For the second half subscription I'll be supplying the forecast dates as before, but will be revising them once per month as market cycles develop.

Included in the forecast letter was a Gold date. This turned out to be the best trade of the first half of the year.

From the 1sthalf market letter sent out with subscriptions.

"There is one date in the attached list is for Gold. It is added here because it is so close and maybe a spike low and change in trend to up.

The date is Dec 23 +- a week. June 27, 2013 was the previous low and I was looking at that date as the 4.25 year low. If we are now successfully retesting that low, Gold should be ready to move up. The same is true if we have a spike low in this time frame. This should be a great buying opportunity"

I bring up the Gold trade here because Gold and Silver should be a very good trade for the second half of the year and is included in the 2nd Half Forecast dates, available next week.

Gold's status has cleared up. Gold is in the 22nd week of the older Primary cycle and due to trough out. I'm expecting a rise into mid-June although I'm expecting a much better opportunity early in the 2nd half of the year. Although the average length of the Primary cycle is 18 weeks it can range from 15-21 weeks. This one is a little late.

As you can see from the following daily chart of the SP500 Gold price has plummeted. Price is below both the 15 sma  and 45 sma and the 15 sma is below is below the 45 sma. All conditions we look for during a Primary cycle trough.

Gold should reverse shortly and should be volatile. Subscribers have the dates.

Seasonally this is a weak period for crude. Even weaker for NatGas. Unlike Gold, Crude has not defined whether we are at the end of a Primary cycle (21st week) or we just had the crest of the first Major cycle (6 week) and we are headed down to a trough. The latter assumes May 1st was a Primary cycle low. If it was, it wasn't very deep. Watch crude closely. We want to see price below the 15 sma and 45 sma.

Other things to watch. Neptune is active. Neptune rules Crude and NatGas. There are many issues surrounding both here and in Europe. Russia continues to negotiate with the Ukraine over gas contracts. This should continue most of the month.

Neptune also rules coffee. The following chart is the JO, ETF, for coffee. The green lines are the Neptune price lines. Notice how they have acted as both support and resistance. Watch coffee, crude and NatGas closely in the month of June. I'm expecting volatility and breaks in support / resistance lines.

I use the date of Aug 15, 1971 for the US$. This is the date Nixon took the US off the gold standard. Based on this chart watch the US$ from June 4-6 for either a significant issue and at the least a big range day. June 6th seems to be the most exact. Transiting Mars will be conjunct natal Uranus on this chart. Looking at mundane events that could be the trigger, the ECB meets on June 5th.

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